history 100days


[ day 3/100 ] i was super productive today! yesterday I only did a little bit of notes for my history class but today I planned out my day, things to study, and completed a chapter of my textbook and was able to do some reading for fun! im rlly proud of myself, and I hope I can maintain this level of productivity throughout the summer !

December, 4. Day 21/100. I’ve read and written all information about Ancient Mesopotamia. So I have 7 days to learnt 17 questions and a lot of very strange names 😁😁😁 I believe that I will be able to pass it and have a good or excellent (it is better:)) mark… Tomorrow I am going to pass 26 Latin phrases and prepare my last Russian History practical class


[ day 7/100 ] i’ve been super irregular about posting for the 100 days of productivity but i’ve been really productive this week surprisingly, even if it’s not just for academics and school! today i decided to review some of the old chapters from my txtbook and I used these cute page sticky things i got from amazon to just summarize the key points the chapter talked about!