Judge, jury and executioners. A quick sketch.

I’m in love with the Egyptian ladybug’s design and I am a full supporter of the Egyptian Chat Noir’s ability to actually become a lion. I saw that somewhere around here, but I can’t say where.

A successful morning of exploration!

I was up early and breakfasted at the hotel with a lovely view across the lake, and then I packed my rucksack with my notebook, charging cords, and other useful research items and hit the streets and trails of Altaussee.

It took a lot of wandering - through the entire town, up onto the trails on the lower slopes of the Loser, and some scrambling up wooded slopes without clearly marked trails, but eventually I found one of the main locations I’d come to see: the Villa Kerry.

My first glimpse of it literally gave me chills, even though I ended up having to approach it from an unorthodox direction by wandering through the woods behind it for a ways.

The approach to the villa is extremely secluded, several gravel roads removed from the main street.

And yes, that little building in front of the house?  That can only be one thing: the cowshed.  The infamous cowshed where Gisela gave birth to her illegitimate twins, Wolfgang and Ursula.  I know that the cowshed was somewhere on the property, and it was the only building other than the house that I saw (and I looked thoroughly, believe me).

The house itself is quite charming, and it has a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley, village, and lake below.

There’s the cowshed again, I took a lot of photos of the property.  Signs ordered me not to trespass, but it was so obvious that no one was home (after all, it’s March, not exactly vacation season) so I suspended my toe-the-line lawyer’s son’s attitude that I normally have and for once in my life snuck onto the property to have a better look.

I took a different trail back down, which wound past a little old abandoned gristmill, and then when I reached the paved road, I realized that this was, in fact, the marked path that I could easily have taken in the first place:

To add insult to injury, the start of the path is literally around the corner and down the street from my hotel, whereas at the start of my adventure I’d mistakenly walked across town and around part of the lake through the woods and foothills.  Oh well…

Fics I am currently reading

Jon x Sansa (Jonsa)

1. Between Love and Duty by vivilove 

A wonderful historical fic in which Jon is an officer in the Royal Navy, and Sansa is the lady he falls in love with. It is rich with description and historical information, plus adventure, smut, and romance. 

ETA: Also check out her Valentine’s Day collection because in one of them it is mentioned that Robb Stark is getting prepared to propose to ME. :-)

2. Owner & Owned by Stelia 

Stelia is new to writing in the fandom, but she has voraciously read other fanfics before jumping into the fray. Her story is intriguing in that it plays with the idea of what would have happened if Jon had gone south before Sansa made it to Castle Black. He shows up as a Targ in Winterfell, ready to defeat whomever is there and finds Sansa. Sparks fucking fly and it is FANTASTIC. 

3. The Northmen’s Wife by @kittykatknits

Oh, I do love this fic! Robb survived the Red Wedding and is reunited with Jon first, and then…dun dun dun…Sansa. The one is Jon/Robb/Sansa, and it has Sansa being a badass strategist. The camaraderie between Jon and Robb is so much fun, and how they love Sansa makes me swoon. 

4. You Have All Of Me & End of Days by @angelwings1980 

I love her fics! They are sexy, fun, and smart. Strap in for the ride because just when I think I know what to expect, she surprises me. But in the best possible way!

You Have All of Me is Jonsa in high school and then college navigating their way through a marriage and adulthood. Watching them fall in love was amazing. And End of Days is post-apocalyptic with Jonsa as the only survivors…or are they?

(all her fics are amazing and I love them all)

5.  They Lost their Wolves by @bluecichlid

Very atmospheric and rich in description. Blue creates a creeping sense of foreboding. I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and I feel like I am hanging on for dear life when a new chapter is posted. 

Jon comes back dark and Sansa is no longer playing by the rules and it. is. delicious. 

6. Also, collected oneshots by @lathwell55 (AmyMel86), @myrish-lace-love @geekprincess26 @jeeno2 , and also the Daddy series by taylocrow. 

If I am forgetting anyone I apologize!! And if anyone has recs they’d like to add, please do! The more the merrier!