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Daenerys and her understanding of history

I am sorry, if I tread on anybody’s toes with this rant, but as a historian Daenerys’ absolute ignorance regarding history really bugs me. I don’t even know if this is an Anti-Daenerys post. If you use historical precedents they should fit, and her understanding of history and the dynamics which result from history are close to non-existent. And I’m talking about the history of Westeros here.

1. Torrhen, the king who knelt: That was not an alliance; Torrhen decided to kneel because he wanted to prevent a ‘field of fire’ for the North and thought that kneeling would save his people. That was not an alliance, but simple subjugation out of necessity. Imagine telling the French about the great time of the German - French alliance of 1940… I doubt that would make any French favour the alliance you suggest!

2. This so-called 'alliance’ of Starks and Targaryens was not directed against any enemy and it did not result in peace. The Targaryen rule after Aegon saw succession crisis several times.

3. The last King in the North was ROBB Stark and he wanted independence. Very clever move to brush that aside - in front of the man who happens to be not only the successor elected to further ensure independence, but also ROBB’s brother. Imagine telling the Scots to abolish their regional parliament and then everything will be just 'great’ again?

4. 'If the crimes of my father do not define me, neither do the crimes of your father define you.’ - That would have been a basis for a new start, not : Don’t judge me by my father’s actions, but your father was a 'traitor’. (When it was Aerys who practically drove Ned into rebellion, for Ned it was a decision of rebellion or death). Tit for tat. If I’m not to be judged by my ancestors neither are you. And I’m all for not judging people by their ancestors’ crimes.

5. And the last has bugged me since season 3: The Valyrians were the greatest slavers of all time. It doesn’t make sense to try to abolish slavery and be proud of the blood of Valyria. Now, if she would cite as her motivation that she wants to redeem the crimes of her ancestors, but she doesn’t. It’s really like someone who is descended from a confederate general who decides to work against the discrimination of poc, and who still has her ancestor’s pictures all over the house. Wouldn’t that be strange somehow, to say the least?

Sorry for this rant. By this time I don’t even know, if this hypocrisy and inconsistency is intentional on the writers’ part. Do they want us to realise that? Do they want us to see Dany as as a shallow, stupid person who speaks as her whim takes her? Do they want us to see her as somebody who tries to get attention by speaking seemingly grand speeches that nevertheless make no sense in the framework of Westeros’ history and probably won’t serve to get her allies if these supposed allies think for even a moment? Or do they just want her to say 'cool’ lines and everything falls into line for her? The last option would mean that everybody who talks with Dany automatically loses his or her ability to think. On the other hand perhaps Dany is not the only one who doesn’t know her history. Although in the last episode the Northern Bannermen were very much aware of history…

Poor Tyrion, next time he should just invent a person from history to back up his council and his witticisms. Dany probably couldn’t tell the difference.

Jaal: I’ll need a small Resistance squad to guard a lake on Aya for an afternoon and make sure nobody approaches it.

Resistance officer: Um… why?

Jaal: I need to… *winkwink* infiltrate something.

Beauty and the Beast review and rant

So I just got out of Beauty and the Beast. So here my opinion seeing as my family’s reaction is to say “you need to let other people have opinions to.” as they ignore me.

I liked:

The opening scene. In fact it’s one of my favorites. The costumes are divine and the choreography is excellent.

The fight scene. OMG I couldn’t breath during the fight scene, every time I thought I stopped laughing I started again.

That one guy smiling when Madame Garderobe dressed him up. Little things make me happy okay. Leave my nb child alone.

Madame Garderobe. All time fave. She and her husband are adorable and my fave ship in this movie. Audra McDonald should have been cast as Belle. Yes I’m salty but that’s for the next part.

Agatha/the Enchantress. I enjoyed how she kept appearing throughout the film.

Gaston. Gaston is at the bottom of my list of villains  (who I rank by song). But Luke Evans and the ensemble managed to make Gaston’s songs my favorite out of the movie.

Lefou. I will fight people for Lefou. He is my son now. The part in the ending where he gets to dance with another boy made my heart swell.

The jewelry they paired with the yellow dress was so pretty and I’ll take two ear cuffs please.

The Potts. I love how they showed the spell made Mr. Potts forget, but even then it was still farmilar

The spell. Yes 8/10 on the world building. The edits to the spell were👌👌👌

The cast. There are so many talented people and such diverse ages and skin colors and ugh I want that ensemble to show up at my funeral and sing me to eternal rest okay that ensemble needs an award.

Things that make me salty:

Emma Watson. This is gonna take a while. Look Emma I love you okay, you are a great Hermione but as Belle well you were missing a certain je ne sais quoi.

Namely stays. And to anyone who tries to tell me that stays or corsets are antifemist, all I can say is: Do you (expect women to) wear bras every day? Because what Emma Watson was doing was basically running around braless.

Honey every other woman on that set was wearing period accurate clothing right down to the underpinnings and the fact that you had a defined bust instead of a smooth front was very obvious. You stood out and not in a good way.

The yellow dress. *insert long line of expletives* GLITTER GLUE?! AND TEAR OFF SKIRT?? GO SIT IN A CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!!

 *deep breath*

The yellow dress isn’t all bad. It moves beautifully and the color is gorgeous.


I could see the zipper in almost every shot. The neckline didn’t lie right. What fabric did they use for the bodice? (Seriously this looks like the monstrosity The Play Moms tried to force me into back in 5th grade.) The glitter glue was as obvious as the lack of stays; (I don’t even give a shit about the panniers that almost every other woman was wearing; just are you kidding me with the stays.) Especially next to the gorgeous embroidery on pretty much ever other costume. The tiers are the completely wrong era and the the silhouette is ridiculously modern.

And then she rode off in her formal attire. And RIPPED THE SKIRT OFF!!!! I’m sorry but as someone who is personally handstitching an authentic 18th century outfit FUCK YOU DO YOU KNOW THAT’S MONTHS OF WORK??!!!! AND WORTH ABOUT AS MUCH AS BELLE’S ENTIRE HOUSE???!! Belle would have known that. Clothing was handmade and a lot more expensive so formal wear wouldn’t have been worn on a ride through the forest!

you have a movie where every one is gorgeously costumed in fairly accurate garb and then your heroine looks like you bought all her costumes at a Halloween Express. Emma Watsons singing. She’s not bad. But next to everyone one else she’s obviously an amateur  (also her technique made me want to scream. Your mouth needs to be rounded not flattened). Seriously I could have done better. In case you couldn’t tell I wouldn’t have cast Emma as Belle. Nope. Audra is my Belle it is mycanon. That Lumiere and Cogsworth weren’t a couple. Cursed!Mrs.Potts and Chip are gonna give me nightmares just saying. Why was everyone speaking with a British accent? They’re French? In France? Speaking French? Like they didn’t even have her be born in England and move to France nope evidently England conquered France when we weren’t looking and everyone in France now speaks with a British accent. In the end it was an enjoyable movie. I would watch it again. But I’m SO tempted to start doing historical costume out of spite.
Why did Mikasa Ackerman never get her own arc?

Christa got an entire arc.

For a good reason, since she’s an important person/plot point. 


Eren’s the main character, of course, Armin’s gotten a huge focus in part cuz Eren is utterly fixated on him brings him into his own development by thinking about their dream and encouraging him whenever he feels worthless or like his life isn’t worth more than Erwin’s. 

Sasha, Ymir, even Annie got huge spotlights. 

But Mikasa, well, we saw her backstory, we sort of saw her draw away from Eren, we saw that she cares about Armin, and her little family, but…

as a person, we don’t see anything else from Mikasa? 

You know what’s a huge shame?

That Isayama never had Mikasa train with Levi.

Like, I forget when it was said, but it’s mentioned that Ackermans tend to latch onto certain people.

Kenny had Uri.

Levi had Erwin.

Mikasa has Eren. 

Ackermans have “owners” lol.

They’re a family of protectors.

How would that affect how the two Ackermans interact?

I mean, they’re both insanely powerful and protective of the people they were attached to. 

I just feel like Isayama missed out on something that could’ve been great, an Ackerman arc. 

Like I know Isayama’s story isn’t like Naruto, where you can branch off into endless training arcs, but we could’ve at least had a few pages of them interacting directly.

I would’ve liked to see Levi be like a grumpy uncle/tutor to the younger Ackerman legacy. 

Isayama has this bad habit of forgetting that the best aspect of snk is the characters.

The universe is great, the concepts are cool, but without the human element, no story is interesting. 

Mikasa could’ve been developed through an Ackerman arc.

But I fee like Isayama didn’t have an Ackerman arc because he couldn’t think of one or didn’t want to make an entire arc dedicated to just one character (or two, if it was a dual arc with Levi). 

And that’s fine, snk is a huge world. there’s a lot of ground to cover, and it’s never been about just a single character.

snk’s a series of character actions and political/war/military drama. 

i get that, it’s part of the aesthetic, fine. 

I just think that out of all the characters, Mikasa has been the most slighted. 

And if we couldn’t have had an awesome Asian clan arc, then we could’ve at least had them interact more.

Isayama didn’t capitalize on that family drama.

He focused on Kenny, but didn’t bother focusing on Mikasa.

Now we’ll never know if Kenny and Mikasa and Levi could’ve had a really interesting conversation, and the moment is lost. 

The juicy drama leaked out and we’re left with the stain of what could’ve been. 

Oh well. 

I’ve loved you Lizzie! Ohhh, I have loved you! I didn’t know that I could love! You have been the grace of my life! But I never deserved you! Whatever happens you must be safe! Go to the Tower! Speak to him!

Henry Vii to Lizzie (Elizabeth of York), in episode 8

http://fraddit.tumblr.com/post/155399062321 8


okay honestly????????

I’m super delighted that Diana works as a curator at the Louvre bc like. holy shit Wonder Woman is in my chosen field. 

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Are you sure you're not looking too far into it?

i hate this. this is a question we’re asked so much and i hate it because of how purely biased it is.

people can make theories on how the three brothers built the veil, about how draco is secretly a werewolf, about how harry being a horcrux is what forced the dursleys to be horrible.

people make theories about the naming conventions of the weasley family, about how draco was secretly on harry’s side all along, about how mrs norris or crookshanks was the potter family’s cat before it ended up where we see it in the books.

people make theories about how you can only be a gryffindor if you ask to be one, about the scientific intricacies of felix felicis, about a million million irrelevant things in harry potter….

yet we’re going too far by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, JK Rowling harbours some discriminatory and prejudiced beliefs, having grown up in a society welcomes such things. people suggest that we’re looking too far into it when we she gives an entire race of greedy, selfish goblin bankers hooked noses and short statures and we have the audacity to claim that that’s antisemitic - because no, jewish people have never ever been described as greedy, selfish, short, hook-nosed bankers before, have they? that’s definitely not a historical trope at all. (spoiler alert: they have and it is!)

i’m not suggesting JK Rowling should be perfect! pobody’s nerfect! we all have prejudice in our own ways, but part of being a good person is accepting how we need to keep trying to eliminate those prejudices, and calling out others who harbour them. i think, as a fan, it is our DUTY to call out those we love the most! to stop them and tell them “what you’re doing if offensive and harmful” - because if we don’t, who will?? it is our responsibility to call out and bring light to the shitty and offensive parts of harry potter, no matter how much we love it!

after all, as a wise old man once said,

Belle/Adam and children

alternative title: I Can’t Believe My First Proper Contribution To A Fandom After So Many Years Is Fucking Disney Headcanons

also, this got really out of hand. still.. enjoy?

- Belle doesn’t want to have children for another ten years, and that makes everyone, literally everyone in the village Upset™ (bc nothing, even a thought goes unnoticed in a village, apparently) [okay, her father isn’t upset, but he doesn’t really get it either]

-  Adam does want to have children, but he understands Belle and respects her wish – he thinks she’ll make a marvellous mother (he’s seen her plenty around children) once she’s ready

- and besides, he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to give his children all the love he wants to give them; he’s not afraid of turning into his father anymore, now that he has Belle, but he’s terrified of not being enough

- Belle figures that out after a while, and even though it breaks her heart, it also makes her even more determined to show him just how happy he makes her, their friends, their people

- (on that note, Adam definitely has a praise kink)

- (but he enjoys praising Belle - and watching her reaction - as well? basically their communication during sex is A+, 10/10, would recommend)

-  but anyway, as effective contraception was basically non-existent as a term back then, and despite their being bright and well-read and everything (Belle a genius, even), there isn’t a solution they could come up with that would really work

-  (besides not having sex at all, obviously, but knowing themselves that’s so impossible/ridiculous a thought they don’t even say it out loud, just dismiss it for good)

- so Belle ends up visiting the Enchantress, despite their shared mistrust

-  ..and they have this amazingly thorough and comforting talk; by the end of it Belle is visibly more open and more forgiving

-  the Enchantress gives Belle the herbal+magical equivalent of a birth control pill basically, and they part on relatively good terms

-  but now Belle just wants to have sex all the time, which is really adorable/very hard to resist if you ask Adam

-  of course he knows she’s done something, and as Belle won’t tell him what’s this sudden, miraculous ’solution’, he can’t help but worry

-  she gets so annoyed she just kind of blurts it out one morning, and immediately regrets it

-  Adam goes from mildly worried to full-on panicking in about two minutes; he isn’t loud or dramatic for once – he becomes uncharacteristically quiet, and he looks so, so lost and afraid

-  Belle tries to convince him that it’s fine, everything is fine and the Enchantress wouldn’t have a ’reason’ to curse him/them this time – but it sounds really half-hearted the more desperate and guilty she becomes (he’s looking at her with big blue eyes, and when she moves to draw him into her arms, he’s shaking, holding onto her as if someone was to take her away if he let her go)

- that night, he kisses her, stroking her back as if she was the porcelain doll she very much isn’t, and refuses to do anything else – he doesn’t sleep a wink, either

- the next day there are as many as six physicians in the castle, and Belle huffs and grits her teeth in annoyance, but lets them examine her, looking for any physical sign of a curse

- they don’t find anything, and Belle nearly cries at Adam’s joyous, relieved expression when she tells him

- weeks pass, and although they are still just as affectionate as before, there’s this hesitation, unsureness between them that Belle hates more than anything – she can see Adam doesn’t like it, either

- she decides she’s had enough after a month of this, takes a deep breath, and tells Adam she’s ready to have children after all, they needn’t be that careful

- Adam knows it’s not entirely untrue, but also sees that stubbornly set jaw, that brave, upturned face, and decides to visit the Enchantress himself

- he comes back only slightly less terrified, but he kisses her palm and folds her fingers around the small vial, and Belle feels his trust heavy and sweet in that palm as he leans down to kiss her properly

- things grow.. easier in the next few years, between them and the Enchantress

- however, it’s not until the birth of their first child, healthy and perfect, that the last traces of worry fade from Adam’s eyes

- he still insists on co-sleeping with the baby (at least until Belle has recovered), and Belle, utterly in love with the child and now feeling confident enough to be a parent her mother would be proud of, agrees

New THEORY - The reason this calls to Ada and Freddie in 1.01 is because that’s Jessie Eden. Tommy’s communist secret in the way Freddie was his sister’s. That’s Charlie Murphy and she’s playing Jessie Eden. Calling it.