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So I found this prompt: Museums with historical portraits of upper class omegas surrounded by their pups! Like imagine the King's Omega wife and mistresses (for lack of a better word) getting their portraits painted with their pups around them looking angelic and the perfect Omega And I immediately thought of young Arthur running into a young Alfred, each at the museum with their separate Alpha/Omega schools, and both admiring the historical paintings and just getting to know each other.

I would read a fic like this. 

I can see tiny Arthur focusing so much on the paintings and statues, admiring them. He ends up being so focused on a painting and doesn’t notice the tiny Alpha watching him with wonder. 

Alfred would probably follow him around and just watching Arthur, more than likely blushing due to him thinking Arthur was cute. Then he would probably try to think of a way to approach Arthur but he gets flustered each time Arthur smiles a tiny cute smile.

They end up bumping into each other cause Alfred gets pushed by a friend, who tells him to go say ‘hi’ to the cute Omega. Alfred rushes out a ‘sorry’ before he tries to stutter out a ‘hello’. Arthur is starting at him, confused, and Alfred ends up yelling out ‘YOU ARE REALLY CUTE’. Causing Arthur to blush bright red and Alfred then realizes what he said and turns the same shade.

Princess Anna of Arendelle Wedding Portrait

This was fun! I’m probably going to do a few more Disney princess royal portrait style things (I did one of Elsa a while ago, but I think I might redo it!) I’ve looking at loads of royal portrait paintings recently, this particular one was modelled on a painting of Alexandra of Denmark by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

Edit: aaaand heres my Elsa version

Can now be purchased as a print/e.g. here from society6.