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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag / Freedom Cry + main historical locations


The Ten Bells is a historic pub located at the corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street in London. It’s most likely most notable for its association with infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Two victims of this elusive killer, Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly, were frequent guests of the pub. The two sex-workers would often pick up clients outside the Ten Bells.

On the evening of 7 September, 1888, Annie finished off her drink and walked out into the chilly winter air. Little did she know, she would be Jack the Ripper’s next victim. The following morning, her bloody and mutilated body was discovered on Haybury Street.

It’s no surprise that there is a plethora of paranormal activity reported from the Ten Bells. Staff and guests alike have recalled seeing an elderly man clad in Victorian-era clothing loitering around the pub before disappearing, seemingly into thin air. Ohers have reported that when the clock strikes midnight on 31 December, a shadowy figure can be seen jumping from Westminster Bridge. This shadowy figure is said to be Jack the Ripper himself.


Don Draper Mad Men childhood home by California to Chicago
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Victorian Homes Carroll Ave LA This is the house used in the last episode of one of the season. When Don Draper takes his kids to see his Childhood home that was the brothel he grew up in. They used a lot of CGI to make this look run down and surrounded by old industry buildings in the scene.

When Kate Meets Serena [Bernie-free crossover AU]
  • Serena: [looks up to find a squad of para-military scientists crowding into her office] What the hell?!
  • Osgood: Yes, let's have Logistics sat at this desk [consults advanced grade ipad] and Predictive Analytics over here...
  • Serena: Do you mind telling me what it is you're doing here before I have you forcibly removed?
  • Osgood: [blushing, pushes her glasses up her nose] Um, I think we should wait for my superior...
  • Serena: No offense, but I don't give a damn what you think, just tell me-
  • Kate: [strolls in as if she owns the place]. Right, then. Kate Stewart. [extends a hand that Serena does not take] Pleasure. Osgood? Where are we?
  • Osgood: Hostile bystander, level 7.
  • Kate: I see! Ms?
  • Osgood: Campbell.
  • Kate: Ms Campbell, I apologize for the intrusion and assure you this will only take a moment of your time.
  • Serena: [shaking her head in disbelief]. That's it - I'm calling Security.
  • Osgood: [stage whispers] Make that level 8.
  • Kate: Confirmed. Ms Campbell, if you'd do me the courtesy of staring into this beam of light for just a few seconds...
  • Serena: Come one step closer and I'll kick you in the shins.
  • Osgood: Level 10, ma'am.
  • Kate: [looking between them, pleasantly surprised]. Really? You are a feisty one, aren't you?
  • Serena: [heated] You have no idea.
  • Kate: Let me be honest with you. We are tracking the seismic current of a future historic event of significant magnitude.
  • Serena: You're talking gibberish, is what you're doing...
  • Kate: We're talking 'when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object' levels of historic. At this very location! The data we'll be able to collect...
  • Serena: The only things you'll be collecting here are yourselves - up and out of my office.
  • Kate: [turns away to consult with Osgood] I'd like the details please. Something here feels...different.
  • Osgood: [reading from ipad] Serena McKinnie, twenty-five. Harvard medical student.
  • Kate: Jump forward a bit.
  • Osgood: Serena Campbell, fifty-one. Accomplished thoracic surgeon. Clinical lead on AAU and Deputy CEO Hospital. Divorced, mother/auntie of two. Keen gardener. Bisexual.
  • Serena: Oi! I can hear you!
  • Kate: Hmmm. You forgot devastatingly attractive [shakes herself out of the moment]. But there's got to be something more. [leans in] Jump ahead - just a bit.
  • Osgood: Serena Campbell-Stewart. Wife of... [looks up, alarmed] Oh dear. Ma'am? You'd better take a look - but don't read past...there.
  • Kate: Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm. Oh. [looks up at Serena, magic in her eyes]. Well, blast. Not my best first impression, was it?
  • Osgood: You've done worse, ma'am.
  • Kate: Ms Campbell - may I call you Serena? I feel as though we got off to an unnecessarily rocky start. Might I borrow five minutes of your time over coffee at...Pulses, is it?
  • Serena: [crosses arms over chest] You'll have to do better than that, soldier.
  • Osgood: [whispers something into Kate's ear]
  • Kate: And pain au chocolat?
  • Serena: [considers her appraisingly] Getting warmer.
  • Osgood: [whispers some more]
  • Kate: Really? Isn't it a bit early for that?
  • Osgood: [whispers some more]
  • Kate: Oh, later! I see. Shiraz at Albie's after your shift?
  • Serena: Pick me up at seven [insert saucy little wink] And leave the entourage at home.

Oneida (On^yota'a:ka:)

Oneida is a language and tribe apart of the Haudenosaunee confederacy and is historically located in the northeastern part of North America. There is approximately 250 speakers remaining of the Oneida language.

Tried doing my own Minoritized language bored. Definitely not as good as elnas-studies!

DAY 3403

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 22/23,  2017                Sat/Sun 2:47 AM

 रात्रि के भोजन के बाद , जो सौंफ खाने का मज़ा होता है , वो कुछ और ही होता है ।। ना जाने क्यूँ पेट कभी  भरता ही नहीं उससे  ।।

…. and the Ef on Twitter ask which one it is , the green or the sweet .. and I tell them the green .. the tastes of all such ingredients is sublime to some poison to others .. a diet for some and a burden for others ..

how does one develop taste .. is it the Mother’s taste habits or the insisted habits of those that be close during those formative years ..?

vegetarian tastes at the home from the hands of the महाराजिन , the ‘maharajin’ who cooked in front of your eyes, sitting ‘palti’ in front of her ‘choohla’, delivering the well swelled ‘chapaati’s’ fully bloomed and hot, was the event of the day .. though some of the stuff that was forced down our throats during those early times was at times such a disastrous adventure ..

the ‘kela malai’ - केला मलाई , .. banana and cream .. in mountainous volumes was a delight and relished after a sweaty day playing ‘catch’ with friends, as was the 8 glasses of milk that was drunk with great fervour .. but the ‘kakdi’ - ककड़ी - salad was just indigestible .. and ever since a dining table incident on a visit to Kathmandu Nepal in the 50′s when at our hosts dinner Father insisted I finish the salad, and if I did not would not be allowed to leave the table, those salads have been an anathema to me .. 

Then there were those necessary pastes and oils that were supposed to build strength and give energy as youngsters was another exercise .. 

In particular the Cod Liver Oil .. ugghhaaaarrrrrrhh .. the taste still smells in my mouth .. !! BUT .. Father and Mother were insistent and so spoon fulls of the ‘oil’ would be poured down the - no not the drain ; though would have loved that - mouths .. and each spoon that went in was followed by Father’s voice - 

“ how delicious “ !! 

The non veg was not affordable to us in those times, so it was absent most of the time .. but once in Delhi in the 50′s the ‘tandoori chicken’ at that famous restaurant in Daryaganj was something that we longed for .. we could not afford to go to that restaurant, but the University bus that we went in would go past that place each morning and evening and it was hoped that someday we would be able to see the insides of this place and enjoy and relish the speciality ..

We did eventually .. when one of Father’s friends invited us for dinner there .. aaahhh .. what a night it was .. and Delhi again and Chandni Chowk and ‘parathe wali gali’ .. the most delicious vegetarian Indian food ever .. narrow insides of this historic location and the never ending lines of the customers waiting for a bench, yes a bench to get to have a meal ..

And who can forget the ‘chaat’ at Bengali Market .. its painful to describe the moment because then, you have no where to hide your dribbling mouth from the anxiety of its presence in your mouth .. .. 

BUT .. each city though in the country is renowned for some delicacy or the other .. the fish and the sweet meats from Kolkata .. the idli and dosa from Chennai .. the ‘shrikhand’ from Mumbai or indeed the entire Maharashtra .. the Gujarati delicacies of immense different makes and qualities .. the khakra, and the .. oh gosh so many .. and UP .. goodness, each few miles of it has something of a speciality .. truly the country has such a vast variety, I would like to believe no other country would have such .. and heck .. who can ever forget Hyderabad .. its a haven of fine food .. 

The country is diverse in many aspects .. and it reflects in our food as well .. the ‘thali’ is so symbolic of so much else .. as Shashi ji would often say about our films .. they are like the Indian food ‘thali’ .. so many different elements all put together in one large plate ..

Goodness its 3:30 am .. 

I work tomorrow early again .. good night .. the wind and rain howl and scream outside .. lashing and tearing up all the protection that has been put up for the ‘Monsoon leakage’, a permanent for these 3-4 months of incessant rain …


Amitabh Bachchan

Voltron Cast in Secondary School/High School

 Lance - 

Acts like a Lad TM but isn’t part of the popular Lad TM group. 

Says “Hey Ladies” and fingers guns to every pretty girl/s in the hallways. Thinks all of them secretly want him. They do not. 

 Pretty smart but the teachers don’t like how much he messes around. Always has like 20 smart remarks to add to every sentence that he whispers (badly) to the rest of the table. 

Also whispers the answers to ppl under his breath if the teacher is giving them a hard time. Except Keith ofc. 

Wears his tie loose and never tucks in his shirt, every time he gets a detention for it he starts calling himself a Bad Boy. He is not. 

Talks shit about Keith all the time but no one pays attention to it. Except Keith. Who gets infuriated.

Hunk - 

Used to be rlly anxious, mostly overcame it in last year. People want to sit next to him because he’s really smart and they want his answers. But they stay because he’s really funny.

Let’s his mouth run away with him, interrupts teachers midsentence to correct them “Well actually sir-”

 Hangs out with Lance, no one understands,, when anyone asks why he says “ He’s better without an audience” . No one believes him. 

Always bringing cool shit in with him at lunch times for him and Pidge to mess around with, ask him about it and you get a really enthusiastic lecture on it. 

The Food department’s favourite student, always gets great marks on his work. 

Pidge -

That weird nerdy kid who hangs out with the older kids and has one (1) acquaintance she talks to in her own year.

Basically teaches herself science at the back of the class while the teacher goes through the actual spec at the front. 

 Sits cross legged in her chair, nearly topples over when she sticks her hand up too enthusiastically. 

 Cannot WAIT until she doesn’t have to take humanities subjects anymore.

 Gets all the “ ah so your Matt’s sister, lovely young man” comments from every teacher who’s ever taught him.

 Sticks her middle finger up at Matt every time she sees him in the corridors. 

Gets Hunk to explain to her what they’re studying so she can get a two year head start. 

 Keith -

 Quiet, vaguely mysterious enough most of the time to seem cool. “Oh Keith? Yeah he’s cool… don’t know much about him tho, I think Shiro is his brother?" 

Also really smart but doesn’t focus enough for teachers to like him, does well in PE but tends to day dream and stick to his own projects in other lessons.

 "Oh…there was homework?”

 Used to hang out with Shiro in the staff room when he was younger but sits with Allura and sometimes the others now. 

HATES being partned with Lance for group projects, he always picks at everything Keith suggests and they BOTH get in trouble when Keith gets annoyed. 

 Allura - Prettiest girl in her year, everyones a little bit in love with her, but she’s too dorky to fit in with the popular girls.

 Is kinda bad at socialising with other kids her age in general, tends to be too forced or too enthusiastic and never learnt how to open up to others.

Moved to the school in yr 9 and slowly befriended Keith.

 Does netball and gets Scary competitive. She’s really sweet and friendly until it comes to classroom debates, team sports or group presentations, unless you’re on her side and are willing to put in 100% effort. 

Has the nerdiest victory dances. Pulls her hands into fists at her chest and dances from foot to foot cheering. 

Also has issues with daydreaming during boring classes. 

 Puts too much pressure on herself to be great in everything, she thinks it’s what Alfor wanted of her. 

In reality, Alfor just wanted her to be happy. 

 Shiro - 

Used to work at the school as a P.E teaching assistant for work experience. Really firm but encouraging. 

 All the lads get on with him because he goes through all their individual points to improve on.

 Shiro: *Makes the kids warm up for an hour, everyones sweating, panting and cursing their entire existence* 

Shiro: right then! Now that’s warm ups over lets move on to the first few drills! Up and at em!“ 

 Students: * collectively take everything nice they’ve ever said about him ever* 

(Coincidentally he’s one of Allura’s favourite teachers, and her his best student) 

Coran - Everyone’s favourite history teacher. 

Except for the kids who actually want to finish the specification and pass their exams. 

Really easy to get off tangent, this gets exploited mercilessly. 

 Makes all his own teaching resources. Weird presentations with old photos of him at historic locations, random clip art images, "learning games”. 

That one teacher that gets you to “learn through doing ”, gets classes to make music videos about topics to help them remember. 

Alfors old family friend, alwyas picks on Allura to answer first, they sometimes talk after class about Alluras childhood , or Alfor when he was young. 

 One of the few teachers Lance gets on with. 

Gorditos Pt. One

“ Gordito’s has it all, and we want you to know that we’re becoming known for something more; we are on track to be the world’s first ZERO WASTE restaurant!”

             Working while going to school was never an ideal setup, but most of Brad’s friends were in the same boat as him: getting some help from their parents, maybe some financial aid, but still coming up short every month. He could probably stand to party a little less, and perhaps drink fewer beers. Lucky for him, Brad already had an in for the job at “Gorditos” – the assistant manager was his old frat brother Travis. Not only that, but Brad and his rugby team had eaten there more times than he could count – he probably had the entire menu memorized already.

             “These are your shirts. Make sure they stay clean.” Travis had definitely gotten to be a bit more of a hard ass since becoming assistant manager and graduating university. He was always the one egging on guys to do body shots and take beer bong hits, and now he was the guy who would get on your case for having a stain on your shirt. His actual ass was now anything but hard, too. Since the year or so of working at a greasy diner like Gorditos, he had swollen up like a berry, though admittedly Brad was a little bit softer than he had been Freshman year. That’s where Rugby came in for him.

Brad took a good look at his new shirts. They were the brightest red he had seen, almost like a clown nose, or a very ripe cherry. The titular “Gordito” was a cute Cactus, who had been lovingly embroidered onto every one of the shirts’ breast pockets. It might have been worse if the owners were not, in fact, from Guatemala, but it was still not very PC. Despite that, Brad was just thankful he might actually have a way to save up money before trying to move out on his own, sans roommate. As it was, living with someone who he wasn’t dating didn’t really appeal to him. Some space would feel so nice.

             The store was located in a perfect spot – sandwiched right between the campus and downtown, so it was busy most of the day. There was a near-constant drift of all sorts of people in and out – lots of the same families, or people who came and ordered the same thing every day at the same time. There was a sort of communal feeling that Brad had always appreciated, but the food had always been less than good for you, even if it WAS delicious after a night of drinking. It didn’t seem like Brad would have much trouble gaining sway there.

             The first day came, and Brad was as ready as he was ever going to be. He made sure that his rather long, wavy black hair was well tucked into his bun: Travis made it clear that his hair was fine, but would need to be put up at all times. He slipped himself into one of his new shirts, satisfied that it made it look as if he did not have just the tiniest beginnings of man breasts. He still looked like what he was, though ; a burger flipper. But dammit, he was ready to be a burger flipper with a paycheck.

             By the time he got in, things were already rather lively around the joint. No one seemed to even notice that he was new – one patron even asked him where the ice machine was. “Brad!”

Looking up, something the size of a king mattress was approaching. The man coming towards Brad looked like the Jolly Green Giant, but if he started eating cheesecakes every night and maybe weaned off the actual veggies. Massive, but friendly looking. He had the same shade of red in his shirt, only his looked like the world’s largest water balloon, filled to the brim. He extended a thick hand, which Brad gave a shake.

“I’m so glad to have you on board, son. We’ve got some exciting new ideas that we’re just about ready to share with everyone!” As it turned out, ‘everyone’ really wasn’t that many people. No wonder it was so easy for Trevor to get him a spot. Everyone looked pretty cool, and Brad even recognized a girl that he had Chemistry lab with. Once she seemed to notice him, he gave a wave, which made her seem a little flustered. Despite that, she gave a small wave back.

             The boss coughed. “I think this is good. Johnny’s not here, but he hates this crap.” ‘So do all of them’, Brad thought. Still, a special announcement on his first day of work was pretty exciting. Or as exciting as working at a burger joint could be. Soon everyone had been led into a sea of red shirts, all wriggling to get into the back room. Brad hadn’t been there before. In fact, the ‘door’ to the back room didn’t even look like a door. It was as thought someone craved a door shape out of the frozen metal of the freezer and built a conference room. Pushed up against the fastest wall was a massive tarp that covered what Brad could only assume was related to this big announcement. Once the chattering had died down, the boss started.

             “I’m thankful you all can be here for this – this is a historic moment at our location and for our future.” The silence wasn’t an uncomfortable one, exactly. But you could tell that the employees were hanging on their bosses every word. Brad already felt like part of the team, even if it was only out of mutual confusion.

             Boss spoke loud and steady. “Our location has been selected to be Gordito’s first ever Zero Waste Restaurant.”

The boss let the phrase hang in the air for a while before anyone spoke. A girl with curly hair and braces raised her hand.

“So…we aren’t going to throw stuff away?” She squeaked. She summed things up pretty well. That’s what it sounded like to Brad, too. Zero waste…it sounded like the kind of Eco-friendly Green stuff the school was always trying to implement. But how on earth was that possible?

             “This brings us to the big event.” The giant tarp behind him fell away to reveal…Brad wasn’t sure exactly what it was. It looked formidable, like something that could press a soda can into a tiny metal cube, but there was only several small chutes and a large, gaping opening on top. It was a shiny and impenetrable steel. It had, in huge emblazoned letters, “Z.W.M.”

             “The Zero Waste Machinery will be able to process anything into edible matter.” At first the sentence made grammatical sense, but Brad still wasn’t understanding. “It processes things into stuff you can eat? So are we going to sell it?” He thought. Restaurants these days were always trying to come up with some new gimmick to lure in customers. He had worked there long enough to know that nothing was going to change the customers minds unless it was very convincing indeed.

             Without thinking too much Brad raised his hand to ask. “Aah, Bradley! I knew you would be the one to step up.” Confused, Brad kept his hand in the air, thinking that maybe he would be asked his question now. Instead, two men ushered him up to the front of the pack rather forcefully, until he was at the front. Up close, the machine looked much more menacing…like something that clearly served a function, but did so at a high cost.

             “Our employee Brad will be our first Receptacle. We will let you know how things are going in a few weeks, but are very optimistic that this will cut the costs of our garbage and recycling services to zero!” Brad look out at his new coworkers, who all had the same expression Brad could feel forming on his face; confusion, and a little fear. Some of them clapped, but most of them stood frozen.

             “I’ll be…did you say…a receptacle?” The word sounded as foreign as a word from Micronesia right now. That was like a damn trash can, right?!

“I’m going to become…a trash can?” The boss laughed so much his belly bounced around like a gas molecule. “No no no, my boy. That’s the beauty of this here contraption.” He stroked one of the knobs with his mighty hand. “It produces food that might taste even BETTER than a normal burger! By rearranging the molecules, it could be possible to make any and all refuse convertible to fuel…or in this case, food.” The boss was looking at Brad with something strange in his eyes. It wasn’t malicious, at least not obviously so. But it was mysterious, if nothing else. Maybe this job was too much for him.

             “Thank you again for your attention – and Brad, if you would.” He motioned for Brad to follow him back into his office. Still fairly numb from the whole experience and accidental admission of volunteer, he followed dumbly. He wasn’t sure why there was more, or why he hadn’t bothered to just explain it all back in the room with everyone. Once they made it to his office, he noticed how considerable the dent marks were where his boss’ considerable ass cheeks nestled in once he had sat down.

             “There’s something important we need you to know about the ZWM, Brad. OR rather, a couple things.” Brad sat up a little mores traight in his chair. He had been expecting something banal and technical. Now things sounded serious.

             “We think this thing has the power to completely revolutionize the way we run restaurants, even homes eventually! The fact it was made at all is already a miracle…but…” His voice trailed down uncharacteristically. “…I’m afraid we’ve not had any chances to run actual tests.”

             Brad should have stopped right then, and realized this was something bigger than he had thought. Much bigger. Still, in his innocence, he was curious.

“So you don’t know how well it works?” The boss frowned. “No, not quite. We’re near positive the results will cause satiety and energy, but shouldn’t inhibit sleep or cause any sort of weight gain outside of eating normal burgers.” The boss now wore his usual smile again. “And there’s somethin’ big in it for ya. You agree to be the first receptacle, and your tuition is covered.”

That was a big load to suddenly drop! Brad felt his heart start beating madly, jumping up into his throat. The state university tuition was on the cheaper side of things,but that by no means made it cheap. Already Brad was bogged down with a few thousand in debt…

The boss stood up straight, looking accomplished. “And from the look of ya, you look like you can stand to have a burger or two. I hope you don’t feel too nervous about all this, it’s mostly about getting data so that we can get even more funding. You’re really doing something amazing.”

             Brad was smiling now. It wasn’t as crazy as it sounded. It was a chance to try something new, and as much as he sometimes hated to admit it, he did still love the food at Gorditos. If this lead to something good for the company or the future of fast food, why not give it a shot?

It was that curiosity that ended up getting Brad into what many would call big trouble.

Art Deco Historic District- Miami, USA

Boasting colourful buildings, detailed designs, and great history, Miami’s Art Deco Historic District is located between 5th Street and 23rd Street, along Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue. The district is made up of over 800 buildings, that were built from 1923 to 1943, during the golden era of the Art Deco Movement. This is the first 20th century neighbourhood to be listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.  

After decades of being neglected, and under the threat of demolition, the neighbourhood was restored and revived, thanks to campaigning by local Miami resident Barbara Baer Capitman. Capitman founded a not-for-profit organisation, The Miami Design Preservation League, that promoted protecting the Art Deco buildings in Miami. The League also run walking tours of the area.