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“I always feel that when I come to Edinburgh, in many ways I’m coming home.”
Alan Rickman

((For the prompt: Beginings and ends: The last time Kylo introduced himself as Ben Solo/Organa/The first time he introduced himself as Kylo Ren)) 

The last time Ben Introduced himself as Ben Solo was a week before everything happened. A cute girl had just come to the fledgling Jedi school. He knew he wasn’t supposed to have a relationship, thanks to the Jedi thing, and she was a girl, but he was young and hadn’t figured himself out yet. 

He gathered himself and made his way over to her, she was a Twi'lek, cute and giggly and Ben’s palms were sweaty. He didn’t really…talk to people much, for a variety of reasons. 

“Hi…” He said as he finally made his way over to her. 

“Oh, Hi!” She said with a bright smile. Ben had forgotten the name she’d given by now. It didn’t matter anyway, now. But she’d asked for his name, he did remember that. 

“It’s umm….It’s Ben. Ben Organa-Solo.” He said and bit his lip. 

“Ben? Wait, are you Master Luke’s Nephew?” She asked her eyes lighting up, and going into a spill about how she thought his parents were heroes. 

That was why he didn’t talk to anyone, or tell anyone who he was. He was always Han Solo's son, Leia Organa's son, Luke Skywalker's nephew, And, later as he would find out, Darth Vader’s grandson. He was never just Ben. He was never known for just being himself. There was always something greater to him thanks to his stupid family and it’s stupid cosmic destiny and he hated it, even if he wasn’t supposed to. 

He’d walked away after that, he never talked to the girl again. 

Then, after, after the blood and the tears and screams that came with what he did, after he broke the connection with his mother as she screamed his old name through their bond, begging him to come home. After he’d walked away from everything he’d ever known and everything he once loved, He was lead aboard the Finalizer for the first time. 

He stood in front of Snoke’s hologram as he introduced a boy around his age, Armataige Hux. He was just a kid but already a lieutenant. Smart and a strategist, the son of Brendol Hux. He looked over the Ginger and eyed him for a moment before offering his hand. 

“My name is Kylo Ren.“ 

do you ever just think about the fact that the eighth doctor adventure novels are a thing


what even are the plots

“genius tigers decide to make an orchestra”
“the Doctor blows up 9 different Gallifreys at once”
“murderous princess triplets build a historically-inaccurate robot theme park”
“the Doctor manages to lose a heart”

there are 73 books of this

April Just One Word Challenge
4 - Historical

“I thought of crowds and mud, maidens and monsters. I thought of split lips, flying teeth and red blood on white linen.”

Korean Drama Recommendations/Fangirling:

So! A friend of mine on FB asked me late last night for Korean drama recommendations. She’s never watched kdramas before, so without intending to I just vomited up brief feels, synopses, and titles for her from which to choose. These titles were only the ones that immediately came to mind off the top of my head. Seeing as how I assume some of you adorable follower-humans might enjoy kdramas too, I thought I’d share. Most likely you diehards (pun not intended) out there have already seen these, but here’s some dramas to throw in your face anyway! Since it’s my thing, I’m going to go by genre; so all will have romance as either a main plot line or as a subplot. Brace yourself for the d'awws!


If you’re in the mood for a serious, beautiful, powerhouse of a drama with adult themes (ie adultery but not really…long story), dreams and money, sacrificing your true self for security to forsake happiness, and of COURSE sex and pianos, then you need to watch Secret Love Affair. It is hot and intense and has an open ended interpretation for a finale that will leave you stunned and happy.

I mean, damn, guys…come on just LOOK at this sexiness!

Plus it’s just a damn good drama all around. So watch it.


If you’re looking for something that walks the line between comedy and paranormal, you NEED to see The Master’s Sun. Its heroine is an hilariously adorable girl who can see ghosts, and the hero is a skeptic who, when the female lead touches, makes poltergeists disappear. It’s probably one of the best dramas that incorporates creepy horror with perfect comedy!


If you’re looking for something a bit different, you HAVE to watch Arang and the Magistrate. Same concept as The Master’s Sun, except the female lead is dead and a ghost, the setting is ancient Korea, and there’s gods, goddesses, action, magic, and evil political dudes. Plus the male lead is hilariously apathetic, and the female lead is a badass who kicks ass as a dead girl! It’s funny and dark and heartfelt and will leave you with all of the heart eyes! Plus it has the cutest ending that ever cuted itself.


If you’re looking for something strictly comedy and a bit silly, with moments of seriousness and more cute than you could shake a stick at, you need King of High School. Take an 18 year old high school guy and make him pose as his older brother as a prestigious CEO in a company that a dowdy, 30 year old over-looked heroine works at and you talk about some of the CUTEST comedy you’ve ever witnessed in your freakin’ life!


If you’re looking for something hella melodramatic and intense, go with Secret Love. Heroine is engaged to a guy who gets involved in a hit-and-run that kills a girl, and the heroine takes the fall for her fiance. Turns out the victim was the pregnant girlfriend of the male lead. The drama explores the idea of falling in love with someone, even as you hate them. Suffice to say, IT IS INTENSE, and a bit nuts of a drama, but it will leaving you feeling all of your emotions and then some.


If you want some time travel in your drama diet, go with Queen In Hyun’s Man. Hero is an ancient Korean scholar who finds himself traveling to the future, where he meets the female lead, an aspiring actress who lands the role of the Queen from our hero’s time period. Comedy, cuteness, angst, and adorableness ensues. And smexy kisses. OH MY GOD THE SMEXY KISSES!


Keeping in the same vain as the historical theme, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is adorable and perfect! Set in ancient Korea, in order to protect her family our female lead disguises herself as a boy to get into a university of sorts that only permits men. Cue “male lead finds himself attracted to a boy despite him not being gay” theme and much hilarious ensues. Ignoring the gay panic is a must, but if you can it’s so entertaining and will leave you so damn amused!


And, last but not least, keeping with the gay-panic theme, Coffee Prince. Coffee Prince is probably one of the best kdramas ever, and it’s basically the same premise as Sungkyunkwan Scandal; female lead lands a job in an all-male working environment to support her family. The only real difference is that in Coffee Prince, our heroine opens and closes the drama as a very tom boyish, masculine girl. She’s never subscribed to gender roles, so it makes her character far more interesting. There’s angst and cute and smexy kisses and great characters and everything you could ever want in a drama!

My favourite Swedish podcasts

Podcasts are personally my absolute #1 learning resource. I do extensive listening (upper intermediate to advanced!) whenever I have to do one of my 20~30-minute walks. My main goal of doing this is to make understanding a foreign language a natural, effortless thing as well as finding holes in my vocabulary. Here is a list of my favourite podcasts in Swedish (that are still actively producing episodes)! I just turn on auto-download in my podcast app and consume them whenever I have time.

(Note: I’m linking to iTunes because it’s the most common way people get podcasts. I personally never use it, so rest assured you can get all of these elsewhere as well.)

  • P1 Dokumentär: half- to one-hour audio documentaries about social issues or personal stories / struggles in Sweden. Usually in the very standard “P1 Swedish”. Comes out irregularly but very frequently.
  • P3 Dokumentär: pretty much the same thing. I actually don’t know the difference between the nature of the two documentaries - I think this one is more current affairs-ish? Comes out weekly on Sundays.
  • Historiepodden: a long-running podcast with two dudes randomly chatting about historical and sometimes contemporary themes. Probably a good idea only if you’re interested in history - but ‘history’ here refers to a really wide range of events from ancient to recent history. One of them speaks in some sort of southern accent, which is good for training. Comes out weekly on Sundays, can be up to 1.5 hours long.
  • Allt du velat veta: as the name implies, it’s an hour-long podcast where experts in different fields teach you about really random topics from science to politics to Sherlock Holmes. As of the time of writing I’ve actually just discovered it through the latest episode about conlangs (of course), so I can’t make too much comments yet. Comes out weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Den svenska musikhistorien: my favourite, even though I just started listening! (What can I say, I’m a music student.) It’s relatively new podcast, each episode less than half an hour long, that discusses, well, Swedish music. It goes all the way from the Middle Ages to folk and pop; it’s currently still stuck in the 1800s though, having already surpassed the total planned number of episodes. Comes out mostly weekly on Wednesdays.
  • Fredagspodden: guilty pleasure?! I don’t even know why I used to listen to this myself - it’s simply girl’s chat for an hour, and I’m a dude…I was probably just looking for something that’s regularly released to listen to and couldn’t find anything better…anyway it’s released weekly on Fridays (as the name implies).

That’s it for now. I’ll update this if I find any gems, even though I think I’ve looked through many different podcasts. Or if you have a favourite, tell me as well! Happy listening and happy learning!


Goblin was one of those kdramas I would have never started watching if it weren’t for the endless rants of kdrama fans about its aesthetic appeal and top notch cinematography. However, I’m not gonna lie that the main reason I started watching the drama was because of Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. I’m a very big fan of Go Eun’s acting, I believe she can pull off any character and make it her own. So with little expectations I gave Goblin a chance and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was one of the best decisions I probably made in a while.

I tend to pull away from kdramas that are historical and supernatural themed, Goblin was a mix of both so when I was watching the trailers I had doubts that I would like it. I like saving the whole supernatural cravings for my anime shows and during that time Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo was very much occupying my time.

Goblin honestly had me at Episode 01, I couldn’t stop watching it after that. I have to give it up to the writers of the show, the plot was amazing and fans weren’t kidding when they said Goblin’s whole visual experience was truly beautiful because damn right it was. Goblin affected me in such a strange and wonderful way that the last time I felt like this was during Reply 1988. I honestly felt like they could’ve made it a 22 episode drama coz it’s so hard to fully accept that it actually ended a few weeks ago. How to cope?!?!

After watching Goblin (and freaking being moved to tears) heres 5 things I learned.

1. Sometimes, the things happening to us could both be a curse and a blessing.

Eun Tak, Kim Go Eun’s character was told to be the Goblin’s bride in the story and she believed that it was the answer to all her hardships in life and it was, but the problem was it also meant saying good bye to the person who will end those hardships for her. In this short life of ours, sometimes the things happening to us could be both a good thing and a bad thing. Let’s follow Eun Tak’s example by focusing on the good things and less on the bad.

2. Seeing ghosts aren’t all the time a scary thing

Eun Tak found company in the presence of ghosts, and for a scaredy-cat like me I have to say the ghost part was a turn off at first but then I realized that these ghosts became the family and friends Eun Tak never had that’s why somehow she was relieved she could see and talk to them because the love she didn’t find in living humans, she found among the dead.

3. There’s always a story behind every good or bad action

If there’s one thing Goblin taught me about bad people, it’s that sometimes their just people making bad choices and that there are reasons they do these bad things for. I’m not saying that it’s an okay thing to do, but maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions without seeing the bigger picture. The Grim Reaper was Wang Yeo in his past life, and he suffered so much paying for his sins that he didn’t deny but did regret in the present.

4. Even if a love is short it doesn’t mean its not true

This is probably the most important thing I learned in watching Goblin. A short and sad love doesn’t mean it wasn’t the greatest love that person experienced and felt in his or her life. No matter how short or painful that love was, it could be the greatest kind the person has ever felt.

5. The best kind of friends are the unexpected ones

I’d have to say one of the best things in Goblin is the bromance of the Grim Reaper and the Goblin himself. Things just got more interesting when the Grim Reaper turned out to be an unpleasant character from his past that he couldn’t forgive. However, without knowing that detail about the Grim Reaper, the Goblin actually enjoyed his company and eventually would seek to him for advice. Their friendship was so true that it put me to tears when the Grim Reaper himself didn’t want the Goblin to die.

I have to say it’s gonna take awhile before a good drama can yet again inspire me how Goblin did since I still can’t let it go. I’m so happy I got to watch Goblin and gave it a chance. No doubt one of the best story lines I’ve ever witnessed, another good job once again Korea! 

whatever-fangirl  asked:

Can you recomend some good JxHQ fics?💕

Yes, of course sweetie 💕  Since you asked me for Nolanverse too, I will include both versions.

Suicide Squad-verse (Leto!Joker)

Kill Me Slowly
One of the best takes I’ve come across on their early Arkham relationship and Harley’s transformation. Raw and delicious, enthralling.

Grape Soda
Another Harley origin story that is simply so intriguing, with a twist.

Nobody Ever Comes To Our House
This fanfic switches between super light and funny and very dark. The author has such a wide spectrum for them and it’s really impressive.

Harley’s characterization and the way she react to her struggles here is just so good.

A delicious revenge act towards someone that hasn’t been getting much spotlight.

The Joker’s Wild
He is so desperate for Harley, it’s just amazing.

Secondhand Smoke - Ain’t No Church in the Wild
- Purple Teardrops - New

Joker is dark and possessive, Harley stands her ground. Harley’s origin in a way rarely told before. Very dark but beautiful.

My Weakness
Sweet reunion.

Let Fire Reign
One of those pieces with a psychological view on it, it just draws you in.

Wicked Games
It paints something really dark in a beautiful way, and I love it. Powerful.

My Queen
Sweet and hot.

King and Queen of Gotham
This one depicts the movie events in a really satisfying way. I wish this could replace the SS novelization.

The Jokes on Them
A mixture of fluff, funny, sweet and just overall so good.

Trouble Sleeping
Some heart-warming fluff.

The Next Day
This fic is exactly what I need, in terms of a Joker who is just so dependent on Harley. A perfect band-aid for the heart after reading angst, it mends and it makes me so happy.

Kiss The Ring
I love it when darker elements mix with sweet, and this is an example of such.

Where Are You Looney Tune?
I love this so much, Joker’s POV of looking for Harley. This filled a very big void that the movie and novelization left behind. The Joker being desperate is portrayed so good.

Nolanverse (Ledger!Joker)

 Bad Jokes  - Malady The Ringmaster
I consider this triology a classic, a pure piece of art. I have rarely found better writing in fanfiction, - you can really tell that the author is a published writer.
It’s one of the few fics that shows full abuse but does not make me cringe. All because of the way Harley is portrayed - she is so strong,  so fierce. It contains heavy abuse but also some moments that are absolutely stunning and balances it.

Killing Time
This is so good, I’m constantly impressed that the author portrays the Joker with such ease and still in a way that I find completely compatible with Ledger!Joker - it makes me genuinely believe this could happen although it’s sweeter than you could expect. The portrayal of the Joker is slightly different from in Bad Jokes, showing him as more human, a tad more affectionate, but still just as sociopathic.

Do Not Disturb
In case you didn’t think this Joker was capable of amazing sex, as well as humor and slaughter, well, you’re welcome. The fic is based on an amazing artwork, found here.

Used Too Well
A very dark take on it. If you, like me, are intrigued by the historical mistress theme, this is very fascinating and heart-wrenching. Non-con.

Twisted Knives
Angsty, dark and sweet.

General/Other Batman Universe

A take on Brian Azarello’s Joker, and his breakdown. Beautiful.

JxHQ: Piety
Another, dark take on Azarello’s famous Joker breakdown scene, showing how complex their relationship really is. 

Sign on The Line
Delicious, dark. Harley’s portrayal, the way she fights back, is amazing.

The Art of Seduction
Just in case you want some, you know, good smut.

JxHQ: Snuff
Included just because it’s funny and original; crack and seduction mixed with bloody gore.

anonymous asked:

are there any beginner history podcasts you can recommend, love?

Yes, of course; here are my absolute favourites:

  • the history of rome; 180 episodes from the mythical founding of the city till the end of one of the greatest empires on earth, around 25 minutes each. despite all the details it never gets boring, but is rather like an audiobook of an epic novel
  • lore; on all historical things unexplainable and terrifying! the countess that bathed in blood, the floating child… suitably macabre for a lazy sunday afternoon, but certainly not before bed…
  • in our time: history; from Akhenaten to Xenophon. the sheer amount of historical figures that the series covers is frankly nothing short of incredible, and that’s not it – historical periods, events, key themes and ideologies are all presented in 30-50 minute long discussions. The best part of all is that 3 different professors are invited each time to discuss the topic of the podcast, so you can know for sure that the information you’re learning comes from some of the best experts in the field.
BatB Characters as Youtubers
  • Belle: Personal vlogger. Videos are usually sociopolitically focused, in which she brings up a current event/scandal and not only talks about its contemporary relevance, but unpacks the historical themes behind it. Also does book review installments that start out as one-offs, but end up spanning the length of five or six videos.
  • Gaston: Let's Player. Predominantly streams shoot 'em ups, but will delve into any genre. He especially likes to show off how he can maintain his cool throughout jump-scare horror games, and keeps a running commentary going as he builds a giant homage to himself in Minecraft. He keeps a smaller recording of himself physically playing the game in the bottom right corner. It's minimized, though not nearly enough.
  • Maurice: Theoretical science vlogger. Segments include exploring the myths behind certain social misconceptions, as well as "believe it or not!" specials in which he just raves about cool, lesser known theories. Will get excited and start blending layman's terms with scientific jargon. His less scientific-savvy fans don't mind. They like his energy. Occasionally uses a go-pro and livestreams the progress of one of his current inventions.
  • LeFou: A cappella cover artist. He's cornered the Disney medley niche, but also toes into the realms of pop and dance. He's written lyrics to the instrumental theme Gaston plays before all of his videos, but hasn't worked up the nerve to contact him yet. Does really gracious shout-out videos whenever he reaches a subscriber milestone.
  • Adam: Narrator. It began with biweekly uploads of him reading through classic poetry, until his voice, low and soothing, drew him mass attention. He takes requests to read works of other genres as well as those of new, aspiring authors. Never shows his face.
  • The Enchantress: Makes those fucking "Bee Movie but every time someone says 'bee' it gets faster" memes and not a damn person knows it's her

Cy Twombly, Leda and the Swan, 1962

An interpretation of a Roman myth in of which Jupiter transforms into a swan in order to ravish Leda. Twombly’s version of this old art-historical theme supplies no contrast of feathers and flesh but a fusion of violent energies in furiously thrashing overlays of crayon, pencil, and ruddy paint. A few recognizable signs—hearts, a phallus—fly out from this explosion, in stark contrast to the sober windowlike rectangle near the top of the painting.

Hey followers! Need your help!

I’m doing a itinerary map of UFO and alien related places, historical places, theme bars, shops, museum, hotspots etc. 

If you have any idea, if you’ve ever visited some cool UFO place, let me know and i’ll add it to my map! 

idk how my drive map works, if I can make it public but i want to share it with you!

thank you for the request~ i went a little ways off the prompt, i’m sorry.. but mythical creature leo and smuttily every after is still there! i hope you life it anyway ^^;

i also went for kind of a historical theme! picture victorian era count and countess ;) ~admin o

               You knew something about Leo. Something dark in nature, something he’d been hiding from you. He had succeeded for a while, but not long enough for you to not catch on. But it was not something dastardly, something you’d be upset about. Rather, it was something you… took a keen interest in.

Keep reading

My military history class is taught by a Major in the Marine Corps and she said something today I think you all will appreciate: “The Coast Guard was just made to fight pirates”

Fanfic: Sorrowful wind – Chap 2

Title: “Sorrowful wind” – Chap 2
Author: J.J.
Notes: This has dark and historical themes… consider yourself warned…
“Joker Game” belong to Yanagi Koji. I’m merely using his characters because I love them… especially Sakuma and Miyoshi… Do I own something here? Oh yes, I own the plot and a sensible heart which would surely break if you give me harsh reviews… so please be honest but nice ok?
Summary: August 15, 1945. The war ended and some people have to decide what to do with the rest of their life.

Sorrowful wind – Chap 2

The Larme Aesthetic: Part 1

Introduction: Sweet, Girly… Artbook?

This is the first chapter of a long-form series on Larme magazine’s aesthetic and significance in Japanese fashion and culture. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at (1) how Larme brands itself as an “artbook”, (2) how this accounts, in part, for Larme’s rising popularity, and (3) some contradictions or tensions that result from this branding.

1. Read and reflect

Frankly, in the single word “artbook”, we can see all of Larme’s aspiration and appeal. Most of us understand that an “artbook” is usually assumed to be more intellectually stimulating and valuable than a mere “magazine”. This is a flawed assumption rooted in other longstanding, but equally flawed and heavily gendered beliefs about reading and reflection.

No other issue of Larme better expresses this problem than Issue 005, which took the now-obscure Latinate term, “memento mori”, as its central theme. A historical literary and philosophical idea, the term translates as “remember you must die” and is a reminder to meditate, not gorge, on life. It was the medieval ideological counterpoint to the better-known “carpe diem”, or “seize the day”, which encouraged a more impulsive, immediate approach to life in the face of future uncertainty. 

We can be certain that the reference to memento mori was intentionally made. After all, the feature article for Larme 005, with its numerous shots of floating or submerged models, is an extended allusion to Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the trope of the drowned young woman. The editors quite cleverly translated fashion trends such as flower crowns, floral dresses, crucifixes, and used a monochrome palette into an sustained allusion to a play that takes memento mori as one of its central themes. After all, Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy is itself a meditation on life and death.

Memento mori is predicated on a capacity for deep, religious reflection that was and is, to this day, usually considered a masculine trait, not a feminine one, because women were seen as incapable of such depth of thought. For instance, Hamlet’s semi-religious meditations on life and death enable him to overcome his suicidal impulses, whereas it is implied that Ophelia succumbed to her madness and committed suicide - a forbidden act. And this capacity for religious reflection is tied to the act of reading, in part because books were primarily produced and monopolised by the clergy up until the invention of the printing press. As a case in point of how women were not seen as real readers, in the nunnery scene, Ophelia is ordered by her father, Polonius, to pretend to read a book so that Hamlet would think that she was alone.

In using memento mori as their theme, Larme magazine subverted a classical, masculine philosophy into a modern, feminine, and non-white perspective, but this seems to have been accomplished through intuition, not calculation. It’s unlikely that Larme editors understand these obscure, non-Japanese literary concepts in such detail, so my guess is that the editors simply understood that their readers would find a feature examining life and death from an Ophelian perspective morbidly interesting. (Which young woman wouldn’t, really, when so many writers and editors assume that young women have no inner lives?) Ironically, because this belief - that young women don’t reflect or read - has persisted across time and space, Larme can subvert the concept of memento mori so effectively and thoroughly.

2. Realism

The feature article of Larme 020, Blue Valentine, continues this exploration of women’s inner lives. Released in January, the issue’s feature article is a direct reference to the 2010 movie starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. To those who aren’t familiar with the movie, this may sound like a reasonable choice with Valentine’s Day and White Day coming up, but Blue Valentine is actually about courtship and the collapse of a romantic relationship. That’s some serious trend-bucking going on here when every other major women’s fashion magazine in Japan was covering what to wear for that all-important Valentine’s Day date.

Larme’s Blue Valentine feature essentially frames the magazine’s fashion using the film’s narrative, showcasing coordinates even as it charted the changing dynamics in a relationship with the passing of time. Lines of dialogue are scattered across the pages to show the crumbling relationship between the film’s two main characters, Dean and Cindy, culminating with these: “What is love?”, “I haven’t found it yet”, “But in the beginning it was definitely love” (I’m not using their abysmal English translations here). So why is this significant?

Now, with most women’s fashion magazines, there is no narrative; it’s mostly just pretty clothes on pretty models, and we skim through looking for inspiring outfits. Love and romance become, at best, stage props meant to provide some context for the clothes (e.g. a model pretending to be waiting for her date) or, at worst, a tool used to encourage young women to buy more clothes and makeup (e.g. “what to wear for that first date” articles). Either way, such women’s fashion magazines inevitably represent love and romance as static, not dynamic. There are only dates and couple trips, only sweetness and sunshine. There are no arguments, no misunderstandings, no tears, no fights, no bad days, no loneliness, and no betrayal. There is no heartbreak.

What Larme has done, as such, is depart from the norm for women’s fashion magazine in Japan. The magazine’s Blue Valentine feature exposes how even at Valentine’s, most women’s fashion magazines pack their pages with empty chatter about romance and sex, and are pretty much devoid of meaningful and reflective discourse on love. In the process, it offers its readers something new and badly needed: a thoughtful, realistic exploration of love and romance.

Some of the magazine’s readers didn’t seem to understand what was going on with the Blue Valentine feature. One amazon.co.jp reviewer roughly said, “The Valentine special was, in my opinion, unnecessary. Larme is not a magazine about being cute [in other people’s eyes], but about enjoying the fashion and makeup that I think are cute. This, I think, is what the magazine is about, and so a feature on romantic relationships strikes me as unnecessary.” Yet here, what the readers are offered is actually not the sort of romance found in mainstream women’s fashion magazines - the sort that has driven young women to seek out fashions that deliberately excise the male gaze from their lives.

The Blue Valentine feature is also impressive in another way: it re-frames the movie’s central heterosexual relationship, through female models dressed in boy- and girl- style, into a meditation on masculinity, femininity, and the permeability of such boundaries through fashion. And let’s not ignore the obvious: the casting of two female models in a romantic relationship, albeit a fictitious one, is not an everyday thing in Japan. Both of these are points that are worth discussing at some length, but I’d like to wrap up my discussion of the Blue Valentine feature by returning to the larger points I raised at the beginning of this article.

Some thorny issues

I personally think that, more often than not, we have become so inured to the rapid changes in fast fashion and popular culture that we tend to take cursory glances rather than properly examine anything to do with them. Unfortunately, that habit has meant that much of Larme’s true brilliance has been overlooked, even by its target audience. More unfortunately still, this allows the sexist skepticism towards young women’s intellectual ability to remain a self-fulfilling prophecy. After all, if the readers of the magazine don’t take it seriously, who will?

We should also acknowledge the elephant in the room, namely that we cannot deny that, as a fashion magazine, Larme exists within the framework of a capitalist economy, and that one of its main purposes is to get young women to spend money on fast fashion and makeup. The magazine’s editorial team may genuinely aspire to be taste-makers and arbiters of fashion for Japanese young women, but the magazine also serves as an advertising platform for brands. There’s no getting away from this.

That said, just because Larme is working within this capitalist framework doesn’t mean that it has to be giddy or frivolous, or purely about getting young women to waste their money on fast fashion. In fact, the evidence points to the contrary: Larme, like its readers, does aspire to more than what Japanese society and economy has traditionally offered to women and women’s fashion. My intention in writing this serialised long-form article is to draw attention to how Larme navigates this minefield on multiple levels, and I think I’ve managed that much… I think?

Thanks for reading this, and do look forward to the upcoming chapter!

Garcy Titanic Theme

Originally posted by just--nina

It is only fitting that the the inaugural voyage of our disaster ship should be all about the inaugural voyage of a famous disaster ship, especially since the sinking of the Titanic was on the night of April 14-15, one hundred and five years ago. Therefore, our first Garcy prompt will be Titanic themed. Certainly there were at least a few members of Rittenhouse among the wealthy passengers. Or take the prompt more metaphorically, more about disaster ships in general. Or whatever else strike your fancy from the prompt Titanic.

Technically, it would be nice to post all of this on April 14-15, but we are flexible on deadlines around here because most of us only want to have a time machine. Make sure to tag your work #garcynetwork and #garcytitanicweek so everyone can find it.