June 15, 1917 - Arab Revolt: T.E. Lawrence and Arabs Cut Damascus-Medina Railroad

Pictured - A train engine blown up by Lawrence and the Arab rebels rests in the desert to this day.

The amount of money that the British government spent for Lawrence of Arabia’s campaign would have financed only seven hours of fighting on the Western Front. Yet the Arab Revolt, despite its minuscule size relative to the other fronts of the war, continues to grip the imagination in ways that few other historical adventures do. Out in the desert, the British archaeologist T.E. Lawrence continued to work with a band of Arab rebels against the Ottoman government. On June 15, 1917, they blew up a stretch of the Damascus-Medina railroad between Amman and Dera’a. In return for Arab help, the British government listened to Lawrence’s arguments for an independent Arab state after the war.

Yet Britain’s countless imperial entanglements promised certain dispute in the future. On the same day that Lawrence and his men blew the railroad tracks, a Royal Navy yacht secretly delivered two Palestinian Jewish agents to Athlit, where they would use explosives to destroy other portions of the railroad. By the end of the war, Britain was to have promised portions of the middle east to the Jews, the Arabs, and to the French - promises impossible to fulfill.

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did you ever talk about your job on here? If not would you mind sharing a little bit about how you started working on boats? I'm really curious !

Yeah, no worries! It’s pretty simple, really - I thought it would be a cool summer job and then I fell in love with it.

The longer version is that I’ve always been pretty starry-eyed over tall ships, and in my hometown there’s a lot of them, so I grew up watching them from an awestruck distance. Then a few years ago there was a tall ships festival, and my boyfriend looked at me literally clinging to a chainlink fence to get a better look and said cautiously, ‘you know, people actually work on those? like, real people.’ Which is a pretty obvious thing, but had still somehow never crossed my mind - I’d just kind of pushed all of it into this mental category of ‘mythical historic adventures’, which weren’t really meant for bank tellers, you know?

Anyways after a pretty bad year I dropped everything and went to work in a hostel in Italy, bc ‘being in Italy’ that was pretty much the only thing I could say I wanted, and I didn’t know what else to do but I had to change something. And then my tourist visa expired and I had to go home, and I remembered that conversation and figured ‘what the hell’ because I had nothing else to go back to stateside, in the career sense. So I emailed virtually every captain between Maine and Maryland going ‘hey I’ve never done this before but I have a lot of enthusiasm and customer service experience and after three months in a hostel I am reasonably certain the living conditions won’t bother me at all either’

I wasn’t even really expecting anything to come of it, but I got a job as a messmate (basically cook’s assistant/busboy/dishwasher and assistant deckhand when you have the time), which didn’t need any sailing experience at all. I spent the two months of fit-out (painting, sanding, making the boat beautiful for the upcoming season) ravenously learning everything I could about knots, the proper nautical terminology, etc. and when we began sailing I helped as much as I could on deck. And I got lucky - when we were down a deckhand, the captain moved me to deck crew halfway through the season, and although I’d been pretty enamored of the job already, that was the point at which I really fell in love with it, and started thinking of it as something I’d keep doing. It’s the first thing in a long time that I want to be good at just for the sake of being good at it, just because it matters to me personally that I understand it.


Historic Diamonds~ Yellow Diamond Adventures in Embroidery~

Well.. this has been in progress over a week now ^^; This is the first of two shoulder patches for Yellow Diamond (Art used with permission from @romans-art) and then have another 4 to do for the back of Yellow Diamond’s coat ^^;

This is certainly gonna be a long project… this has 14 hours plus of work in it! But Bekka took photos at every stage and it’s so cool to see how all the detail is built up :D

Definitely gonna have to rethink the embroidery for Blue as there’s so much more! But it will definitely be included in someway ^^

Now all that’s left to do is PVA glue the back to hold it all together before cutting it free and then begin the whole progress all over again! X3

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is timeless really that good? should i watch it?


Diverse cast? Check.

Actually head-on tackling historical racism/sexism/other issues you think they’ll skate around? Check.

On-point humor? Check.

Awesome ladies? Check.

Hot dudes? Check.

Great costumes/scenery/historical adventures? Check.

A great brot3 at the center and at least three ships that all get along happily in the fandom? Check.

Twists? Check.

A cliffhanger at the end of s1 that will make you scream (as we all did) that there had to be s2, now? Check.


Watch the thing.

Wildflower | Wonwoo | Ch.1

Genre: Action!AU, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Royal!AU, Romance, OnceUponASeventeen!Wonwoo, Mystery, Warrior!Wonwoo

Word Count: 4.4k+

Summary: One event, just that one event, you find yourself in a situation where you wished it never happened. And you really wished it didn’t.

Ch.1 || Ch.2

“Please do it, it’s my order.”

The sound of birds chirping and the weak wind blowing through the fields was music to your ears. Faint rays of the morning sun peeking behind the mountains was definitely your favourite part of the day, no doubt. The friendly sun was practically your friend who greets you every morning- you felt like it was giving you the brightest smile, no pun intended.

You walked along the fields to have your morning jog around the castle the you were born into. Being annoyed on staying at home for most of the time as a child, you spent your fun and activities outside the castle. And it had always been that way.

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Fic Rec Day(s): Les Mis pt. 1/?

A list (but by no means an extensive one) of some of my favorite fics! A lot are more recent, but I also included some of my classic favorites! I may do another post later on as well. *claps for all the awesome authors* Keep it up everyone, you’re all fantastic! 

A Shower of Sparks @minstr3lsong: A CANON ERA MAGIC AU SERIES which is seriously fantastic. It’s emotionally thoughtful and the way the world-building fits into canon era SO WELL. 

Hang Up Your Brightest Colours by ColonelDespard: A wonderful one-shot between Courfeyrac and Grantaire, discussing Enjolras and whether or not the Amis will grow old. Seriously, a beautiful work, I cried. 

A Regrettable Encounter by @oilan: A delightful fic full of antics with Bahorel, Prouvaire, and Combeferre as they have a pretty Romantic adventure. 

Nearly Historic by @amarguerite“Something would have to go very, very wrong for Courfeyrac to be in line for the family title– and it does. Courfeyrac wisely uses his newfound privilege to punch Lafayette in the face. “ The summary speaks for itself but I almost cried laughing, this is so perfect. 

en l'année 1830 by @smithensy: A great series focused on the 1830 barricades. My favorite piece is “a pale imitation of the soul” which focuses on Enjolras and Combeferre after Enjolras is injured and it is GORGEOUS go read it.

The Case of the Missing Romantic & Solidarity in Solitude by @fixaidea​: Two wonderful companion hurt/comfort pieces focusing on Enjolras and Prouvaire.

Alliance and Progress by @oilan​: A wonderful canon era piece focusing on Enjolras and Courfeyrac.

A Reflection of Starlight by AutumnGracy: This isn’t the corner of fandom I am most often in but YA’LL this fic is INCREDIBLE. Long, well-plotted, and with some of the best characterizations of Valjean and Javert I’ve seen. A Post-Seine fic where Valjean saves Javert’s life. WIP, and a slow-burn fic. 

The Last Wasted Generation by @feuillyova​: A WIP WWII and Cold War AU with seriously incredible research!

Sub Rosa by @robertawickham “In 1830, Cosette buys a fan, and has a short conversation about mothers and motherlands. In 1833, she tries to buy another.” Everything robertawickham writes is wonderful, but this is one of my absolute favorites.  Her Less Miserable AU verse is also great! Featuring Fantine and Bahorel and what-ifs. Fraternite is also one of the best “how the Amis all meet” fics of all time.

Students of the Rebellion by @treblemirinlens: Star Wars AU series featuring the whole Les Mis gang.

Some Friendlier Sky by @amarguerite:  “Courfeyrac falls through the roof of no. 7 Rue de l'Homme Armé, taking down not only the ceiling, but the carefully built walls Valjean has constructed around himself and Cosette. Wacky hijinks ensue.” One of the BEST fics. All of amarguerite’s fics are incredible and witty, read them all, but this is one of my faves.

Peace of the Wild Things by @ariadneslostthread​: Power Trio modern AU sick-fic, a classic favorite by one of my favorite people. 

Fics I am currently reading

Jon x Sansa (Jonsa)

1. Between Love and Duty by vivilove 

A wonderful historical fic in which Jon is an officer in the Royal Navy, and Sansa is the lady he falls in love with. It is rich with description and historical information, plus adventure, smut, and romance. 

ETA: Also check out her Valentine’s Day collection because in one of them it is mentioned that Robb Stark is getting prepared to propose to ME. :-)

2. Owner & Owned by Stelia 

Stelia is new to writing in the fandom, but she has voraciously read other fanfics before jumping into the fray. Her story is intriguing in that it plays with the idea of what would have happened if Jon had gone south before Sansa made it to Castle Black. He shows up as a Targ in Winterfell, ready to defeat whomever is there and finds Sansa. Sparks fucking fly and it is FANTASTIC. 

3. The Northmen’s Wife by @kittykatknits

Oh, I do love this fic! Robb survived the Red Wedding and is reunited with Jon first, and then…dun dun dun…Sansa. The one is Jon/Robb/Sansa, and it has Sansa being a badass strategist. The camaraderie between Jon and Robb is so much fun, and how they love Sansa makes me swoon. 

4. You Have All Of Me & End of Days by @angelwings1980 

I love her fics! They are sexy, fun, and smart. Strap in for the ride because just when I think I know what to expect, she surprises me. But in the best possible way!

You Have All of Me is Jonsa in high school and then college navigating their way through a marriage and adulthood. Watching them fall in love was amazing. And End of Days is post-apocalyptic with Jonsa as the only survivors…or are they?

(all her fics are amazing and I love them all)

5.  They Lost their Wolves by @bluecichlid

Very atmospheric and rich in description. Blue creates a creeping sense of foreboding. I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and I feel like I am hanging on for dear life when a new chapter is posted. 

Jon comes back dark and Sansa is no longer playing by the rules and it. is. delicious. 

6. Also, collected oneshots by @lathwell55 (AmyMel86), @myrish-lace-love @geekprincess26 @jeeno2 , and also the Daddy series by taylocrow. 

If I am forgetting anyone I apologize!! And if anyone has recs they’d like to add, please do! The more the merrier! 


The colors of the architecture in Prague are so beautiful. It is amazing to watch all the different buildings. You also have so much historical places to go to.
If you’re looking for a nice place to spent your holidays, you should defintliy check out Prague 😊

My, What A Guy [Gaston x Reader], Chapter 2

(Chapter 1)

“Please, sit.” Gaston gestures for you to take his chair. You felt a bit strange about it. After all, no one but Gaston ever sat there. He looks at you with a heavy gaze, as if willing you to obey, and you finally do. 

“LeFou, get us another round,” he orders, placing on large hand on his friend’s shoulder with enthusiasm. The stout man gives you a quick once over, revealing a small grin. “You got it,” he agrees without hesitation. 

“Actually-“ you interrupt, “I’ve already had more than enough. But thank you anyway.” You were still a bit shaken from what had just unfolded and thought it best not to tempt fate by putting your sobriety into question. 

Gaston meets your gaze and quirks an eyebrow curiously as LeFou heads off to the bar. You await his inevitable commentary. 

“A woman who knows her limits,” he remarks coolly. “How refreshing.” At first you suspect he might be mocking you, but as Gaston glances out the corner of his eye at the less sober portion of the room, you swear you catch a glimpse of something resembling disgust. 

“So Y/N, what brings you here this evening? You don’t usually spend much time in these parts.” For someone so incredibly self-absorbed, he seemed to be keenly aware of your habits. 

“You’re right, I don’t,” you confirm. “It’s a bit loud for my taste. I prefer to be outside where there’s more to look at and I can here myself think. The people of Villeneuve bore me.” 

Gaston paces forward and scrunches his face in contemplation. “What a peculiar attitude. Tell me, do you find all people equally uninteresting?” he inquires, leaning over you with a flirtatious grin as his fingertips graze your thigh. Your body stiffens, chilled to the bone by his unexpected touch. 

“Of course not,” you answer honestly, doing your best to maintain a neutral expression. However Gaston smirks, knowing how his teasing was affecting you. 

“I…” You struggle to find something to say and are immediately relieved when LeFou reappears with the drinks. Gaston accepts a mug and eases backward, but keeps his eyes locked on you like a predator stalking its prey. 

“A snack m'lady?” LeFou asks, presenting a freshly baked croissant. “Thank you,” you say gratefully, accepting the treat. 

“You’re very welcome,” Gaston’s secondhand replies with a coy wink. He was surprisingly well mannered- obviously used to being ordered around… 

“So I saw you earlier with a pen and paper,” LeFou observes, trying to get some conversation going. Gaston was leaning against the fireplace sipping his beer and looking on in silence. “Are you an artist?" 

"No umm, actually I was writing. I like to write stories,” you explain. 

“Oh, any particular kinds of stories?” LeFou presses. “Daring adventures? Historical pieces? Romance perhaps?” He glances discretely in the direction of Gaston, trying to help steer the conversation in his friend’s favor. 

“Not necessarily,” you explain. “I just write whatever comes to mind in any given moment." 

"I see…” LeFou continues talking to you for several minutes as Gaston observes from a distance. You can’t help but wonder what was going through his head. Why the sudden attention? Why now? Had he grown bored of all the women in the village fawning over him? Was this some attempt to boost his ego by gaining the favor of every last woman in sight? You couldn’t pin down his motivations just yet, but you were intrigued enough to play along and see what he was getting at. 

LeFou notices your attention has drifted towards his counterpart and smiles in amusement. In a hushed tone he asks “Is it safe to assume you’re as smitten with Gaston as he is you?" 

"What?!” You retort abruptly, your attention snapping back to LeFou. “That’s ridiculous! Gaston hardly knows me." 

"That certainly hasn’t kept him from admiring from afar…” LeFou whispers with a teasing grin. Gaston furrows his brow, disliking the sudden secrecy of your exchange. 

“What are you two gossiping about?” He inquires, sauntering over with his usual confident swagger. 

“I can assure you it’s nothing,” you reply enigmatically, shooting LeFou a disapproving glance. It really was outrageous to think that the Captain could have any sort of feelings toward you. “Actually, it’s getting quite late and I should really be going…” you press insistently. 

“I’ll walk you home.” It wasn’t an offer so much as a bold statement. Gaston reaches for your hand and helps you out of the chair. He smiles down at you, and you could swear his chest inflates with some sort of prideful masculinity. You dutifully ignore him. 

“Goodnight monsieur LeFou!” you call out as Gaston escorts you out of the tavern. It must’ve been bordering on midnight judging by the moon in the sky. Luckily you’d told your parents not to wait up. 

“Ahh that fresh night air,” Gaston proclaims, inhaling deeply. “Isn’t is lovely, Y/N?" 

"Lovely, yes,” you agree. “And just a tad chilly for my liking." 

"Nonsense, you’ve got me to keep you warm!” Gaston asserts, wrapping one of his ridiculously muscular arms over your shoulder. You squeeze your eyes shut in momentary annoyance, as you really should’ve seen that coming. However Gaston’s boldness intrigues you as much as it makes you uncomfortable. And against your better judgement, you remain in his embrace for the duration of your journey home. 

“Why do you isolate yourself?” Gaston inquires, hesitating at the end of the dirt path leading up to your house. “It isn’t right for a young woman to be alone all the time." 

You look down at your feet with a small shrug. "Maybe I enjoy being alone…” It was true, but more importantly, you knew that your answer would irritate him.

“And maybe I enjoy your company,” Gaston counters, tugging at the fabric of your skirt playfully and pulling your body flush against his. Your hands fly upward instinctively. Surely you’d meant to push him away. His behavior was far too presumptuous! And yet, your fingers go limp, fanning out ever-so-slightly against his firm chest. 

“Gaston…” you say in a warning tone as your cheeks blush pink. It takes more effort than it should to lean away. The captain hesitantly releases you, but that devilish smirk of his lingers on his lips. 

“Thank you, again,” you blurt out, clearing your throat in desperate attempt to distract yourself from his animalistic gaze. “For looking after me this evening. I appreciate it." 

"No thanks necessary,” he insists, but you know the recognition of his gallant efforts only further boosts his massive ego. “Although, I’d be quite content if I could see you again.” Gaston reaches out and takes your chin between his thumb and forefinger. “Will I see you again, Y/N?" 

"Well, I umm…” you stumble all over your words, mostly because you didn’t know what you yourself wanted. 

“You said you enjoy the outdoors,” Gaston presses, dissatisfied with your unease. “I’ll take you riding tomorrow,” he exclaims with enthusiasm, leaving little room for deliberation. 

“Alright,” you agree. Where did that come from? It was as if someone else had hijacked your voice and answered for you. 

Gaston beams with satisfaction. 

“Excellent. Until then,” he bids you adieu, his eyes never leaving yours as he bends down to place a chaste on the back of your hand. “Goodnight m'lady.”

“Goodnight Gaston.”

neetchabag  asked:

HEEEEY! which things 104th + vets are really interested in? Which sciences, themes and/or fandoms they would like to learn, read about? I like your ideas much, wanna try something like that someday :)

Eren: His favorite subjects in school are biology, history, and computer science. He’s a big fan of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, as well as a Potter nerd (but he has other friends that are more into that, so he usually lets them be the representative geeks of that fandom.) Love all superhero things, Marvel and DC, movies and comics. Will get into sports if his teams are doing well. Not a huge reader, but always has some adventure or sci-fi novel with him. He really likes adventure stories, things that follow Campbell’s Hero Cycle. 

Mikasa: Favorite school subjects include English, math, and chemistry. She’s also really interested in foreign languages and exploring other cultures, even though she has to go outside of school/wait until college for most of that. No interest in sports whatsoever except maybe the Olympics, (but will get caught up in Eren and Armin’s hype if their teams are doing well.) Loves romance novels as well as mystery novels (big into Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.) Is a fan of Sherlock the series, Doctor Who, and Stranger Things. Intrigues by fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and that semi-horror suspense.

Armin: Loves everything about school; all classes interest him in some way. He does really like math and English, though. He’s huge into Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, a little into Star Wars, and super into Marvel. He does like DC too, but he’s definitely more of a Marvel guy. Reads pretty much anything, but his favorite are sci-fi adventure series. He likes to pick apart Young Adult fiction too, finding what’s actually good and what’s cheesy and trope-y and not good. Would definitely dabble in anime; he wouldn’t watch everything, but would watch any series that can keep him hooked for the first few episodes. Also into Doctor Who and Sherlock, and also is a sucker for sit-coms. Will get super into sports if his teams are winning, but otherwise neutral to them. 

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Book recs for Gryffindors!

Gif source | More recs: gryffindor (pt. 2), hufflepuff (pt. 1 and pt. 2), ravenclaw (pt. 1 and pt. 2), slytherin (pt. 1and pt. 2) | text by @viegsen and @juan-nieves

House traits: brave, daring, chivalrous, strong willed, just, honorable, courteous, reckless, short tempered, disregard for rules

  • JUSTICE: WHAT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO, by Michael J. Sandel - non fiction - Gryffindors care about justice, but knowing what’s the right thing to do isn’t always easy (as Hermione found out when her well intentioned plan to free the house elves didn’t exactly pan out). This book ponders on ethical dilemmas and the meaning of justice, and will help a Gryffindor navigate the grey areas of life.
  • THE HUNGER GAMES, by Suzanne Collins - YA; dystopia; romance - Well I don’t have to tell you about the plot of The Hunger Games, do I? IMO it’s pretty clear that Katniss is a Gryffindor, all that poaching and volunteering to go to a death arena in the place of her sister, and sticking it to the Capitol, then joining a revolution… girl couldn’t be more Gryffindor if she was carrying around Godric’s sword instead of a bow and arrow.
  • THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, by Baroness Emma Orczy - historical fiction; adventure; romance - In the height of the French Revolution’s Terror, a mysterious English gentleman known only as the “Scarlet Pimpernel” recklessly risks his own life in order to rescue men, women and children condemned to die at the guillotine, and smuggles them out of France in daring escapes. Who is this brave fellow? Why, a Gryffindor, obviously.
  • THE ASSASSIN’S CURSE, by Cassandra Rose Clarke - YA; fantasy; romance - Ananna of the Tanarau is a pirate. When her parents try to marry her off to a guy from another pirate clan, she escapes, but the scorned clan sends an assassin after her. Problem: while fighting him, Ananna accidentally binds them together with a curse that can only be broken after three impossible tasks are completed. You guys, Ananna is such a Gryffindor - I mean, strong willed? check. Daring? check. Short tempered? Disregard for rules? check AND check. She’s awesome, and reading about her adventures with Naji, the moody assassin is a delight. Girl power! Lesbian princesses! Hilarious manticores! Shitty wizards! This book’s got it all.
  • LORD OF THE RINGS, by J.R.R. Tolkien - fantasy - LotR is really all about adventure, courage, friendship,  honor, daring, fighting against evil and all that, and there are so many Gryffindors in this story. Isn’t everyone from the Fellowship a Gryffindor?
  • JANE EYRE, by Charlotte Brontë - romance - Jane Eyre is a boss. Everyone likes to talk about Mr. Rochester, but what most struck me when reading this was that Jane had nerves of steel, and that is a huge Gryffindor trait. She stands up against bullies all her life, she has an inate sense of justice, and doesn’t take any shit from Mr Rochester, and when she leaves his house without a penny in her pocket it’s like, damn, this girl is brave as hale.
  • PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, by Jane Austen - romance - Isn’t Elizabeth a total Gryffindor? She takes no one’s shit and has a brave streak that shows when she stays true to herself, standing up to everyone that tells her she’s wrong in doing so. She has pride, a very strong sense of right and wrong, and can’t stand the thought of someone being mistreated for having some sort of disadvantage. She also jumps to conclusions and assumes a lot, which tends to bite her in the ass in more than one ocasion (again, Hermione much?).
  • NORTH & SOUTH, by Elizabeth Gaskell - romance - North & South is kind of like Pride & Prejudice in the Industrial Revolution. Basically imagine Mr. Darcy as an industrialist and Margaret as a gently-bred country girl who moves to a manufacturing town and is appalled by the working conditions, general poverty, etc, so she takes up the fight against social injustice, which invariably puts her at odds with Mr. Thornton. Now, he might be a (delicious) Slytherin but damn if Margaret isn’t a Gryffindor: strong willed and just and brave (and also a little reckless tbh). (Also I’ll have you Gryffindors know that you got my top 3 favourite romances, JE, P&P, and N&S).
  • HIS DARK MATERIALS, by Philip Pullman - fantasy; YA - This epic fantasy trilogy has everything a Gryffindor would love to read about: a story set in an unknown and fantastical place, brave and adventurous characters, creatures that are kinda like a permanent patronus (but more awesome than that tbh), and really creepy villains. I’m not gonna spoil you on these books because it’s really great going into them not knowing much, but I’ll just say you should pick up your lion daemon and follow Lyra while she carries on her quest to save her friend and then oh so much more.
  • THE DIVINERS, by Libba Bray - YA; fantasy - A lot about this novel feels very reminiscent of Harry Potter as character: you get a girl that wants to get out of a place filled with not very nice memories, a special power that puts her in quite a dangerous situation, and a brave nature that leads her to get involved in spite of her fear. Set in the 1920s and with a plot that centers around mysterious murders, this book features an obscure villain Gryffindors would both like to read about and take down themselves.
  • THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING, by T.H. White - fantasy - This is kind of an off-beat retelling of the Arthurian legends, and what could possibly be more Gryffindor than King Arthur and his brave knights and all that stuff about chivalry and quests, etc? I’m just gonna leave you guys with a quote from the book, which sounds just like something Dumbledore would say: “The bravest people are the ones who don’t mind looking like cowards”.
  • THE THREE MUSKETEERS, by Alexandre Dumas - historical fiction - I thought of Gryffindor for this book because reading it is the equivalent of Harry checking out Snape’s memories and finding out the Marauders were kiiiind of a bunch of dicks. Because turns out, so were the Musketeers! Sometimes the combination of certain Gryffindor traits like short temper, recklessness and disregard for rules (and a little arrogance, lbr) ends up being quite unsavoury.