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One More Tomorrow, Chapter 9

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TGIF! I finally managed to sneak in some time to write more for this fic! I’m very excited for this part and I hope you will be too! As always, I’m happy to discuss with anyone my little AU <3

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Hannibal’s lids were heavy and he felt his eyelashes a tangled mess of bent pins, pricking his skin. The heat he was nestled in was a cocoon, his breath only adding to the overbearing air, yet he took it all in, gently, in long, drawn-out inhales. Stale sweat and cum and hay and unwashed hair, he took it all and it was still not enough.

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Trained in pediatric care at the New York Foundling Hospital, these nurses were prepared to offer critical services to children in need.

As National Nurses’ Week kicks off, remember to thank all the fine professionals who do one of the hardest jobs in health care.

Graduating class portraits. circa 1953-1965. Records of the New York Foundling Hospital. Series IV, Subseries IV.28 - Nurse Training School (Infant and Child Care Technicians), 1915-2000 (bulk 1924-1972). New-York Historical Society.

Richard Speck: Before and After the Massacre

The name Richard Speck is well known throughout the true crime community. For those unfamiliar, Speck was responsible for the 1966 massacre of 8 Chicago nursing students. He bound, assaulted, strangled, and stabbed them. To put this crime in perspective, Speck had so many victims he didn’t even realize that one was missing. The 9th woman, Corazon Amurao, squeezed beneath a bed and hid for hours until he left and she felt safe enough to come out.

But what of Speck before and after this brutal, senseless crime?


• He was born the 7th of 8 children.
• He was abused as a child by his stepfather.
• He married and had a daughter.
• Throughout his early years, he was in and out of jail and trouble with the law.
• When he got work on a ship, it seemed that dead women cropped up behind him, including in Michigan.


• He died in prison in 1991 of a heart attack.

• In 1996, a video of Richard prior to his death went public. In the video, he had appeared to have grown breasts, likely due to hormone therapy. He also engaged in drugs and sexual activity with a fellow prisoner, while wearing women’s underwear. He even spoke of the murders of the 8 women with absolutely no remorse. In fact, when asked why he had killed the women, he laughingly replied, “It just wasn’t their night.” Needless to say, the video shocked and disgusted those who viewed it.


The Birth of Modern Medical Care in America

The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in US history. Doctors were forced to re-think their methods and start using more modern, more scientific standards of medical care.

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A google search has just filled me with rage guys.  I googled Emma Green to recall how old she was in 1862 (19, btw) and lo and behold she has a wikipedia article now that says Historical!Emma was a NURSE!!! A NURSE!!

I am honestly appalled. APPALLED!  Historical!Emma Green was never a nurse, which even the most cursory search will tell you.  And all of the cites at the bottom are articles talking about the show, and the character, rather than the real person.  I would rather she not have a wikipedia article at all than have her have such a factually inaccurate one.  

It is incredibly important that we realize that the journey that Emma goes on on the show is in fact *the opposite* journey to the one that the real Emma went on.  As a member of a manufacturing family with strong ties to England and limited ties to slaveholding plantation owners, Emma started out being quite pro-Union.  (That’s right, Historical!James was a first generation English immigrant who in all probability actually *did* despise slavery, and Historical!Jane was also a member of the merchant class in Alexandria– she did not grow up on a plantation in the Carolina’s like she did on the show.  Or have relatives in Texas).  The entire Green family started the war as nominally pro-Union, though James did repeatedly refuse to take the Loyalty Oath.  By the end of the conflict, they all strongly supported the Confederacy.  Probably because of the various indignities of occupation and the influence of the Stringfellow family who were ardently Confederate and strongly entwined with the Greens– Emma’s older sisters were married to Stringfellows in addition to Emma’s engagement to Frank.

I love the CHARACTER of Emma Green as presented on Mercy Street.  I DO NOT LOVE Historical!Emma.  It is incredibly important that we keep the two distinct, and their most salient distinction: Historical!Emma was never a nurse.

Long story short (too late!), I’m editing the wikipedia article.  And whoever wrote it can fight me.


Historical Museum of Crete:

A manuscript by Minos Kalokerinos regarding his excavation work at Knossos in 1878 

Sir Arthur Evans is usually credited with the discovery of the Minoan Civilization and the excavation of Knossos, but it was actually Minos Kalokairinos in 1884 who began excavations at Kephalas hill. He revealed the west magazines of the palace. At about the same time the Cretan Revolution was also taking place, so to keep safe his findings he sent some of them to England, some of them to Athens in Greece, and kept some more at his house in Heraklion. However, in 1898 during the last phases of the revolution the findings he kept there would be destroyed along with his house. A few years later, Schliman would try to purchase the hill from the Turkish owner, but because of the exorbitant price of the hill, he abandoned the project. Evans would finally purchase the hill and start excavations.

These two pages from the manuscript describe the contract with the owner of the property where the excavations took place (Bey Ibrahim Efendakis, as I can make out), and payment of the workers. The second page with the titles Palace and Labyrinth, and the Labyrinth of Knossos, contain descriptions of the sites.

But if we had to be completely thorough, the first to perhaps come into contact with the minoan legacy in modern times, even though they had little idea of it, were the villagers of a nearby village, who retrieved from the site “milkstones” (γαλόπετρες). These milkstones were nothing other than Minoan stone/gem seals. The women would wear them around their necks believing them to have supernatural qualities that enhanced the production of milk for nursing women.

ficlet: Badminton

Anonymous asked you:If you have the time (: … Klutzy high-school Cosima who gets injured in PE and school nurse or ER doc Delphine. P.S I love your work! You’re incredibly talented *swoons*… The way you capture their personalities no matter the universe they’re in is absolutely amazing!

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