"Around the country, there are only a few markers noting the sites of lynchings. In several of those places, like Newnan, Ga., attempts to erect markers were met with local resistance. But in most places, no one has tried to put up a marker.
'If you’re trying to make a point that the amount of racial violence is underestimated, well then, there’s no doubt about it,'Professor Beck said. 'What people don’t realize here is just how many there were, and how close. Places they drive by every day.'”

More on efforts to mark the spaces where lynchings took place in the New York Times.

There are rules governing which subjects may be used for historical markers in Kentucky. For example, the subject may not be a living person, or purely of family/genealogical interest. The subject may not be a cemetery (unless a significant person is buried there); the rules for churches are complicated. Also, a marker may not be erected where it will be a traffic hazard, or not agreeable to the property owner!

I learned this thanks to:

Roadside history : a guide to Kentucky highway markers / Dianne Wells, compiler ; edited by Melba Porter Hay & Thomas H. Appleton, Jr. (OCLC #897382364)


Although the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) has placed so many historical markers around the country, being the historical, cultural, and political center of the country, a large percentage of these markers are found in Metro Manila, especially in the city of Manila itself.

Most of the time, historical places are left unnoticed, but through these publicly displayed markers, the NHCP has given Filipinos a deeper sense of history - that something significant happened in these places and these events should be remembered as a nation.

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Norm Magnusson - Lake Hill, New York

Norm Magnusson – Lake Hill, New York

Fig. 38: in autumn, some leaves will use color bars to help get everything perfect.
Watercolor on maple leaf, archival computer print, dimensions variable, 2011

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My work has always followed dual paths, one path is creating political or social commentary and the other is creating lighter, more aesthetically focussed work. Right now, I’m working on my ‘historical’…

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