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For the 3d Summer in a row I helped at the #NPS & @Projectwrite #writing workshop for young scholars. On July 15, I lead a morning of writing exercises and discussion in The Graff House —the museum & replica built on the site where I wrote the #DeclarationOfIndependence . At the moment this image was rendered, a student was reading to me from the draft of the written argument that she was crafting. We were in the museum’s small theater —thus the dim lighting. #ThomasJefferson #YourThomasJefferson (at Independence National Historical Park)

Sept 2002  by Sherrylephotography - Jack London State Historic Park

Wolf House ruins: The Wolf House began construction in 1910 and was to be 15,000 square feet (1,393 square meters) and to include only materials native to the area, a reflection pool stocked with mountain bass, and custom made furniture. The house was nearly complete in 1913, but before the Londons got to move in, the house burnt down. The ruins still stand today.

Water Reflection on Flickr.

Antique Soda Pop by David Pulgar
Via Flickr:
The Smallwood Store is the only surviving structure from the original town of Chokoloskee, which started in 1874. I found this place on Ghost Towns dot com and decided to take a one-day trip to check it out. Inside there’s a lot of history, documenting not only the store’s story but that of the town of Chokoloskee as well as the Everglades themselves. Old soda bottles. :)