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Rather Humerus: Congratulations to Ireland who have become the first country to vote for marriage equality by a nationwide referendum!
My heart is bursting with love and I am proud to be here in this moment in history.
I know Ireland has set itself as an example for many more nations to follow in its footsteps to accept, celebrate, and protect, all forms of love equally. I send you positivity and love wherever you are! Have a lovely day everyone!

‘By the early 80s, I had what I would consider a really large circle of friends and acquaintances and once the epidemic really started to hit, it was not uncommon to find out three, four or more people you knew had died each month. We set up informal and formal support groups to look after our friends who took sick. Feeding them when they would eat. Changing them. Washing them. Acting as go-between with families who “were concerned” about their sons, nephews, brothers, etc., but wouldn’t lend a hand to help because AIDS was, you know, icky.

'After they passed, there were memorial services to plan with no real time to grieve because when one passed, you were needed somewhere else to begin the process all over again.

'I kept a memory book/photo album of everyone I knew that died of AIDS. It’s quite large to say the least. Who were these guys? These were the people I had planned to grow old with. They were the family I had created and wanted to spend the rest of my life with as long as humanly possible but by the time I was in my late 40s, every one of them was gone except for two dear friends of mine.

Edward Saidi Tingatinga (1932–1972) was a Tanzanian painter, who invented the eponymous painting style. Tingatinga was born in 1932 in a village called Namochelia, near the border with Mozambique. The village no longer exists – it is remembered only as his birthplace. (In a related note, I may have a new goal in life…)  Because his mother was Christian and his father was Muslim, he was two names, one from each tradition. Read more at historical-nonfiction.com

Minor Scale,

Sharing second place as the largest non-nuclear man made explosion, “Minor Scale” was the detonation of 4.8 kilotons of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico in 1974.  The purpose of the explosion was to test the effects of a nuclear blast on military hardware. Since above ground nuclear weapons testing is illegal according to nuclear non-proliferation treaties, a scaled down blast using conventional explosives was used as a substitute.  The blast was approximately one third the yield of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.