Michelle Obama’s Speech At 2016 Democratic National Convention:  The White House was built by slaves

Of course, the White House was built by slaves. America was built on the backs of slaves and the genocide of Native Americans and slaves alike. Why would you want to erase that part of history and/or have selective memory about it? People would know this if the crazy ultra conservatives weren’t always rewriting history and putting it in the history books that children are taught from. My ancestors deserve to have their memory kept alive too. #Love it!

The Steppe Geoglyphs of Kazakhstan were accidentally discovered by Dmitriy Dey, an archaeology enthusiast, while he was using Google Earth to look for pyramids. The Steppe Geoglyphs consist of more than 200 rings, squares, and lines. Each measure around 1 meter (3 ft) high and 12 meters (40 ft) wide. They were built by an unknown civilization in the Turgai area of Northern Kazakhstan. Because of their massive size, the glyphs can only be fully viewed and appreciated from space. At the moment we have no idea what they were for or why they were built.


Why does the Spanish flag looks the way it does? The answer necessitates a short trip through the political history of the peninsula