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What's up with people in computer science/physics/math/engineering questioning whether biology and psychology are legitimate sciences? Why are they so condescending?

the reason is that biology and the social sciences have a higher women:men ratio than other STEM fields, and as women enter a field the perceived legitimacy of the field decreases, because sexism

One More Tomorrow, Chapter 7

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Finally a new chapter is out! This part is ~~extra long because I haven’t updated in such a long time it was only fair! Enjoy and if you want to talk to me about it please go ahead! I love this little AU to bits.

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The warmth of Will’s body glided along the surface of his skin and despite himself, despite the muffled terror he felt in the pit of his stomach at the thought of falling asleep again, his temples relaxed and his breathing started following the rhythmic movements of Will’s chest. Within minutes, conscious thoughts dissipated into the darkness of oblivion and he slept, trapped into a suffocating molasses that stank of iodine and tear gas.

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Richard Speck: Before and After the Massacre

The name Richard Speck is well known throughout the true crime community. For those unfamiliar, Speck was responsible for the 1966 massacre of 8 Chicago nursing students. He bound, assaulted, strangled, and stabbed them. To put this crime in perspective, Speck had so many victims he didn’t even realize that one was missing. The 9th woman, Corazon Amurao, squeezed beneath a bed and hid for hours until he left and she felt safe enough to come out.

But what of Speck before and after this brutal, senseless crime?


• He was born the 7th of 8 children.
• He was abused as a child by his stepfather.
• He married and had a daughter.
• Throughout his early years, he was in and out of jail and trouble with the law.
• When he got work on a ship, it seemed that dead women cropped up behind him, including in Michigan.


• He died in prison in 1991 of a heart attack.

• In 1996, a video of Richard prior to his death went public. In the video, he had appeared to have grown breasts, likely due to hormone therapy. He also engaged in drugs and sexual activity with a fellow prisoner, while wearing women’s underwear. He even spoke of the murders of the 8 women with absolutely no remorse. In fact, when asked why he had killed the women, he laughingly replied, “It just wasn’t their night.” Needless to say, the video shocked and disgusted those who viewed it.


Trained in pediatric care at the New York Foundling Hospital, these nurses were prepared to offer critical services to children in need.

As National Nurses’ Week kicks off, remember to thank all the fine professionals who do one of the hardest jobs in health care.

Graduating class portraits. circa 1953-1965. Records of the New York Foundling Hospital. Series IV, Subseries IV.28 - Nurse Training School (Infant and Child Care Technicians), 1915-2000 (bulk 1924-1972). New-York Historical Society.

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Can we talk about ladies in Band of Brothers? The thing I really adore about this fandom is how it basically created female characters. All we really got was bit of Renee but in fics we have Kitty (my favorite thing is how Kitty's appearances like hair color change but she's always firecracker), Frannie, Faye, Blanche, Ann (Dick's sister), both Joe's older sisters, Lip's mum, Gene's grandmere, Babe's Ma is often featured in Baberoe. How do you see (imagine) Bob ladies? Looks and personality?

I love all the ladies! The fandom’s ingenuity really delights me sometimes – unlike the Pacific, where we’re given at least a few lady characters, BoB really doesn’t give us much, so we work with what we’ve got. I’ve read so many fantastic fics featuring these girls, so I’d love to talk about them!

Kitty Grogan, in my head, is definitely a firecracker (she’d have to be, to keep Harry under control). I’ve seen her fancast as Rachel McAdams a lot, but I also really like Sara Canning. Kitty’s really determined, clever, good at getting by on her own. She’s also shamelessly dorky and completely in love with her spaz of a husband. She has a really fantastic laugh.

Frannie Peca (Guarnere) is also tough, but in a completely different way. She’s never Bill’s keeper, but she definitely reins him in when he starts to spin out of control (Bill is very impulsive; Fran is much better at keeping her head). She has a temper to rival a wildfire, and is absolutely fearless. She’s confident, ambitious, and capable of handling herself – don’t think she’ll take anyone’s shit. She’s also compassionate and thoughtful, and has a great sense of humor. I see her as a slightly curvier version of Eve Harlow.

Ann Winters is a lot more outgoing than her brother, and definitely shares Nix’s dry sense of humor. As a result, they get on too well – Dick is a suffering soul. She’s kind of a tomboy, up for anything, bubbly and adventurous. I see her looking like Annalise Basso.

Blanche Nixon is probably my favorite girl that the fandom’s come up with – I just love her so much and a part of me doesn’t even know why. I picture her as taking in the same vein as her brother in a lot of stuff – she’s cynical, witty, and sharp as a knife. She’s also a lot more sensitive than Nix, more prone to losing her temper, and can hold a grudge for years. That said, her joy is infectious. She’s got expensive tastes, is fiercely loyal, too stubborn for her own good, and thinks she’s more worldly than she really is. Definitely her brother’s sister! My headcanon Blanche would be Hannah Taylor-Gordon.

Faye Tanner I see as really sweet, creative, and intelligent, with an emotional side she’s not afraid to show. She has a wicked sense of humor, and is loyal to a fault. She has the prettiest smile, and her laugh is really dorky – Skip thinks it’s the greatest thing in the world. She’s a really charming person, and happy in general. The worst liar in the world; also, possibly, the worst dancer, but she tries. Jessica de Gouw is my ideal Faye.

Anna (Renee’s nurse friend in the hospital) is actually based off of Augusta Chiwy, the historical nurse who also served in Bastogne. (No idea why the series changed this, but oh well.) I wanted to do a lot more with Anna in my Demon AU than I got the chance to, and I feel like she got overshadowed a lot, which I regret. I write Anna as being on the quiet, serious side, slow to trust, but highly intelligent and dedicated. It takes a while for her to come out of her shell, but once she does she has a wry sense of humor and is open with her friends. My headcanon for her is Jerrika Hinton. (rivlee writes a fantastic Anna as well, though her portrayal is a lot different from mine!)

I also see Babe’s sister Maggie portrayed pretty often as well, and to me she’s a total spitfire Philly girl! She’s the youngest kid, behind four brothers, so she fights to keep up with them a lot. She knows how to hold her own, and she’s sparky! Sadie Sink is Maggie in my head.

As for the other ladies, I’ll never be able to think of Mama Lipton in any way other than she was portrayed in the fantastic A New Mode of Living by Perpetual Motion. That fic killed me, resurrected me, then killed me again several times, and Mama in that was just amazing. Babe’s mother keeps all her kids in line through force of will alone; Dick’s mother is traditional but kind, and very close to her son; Liebgott has a gaggle of sisters who terrorize him; Mama Luz is a human hurricane. Doc Roe has two older sisters, Winnie and Minnie, who are practically twins (practically, as in they were born a year and a half apart, but that never bothered them). The Toye sisters still call Joe their “baby brother” even though he could easily pick them both up at the same time.

I just have a lot of feelings about BoB ladies okay


The Birth of Modern Medical Care in America

The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in US history. Doctors were forced to re-think their methods and start using more modern, more scientific standards of medical care.

Time Capsule is a special Digital Studios companion to Mercy Street.

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Historical Museum of Crete:

A manuscript by Minos Kalokerinos regarding his excavation work at Knossos in 1878 

Sir Arthur Evans is usually credited with the discovery of the Minoan Civilization and the excavation of Knossos, but it was actually Minos Kalokairinos in 1884 who began excavations at Kephalas hill. He revealed the west magazines of the palace. At about the same time the Cretan Revolution was also taking place, so to keep safe his findings he sent some of them to England, some of them to Athens in Greece, and kept some more at his house in Heraklion. However, in 1898 during the last phases of the revolution the findings he kept there would be destroyed along with his house. A few years later, Schliman would try to purchase the hill from the Turkish owner, but because of the exorbitant price of the hill, he abandoned the project. Evans would finally purchase the hill and start excavations.

These two pages from the manuscript describe the contract with the owner of the property where the excavations took place (Bey Ibrahim Efendakis, as I can make out), and payment of the workers. The second page with the titles Palace and Labyrinth, and the Labyrinth of Knossos, contain descriptions of the sites.

But if we had to be completely thorough, the first to perhaps come into contact with the minoan legacy in modern times, even though they had little idea of it, were the villagers of a nearby village, who retrieved from the site “milkstones” (γαλόπετρες). These milkstones were nothing other than Minoan stone/gem seals. The women would wear them around their necks believing them to have supernatural qualities that enhanced the production of milk for nursing women.

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What do you stand for? Or I guess, against. Obviously feminism, but why? Is it all feminism or just some aspects? The idea that it exists or what it stands for? I've always been baffled by the fact that there are people who do believe feminism is bad and I'd like to see what makes you have this point of view. I'd like to educate myself of the opposing side's views.

I’m glad you asked. Very hard to squeeze into a single comment reply so you really need to look further yourself but off the top of my head I would say the main thing is that it is demonstrably a lie that causes much more harm than good in the world.

Women have never been ‘oppressed’ as a class in the west & in fact have always been given special provisions, protected & treated as far more precious resources than the men - there is no society which forces its women to go die in war, or do any of the most dangerous jobs in which men die in their thousands every year - men still make up around 94% of all workplace deaths, everywhere in the world today. This is not for the most part because of any hatred of women, or prejudice, but simply the acceptance of the biological reality that women are mostly smaller & weaker than men, & that also all children any society has can only be carried & birthed & (historically) nursed by women, so treating women as badly as every society treats men risks damage to not only the individual women but the survival of the society - & the human race itself - as a whole.

The female of the species is the bottleneck filter of evolution: you only need one bull in a fieldful of cows to replenish the herd in a single summer, whereas a fieldful of bulls & a single cow will still only result in a single calf per year. The lives of women therefore are more valuable to society than men are & all societies therefore behave accordingly: “women & children first”.

All feminism is based on ‘patriarchy theory’, the belief that society has been set up by men to benefit only men & that this can be seen by how few women are presidents, prime ministers, MPs, CEOs of corporations, etc.

But this is due to what has been termed ‘the Apex Fallacy’:

All human systems & groups are hierarchical, with many at the bottom & only a handful at the top. The feminists looking up at the small number of men in high status positions concluded this was evidence of male privilege, but never looked down at the enormous numbers of men down at the very bottom of society: men for instance are 80 - 90% of the homeless everywhere, & there are a hell of a lot more homeless guys than there are Hugh Hefners & Donald Trumps.

Feminists (correctly) observe that when you count up the lifetime earnings of all men & all women, the total in the ‘women’ column, added all together, comes to a little less than that of the ‘men’ column but (incorrectly) conclude that therefore “women make 70cents for every dollar a man makes doing the same job” etc. This is simply not true, & there have been laws making sure that is illegal for over 50 years.

The ‘pay-gap’, where it exists at all, is the result of the different choices & priorities men & women make & have - for instance a married man is much more likely to work longer hours than a single guy with no wife & children to feed, whereas a married woman with kids is much more likely to work less hours, or part-time, or not at all. Again, only women can carry & give birth to children & an enormous number of women take maternity leave from their jobs, many times never returning to work, while men are more likely to continue in their jobs & so gain promotions etc. Women tend to (sensibly) trade off a better life & more time to enjoy it against higher wages & high-stress responsibility/accountability that can only be acquired through single-minded pursuit of career at the expense of everything else. Men work the overwhelming majority of overtime, night shifts, danger work etc, which all pay more than safe, secure day jobs in air-conditioned offices, etc.

The real disparity is mainly between married women & everyone else: childless, never married women in their twenties now make something like 12% more than men their same age, & it’s been that way for quite some time. But by lumping in the vast number of women who don’t ‘work’ at all, or take maternity leave, or staying home to raise children or work part-time (men work the vast majority of overtime, for instance, whereas women do most part-time jobs, & full-time work of course pays more than part-time), the statistics become seriously skewed, as does society’s impression of the situation.

Other common feminist complaints such as ‘100 years ago women didn’t even have the vote!’ completely ignore the fact that 100 years ago the majority of men didn’t ‘have the vote’ either - in my country, the UK, ‘men’ as a class ‘got’ the vote the same year women did: 1918, though I was never taught that at school. The story of women’s suffrage needs to be seen in the context of the hundreds of years of campaigning for the common peoples right to vote & the evolution of human rights in general: the  Chartists, the Magna Carta, the French & American revolutions, the antislavery movement, Thomas Paine’s ‘The Rights Of Man’ etc… Feminism rejects all of this historical context in favour of its own unique patriarchal conspiracy theory explanation of how the world has to work.

Feminism, which publicly states that it is synonymous with equality, has never once worked towards anything which addressed areas in which men are discriminated against or suffering from a gender disparity, such as reproductive rights (men have no reproductive rights of any kind), child custody (men are ruled against in the great majority of cases where they try for it), genital mutilation (rightly illegal to be carried out upon females everywhere in the western world but not only legal but a source of humour everywhere in the western world when carried out upon boys), suicide (80% of suicides are male), boys falling behind in schools & not going on to college (most college campuses are now 60/40 female/male), the enormous gender disparity in prison sentencing for the same crimes etc……

There is no need for feminism to continue in the west any more than for the women’s suffrage movement to have continued past the 1920’s, it keeps on only because of the political power it has acquired & the billions of dollars in private & state contributions it receives every year: there is an entire framework of gender studies departments, domestic violence industry & women in positions only acquired through ‘positive’ discrimination that all rely on its spreading of misandric hate if they are to continue getting paid. Whatever genuine grievances feminists in the west actually had were rectified 30 or even 40 years ago, which means now they can only continue existing through fabricating ‘rape culture’ hysteria & ‘glass ceilings’ & organizing ‘slutwalks’ - complete non-issues that if anything harm women (as much as they do men).

Finally, feminism is a hate movement: every single ‘triumph’ it has won its entire history has only been achieved through the scapegoating & demonizing of ‘men’ as a class, & yet has relied upon men every single step of the way to support it & bring about the changes it has demanded, which ‘men’ have handed over every time. And although probably few feminists would actually come right out & say ‘all men are rapists’, that belief, that way of thinking only originates with feminist thought & was borne out of it. I tend to see the feminist movement now as a broadcasting tower which pumps out misandry 24/7, day after day after day, with no final goal even stated anymore, no end in sight.

I could ramble on about this all day but it’s a lot easier to deal with in smaller bites - if there’s any issue in particular you’d like me to go into I’d be glad to explain more. Thanks for stopping by anyhow.