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Masterlist - Updated 4/19/17


Alexander Hamilton // One Shots

1. Cheap Pants -  College AU

Alexander Hamilton // Series

1. Lunchtime (Part One / Part Two) - “Are you wearing my pants?”

Hercules Mulligan // One Shots

1. Loud Mouth - Hercules has a soft side

2. Changes - “Friends with benefits. Oh, wait. I like you” 

3. Non-Negotiable - “Accidental waving” 

Lafayette // One Shots

1. Love Sick - “Can I kiss you?”

2. Late Night - Coming home drunk

3. Fresh Snow - Snow War

Lafayette // Series

1. Jeopardy (Part One / Part Two) - Friends to maybe something more.

George Washington // One Shots

1. Unreadable - “Wanna bet?” 

Philip Hamilton // One Shots

1. Yo-Yo - Soulmate AU

Philip Hamilton // Series

1. Legacy (Part One / Part Two / Part Three) - “So maybe you’re a fool, headfirst in love / with ink beneath your fingernails. ”

John Laurens // One Shots

1. Overdue - “You’re overdue for this book and I really want it.” 

In the Heights

Usnavi de la Vega // One Shots

1. Smooth Operator - “How long have you been standing there?”

2. Breaks - “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

3. Throne - “Do it. I dare you.”

4. Home - Reader is new to Washington Heights

RPF (Real Person Fics)

Okieriete Onaodowan // One Shots

1. My Favorite Cousin - Reader is Anthony’s cousin

2. Peace - Reader owns a bakery/Lin sets them up.

Alex Lacamoire // One Shots

1. Second Date - Lin sets them up.

2. Grand Tour Alex admits he’s never been to San Francisco before, you give him a grand tour.

Lin-Manuel Miranda // One Shots

1. Manhattan - “The one night stand I had is actually my boss.” 

2. Sisterly Love - “I told my family I was in a relationship/fake boyfriend”

3. A Man’s Opinion - “I’m helping you pick out an outfit for your date tonight and I’m totally in love with you.”

4. Slytherin - Reader is an understudy for Eliza

5. Mixtape - Reader is a single mom

6. What’s Next? - Oak plays matchmaker

7. 5 Things - You frequently have one night stands with Lin

8. First Dance - Lin and Reader meet early on in their careers

9. One Cream, Five Sugars - Lin spills coffee on the reader

10. Green, Green Dress - Based off of Green, Green Dress from tick, tick…boom!

11. Embarrassed - Lin is a fan of the Reader

12. Settled - Lin and Reader were college roommates/he invites her to the Tony’s

13. Tell the Kids - Reader is Lin’s assistant on Mary Poppins.

14. Armani Suit Reader is a part of an auction for a date with her.

15. Rehearsals - Reader is the choreographer for Marry Poppins and Lin needs extra help.

16. Drunk HistoryDrunk! Lin confesses something to the reader.

17. Secret Santa - Lin is Reader’s Secret Santa.

18. Christmas Without You - Christmas Eve with Lin

19. First Date - Lin and Reader are set up on a blind date.

20. Cool - Reader is a famous singer that sings a Hamilton song at her concert.

21. Mother Knows BestThe Oscars’ luncheon breeds a new relationship for Lin.

22. One Time… Lin is an upbeat theater camp counselor. Reader is anything but.

23. Side A - Based off of ‘Love is a Mix Tape’ by Rob Sheffield.

24. Parallel Lines Who Meet - Loosely based off of Stephen Sondheim’s Comapny.

25. BacheloretteYou’re starting to question your place in life when you find out your best friend is engaged.

26. Need A RideAnything seems possible in the front seat of your beat up Chevy.

27. We’ll Have TonightNew York City is your own weekend mistress.

Lin-Manuel Miranda // Series

1. Backstage / Wedding Plans / Through the Years / Red Lights - Reader is a celebrity and goes to see Hamilton.

2. Impress Me (Part One / Part Two) - Reader conducts an interview with Lin and is also babysitting.

3. Impact (Part One / Part Two) - Reader is married but is in love with Lin.

4. Still Hurting / Rewind - Reader was recently cheated on and has to go on as Eliza.

5. Tells Your Story (Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five) - Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape

6. Snapshots (Part One / Part Two) - Lin and Reader both miss their subway.

7. Only Us (Part One / Part Two) - Reader owns a bookstore Lin often frequents.

8. Bound to Happen (Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven) - The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

9. Beyond the Sunrise, a collab with @alexanderhamllton (Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2) - Mixed up orders leads to a new and unexpected person in your life.

Daveed Diggs // One Shots

1. First Sight - Rafa sets them up

Daveed Diggs // Series

1. Street Cred / Noted - “You’re a celebrity I admire but you’re flirting with me?”

Anthony Ramos // One Shots

1. Stars in the Sky - “I’m in love with you, this could ruin everything.”

Jasmine Cephas Jones // One Shots

1. New YorkLoosely based off of ‘San Junipero’ from Black Mirror.

Some of the amazing press coverage Kelly has received on his Oscar Consideration! We are so proud of Kelly and all he continues to accomplish!

You can call the spirits that live in the pools and trees God’s grace if you like, old man. But if Jesus were from this land he’d be putting milk out for the fairies himself.
—  Confessions Of A Pagan Nun

So shortly after the last post I was able to find Photoshop files with text (cause sometimes I forgot to save it as PNG instead of PSD) and luckily for me Sai can open Photoshop files. Layers and all.

The only thing missing was the bold outlines which I added back in. I basically restored the old templates. And they were kinda nice.

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Confession:  Varric’s history with Bianca aside, I’ve always heard of many people shipping him with F!Hawke. Personally, I find him to be an amazing friend to Hawke but don’t see any spark for passion. Varric’s & Cassandra, on the other hand, I can completely see a passionate spark between them. I love seeing their relationship progress from antagonistic to very close friends.

Traditional Goths vs Modern Goths

So i have identified as goth for around ten years now and have been pretty active in the community. Over time i have seen the ugly side of goth. I have seen bullies, elitists and kids just trying to fit in. As i get older i have started developing my own opinions on the subculture based on what i have observed. This pertains both to the physical community i belong to and the online community. This post is for young, modern goths who feel that they have been ostracized from the community. But more importantly, this is for the elder goths or Trad goths who do not understand why young goths are the way they are.

So lets start with a brief history lesson. Yes it can be a little difficult to pin down exactly when and where goth came from, but most agree that it started in the late 70′s to early 80′s. It was a subculture based around a genre of music. Some of the most popular bands being Bauhaus, UK Decay, Siouxsie and the Banshees etc. These bands garnered a lot of very dedicated fans that have stuck around throughout the years. Back when the community was still new there weren’t many complicated guidelines for what made someone goth. Basically all you had to do was listen to the music and have dark tastes. Most goths had a dreary view of the world and their attitudes often reflected that. As the years went by, the club scene and community grew. Throughout the late 80′s and early  90′s came the second and third wave goth bands. Alas this is where everything starts to sort of fall apart and everyone’s attitude begins to change.

Throughout the 90′s the subculture became a little more exposed. This bothered a lot of goths who were there for the original scene. Most preferred that the scene and its music stayed underground. Because of this, many goths, old and modern were becoming divided. This is around the time that everything began branching off into sub styles. Most young goths weren’t just goth. They were Cyber goth or Romantic goth. All the original kids from the scene were now referred to as traditional or Trads for short. Many Trads resented what the scene had become and insisted that the only way a band could be considered goth was if they had a very particular sound and the only way someone could be taken seriously as goth was if they listened to the bands with that sound. But evidently this stunted the evolution or growth of the music. Whereas genres like pop, rock and country have evolved and grown over the years along with the new generations of fans, goth music for the most part stayed the same.

But in keeping this same sound and by keeping the music more underground, this allowed for the media to actually shape the new generation of goths. Kids were no longer being attracted to the music, but the fashion and the idea of being connected to other people through having a dark mindset. Because of the lack of exposure and evolution of the music, the subculture had to evolve in other ways. Most young goths nowadays will tell you they never heard of a single goth band before realizing they were goth. Thats because most of these bands are now irrelevant and outdated. Unless their parents made them listen to Sisters of Mercy or Siouxsie and the Banshees, they had never heard of them.

This is proof that the subculture has changed drastically over the years and has had to find other ways to survive. Of course there still are plenty of Trads out there but a lot of them can be a little hard to get along with if you are a young goth in the scene. There is still this pressure to listen to the old music and what a lot of Trads fail to understand is, most kids these days dont want to listen to old, outdated sounding music. Just like modern fans of pop music arent fond of listening to old Madonna and many modern Country listeners dont have Dolly Parton on their I-pod, many young goths dont feel inclined to listen to Bauhaus.  Its not that they dont want to listen to Goth music, it’s just a little outdated and often not what they expected. Think of it this way. Classical music was huge in its time, but how many people actually favor and listen to it today? Not many. And the reason for this is because for the most part, classical music sounds the same. It hasn’t evolved much and both music and people have changed since it was popular. Yes some people still listen to it, and many appreciate it for everything it is and has done for music, but it is still very outdated by today’s standards.

Sure, sometimes its great when a type of music stays exactly the same. But fifty years from now when all the original Trads are dead and gone and most of the music has long been forgotten, then what? Will the scene really and truly be dead? Maybe the musical side of it, yes. But since the 2000′s the scene has progressed and evolved greatly and will most likely continue to evolve for years to come. 

For now there will be butt hurt. There will be the Trads who pick on the young generation. But what Trads need to understand that without balance and evolution things die off. If they had let the music evolve and change a bit more then more modern goths would flock to it. If the music had stayed relevant, the scene may not have changed as much as it has. Personally, I love my fellow goths, whether they are young, old, modern or traditional, we do still all have a lot in common. We are misfits, bound together through our love for gothic art, poetry, music, fashion and overall appreciation for the darkness. So not all modern goths like the old music. They still appreciate the same stuff you do. This world is a grim one. Is it too much to ask for a little piece amongst like minded people?


The Italian (novel)

The Italian, or the Confessional of the Black Penitents ( December, 1797) is a Gothic novel written by the English author Ann Ward Radcliffe. It is the last book Radcliffe published during her lifetime (she would go on to write the novel Gaston de Blondeville, which was published posthumously in 1826). At the time of the novel’s release, she was already a well-known and well-received Gothic writer. She had gained fame from several of her earlier works, most noticeably The Romance of the Forest in 1791 and The Mysteries of Udolpho in 1794. Her reputation was successful enough to allow her to be read by learned gentlemen as well as young men and women. Because the term ’gothic story’ was not commonly used in this period of time, Radcliffe’s contemporaries used the term ‘romance’ to describe her genre. This term was classified as writing about miraculous tales through the use of poetic prose.

“…the first poetess of romance fiction..” – Sir Walter Scott 

The Italian has a dark, mysterious and somber tone, and concerns the themes of love, devotion and persecution by the Holy Inquisition. The novel also deals with issues prevalent at the time of the French Revolution, such as religion, aristocracy, and nationality. She uses the technique of scene imagery to evoke emotion in characters & to describe landscapes & surroundings in extreme detail. All of the imagery presented in The Italian pull the novel together by way of description, which sets the scene for the reader and the characters.

“…the Shakespeare of Romance writers.” – Nathan Drake

Radcliffe’s renowned use of veiled imagery is considered to have reached its height of sophistication and complexity in The Italian; concealment and disguise are central motifs of the novel. In line with late 18th-century sensibility and its parallel fetishisation of the sublime and the sentimentally pastoral, the heightened emotional states of Radcliffe’s characters are often reflected through the pathetic fallacy. The novel is noted for its extremely effective antagonist, Father Schedoni. Read More || Edit

Everything repeats over and over again, no one learns anything because no one lives long enough to see the pattern
—  Marceline, Adventure Time

fairytalesmakeyoustrong  asked:

Hola! So, I don't know if you've considered using food in placing Thisby geographically/chronologically. Puck eats a lot of beans (beans for days), and proper feed for Dove is expensive. She eats and orange and feels guilty about it, which reminds me a little of Little Women, when oranges were a little bit of of luxury for the lower class. I don't remember what else everyone eats, or if the book mentions what food Thisby grows vs. imports. Food for thought (sorry about the pun)!

Hey there! Ooh, you have given me a lot to chew on! (See, I love a pun!) 

If I recall, the reason Dove’s feed was so expensive was because alfalfa isn’t grown on Thisby. (Alfalfa is often called lucerne in the UK but Maggie almost always uses American terms, whatever that means.) I think it’s still fairly expensive and harder to come by in the UK/Ireland to this day, as it isn’t really suited to growing the cold, wet climate of that region

I’ll have to look into into the beans! Cursory examination into oranges tells me that they would have been near impossible to come by in the UK during WWII, as they were imported. Though still a rarity, they started to appear again in the 1950s as rationing was phased out, but I wonder if the timing works? If the Connollys grew up during the war, would they have had access to oranges? I’m still looking into the interwar era, but posters like this one from the 1930s lead me to believe that maybe oranges weren’t as rare then? Ah, who knows???

In any case, thank you for opening up a whole new avenue of things for me to research! I’m so interested to learn more about what sorts of foods would have been available!  :3