when I say I want sapphic bodice rippers, I don’t just mean queer lady romance novels in general

no I want a total Regency trash fire with literal bodices being literally ripped

it’s 1810 and gay marriage is legal but that’s never explained, and a spirited young lass who only wants to be an artist despite her social cimbing family has  massive sexual tension with the cold and closed-off Lady Fancypants until they wind up doing it in the hayloft

the title is To Wed A Wild Duchess and at least one character involved is Scottish

author writing 19th-century clothing who has clearly never worn it checklist
  • character who has breasts dramatically casts aside her corset or never wears one, to show how Strong and Empowered™ she is; no explanation of how she supports said breasts thereafter
  • honestly I could do a whole other list just about corsets because hoo boy
  • a middle-to-upper-class lady getting dressed takes hours
  • a middle-to-upper-class lady getting dressed requires the help of a maid (not having a maid helping her to make it a bit easier but actually being unable to get dressed on her own)
    • bonus points if multiple maids
  • what is a chemise
  • adult woman with her hair down
  • going out under totally normal circumstances with no hat on
  • men definitely never had fashion trends
  • in fact did men even wear clothes because they’re never discussed
    • True Historical Fact: all Victorian men were nudists
  • day dress with short sleeves
  • managing long skirts is the nuclear physics of clothing
    • True Historical Fact: it is literally impossible to do any physical activity in long skirts and a corset. women stood immobilized in one spot from roughly age 16 until death for more than a century. reproduction was very awkward
  • how??? get through doors??? in hoop skirt??????
    • sITTING???? in HOOPS?????? N O 
  • panties have always been a thing right guys?
  • seriously there was one Regency romance novel that made me read the phrase “corset cups” (described in context like underwire bra cups) with my own two eyes

I have been studying classics for years and I have been studying the Odyssey for the same amount of time. A couple weeks ago I finished my last exam and I’m never going to study it again, which is both the best and worst thing I’ve ever realized. The second I saw this book I bought and it and I have loved reading it, being able to reconnect with characters that I already knew was incredible but seeing them in a new light was precious and beautiful,

I read this book from the point of view as someone who knows the mythical world, however Madeline Miller wrote this book for everyone; and so if you want to emerge yourself in a new world this book is perfect, it’s beautiful, elegantly written and emotional. Miller did these characters justice and so much more