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  • Yuuri: We were born to make history!
  • Viktor: No. You were born to be with me.
  • Yuuri:
  • Viktor:
  • Yuuri: Did you just--
  • Viktor: Yes. ;)

Native America high schooler’s grade was lowered because she sat through the Pledge of Allegaince.

Leilani Thomas has been exercising her First Amendment right not to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance since she was in second grade, KXTV reported Friday. But this year, a high school teacher took it upon herself to punish Thomas for sitting out the morning ritual by docking Thomas’ participation grade.

Thomas, who is Native American and a student at Lower Lake High School in Lower Lake, California, told local television station KPIX 

She protests the pledge because, “of the history that happened here. On my land. My people’s land.”

Thomas reportedly took a recording of her teacher defending the punishment in which the teacher can be heard demeaning Thomas’ culture and ancestors.

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[ Geliebte Generations

2010 - 2016 

it may sound weird, but geli actually started out as a Sonic oc. i know. ridiculous. it was a character i had created for some Sonic fanfiction, but i dropped it right after. then i made him into a webcomic character, which didn’t last too long too. his name back then was Viktor. as you can see, around 2012~13 he started becoming the one we know today. his hair as a young man is still black, so little has changed. his eye and left arm were not planned to be prosthetic back then, though, and was something i came up with only as his name became Geliebte (which was around mid-2013). 

this boy’s changed a lot, but you haven’t even seen how bad was Charlotte’s case  yet. ]

I find it funny to see people depict Norway’s relationship with Sweden (under Danish rule and as he’s handed over to Sweden in 1814) as indifferent or almost friend-like in fanart and in fics. 

According to my memory (it can be a tad rusty and i’m sick atm) from 1397 up until the time of 1523 yeah, the Norwegians went back and forth between Denmark and Sweden in terms of “friendship” during the kalmar union (go, go, double-team Norway! lol)

In reality though the Norwegians after centuries of fighting the Swedes alongside the Danes though ( 1540s-1814) actually disliked the Swedes as much as the Danes, if not a tad more as the constant splurging on wars against Sweden led to lower standards of living for the Norwegians. (They lived in luxury though compared to Iceland, the Faeroe’s and Greenland. Not to say they didn’t feel frustration aimed towards DK cause they did)

When the Norwegians were handed over to Sweden in 1814 they got freaking furious, the dislike for Sweden took a couple of decades to decline as generations of Norwegians started to get accustomed to it. They had preferred independence. 

Just something I’ve been thinking about, historically speaking.

Space is what he had sought out tonight - his home after the memories drudged up from the repressed catacombs of his mind as occurred every Valentine’s day had left him feeling stifled and unable to think. Just as with every other period following Valentine’s day he subconsciously pulled out that one book, untouched on any other day and walked to the park. Every year; the same day, the same book, the same bench no matter the weather.

Around him things constantly shifted. Buildings grew taller and leaves altered their colours with the seasons. Time doesn’t touch him, will, never touch him. His face will never change and his hands would never wrinkle with age. He is the pin securing the hands of a clock, watching them all move around him as he remains unchanging and constant. 

Which is why now he can be found seated on that same worn bench, under the clear sky with the lamplight overhead illuminating the open first page which he studies with a fierce intensity. He doesn’t turn the page to read the book, simply reading the short hand written message on the inside which was being filled with artificial warmth from the overhead light - a warmth which failed to fill the void the author of the note had left behind all those years ago.