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A Word on Desk Graffiti

As a book I’m all about the written word. That being said, I’ve never understood why people have the burning desire to write on the desks in the library. Over the years I have come to notice the variations in desk graffiti depending on what section of the library you find yourself in. 

For instance, there is a desk on the second floor claimed in the name of Napoleon III. (It is in the foreign language section.) Also there is more non-English graffiti in the business section of the library then any other place in the library. The desks by the classrooms in the library usually have a the usual mixture of desk writing but these have all been edited over the years to correct the grammar and spelling of the statements in these areas. The pocket of desks by the microfilm features a myriad of historical propaganda from all different nations. 

The deeper into the bowls of the stacks you go the more odd things tend to get. Oh the stories I could tell!