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Fun fact about me: one of my guilty pleasures is that once in a while I feel a sudden urge to draw winged hussars. This time I got carried away a bit and until I realised every one of them had their own story and personality

King of the four corners of the world 


Dean looked over his officers. They were dirty and exhausted but most had came back from the battlefield relatively unscathed and were now sitting, victorious, around the table of his commanding tent. He waited for silence then rose from his chair.

“ You did good today. ” he started in a paternal tone.

“ One more victory for Persia. ” A few tired hurrahs were heard. “ Go rest now, you’ve earned it. Tomorrow is another day, perhaps another battle. You will need the strength. ”

The soldiers stood up and slowly made their ways out of the tent. Only Benny, his first general and right hand man remained.

“ You should go too, Andrea will be looking for you. ”

“ I thought maybe we needed to talk about our expectations for tomorrow ” The officer answered calmly.

“  There are no expectations for tomorrow ” Dean removed the circlet of gold from his head and put it on the table. It was just the two of them and Benny was his oldest friend and most trusted.

“ You spoke of a battle… ” His expression remained neutral but a playful glint had appeared in his eyes.

“  Yes. Otherwise they would have been drinking themselves into the ground tonight… I need those soldiers sharp and rested. But our enemies won’t attack tomorrow I’m sure of it. ” Dean met the general’s gaze. “ You knew that though. ”

“ Sure did Brother ” Benny smirked.

“ What are you still doing here then? ”

“ You seem a little tired too “ The man answered, ignoring the question. He looked at his king expectantly.

“ If you say so. ”

“ When do we stop Dean? ”

“ When we’ve reached the end of this world. ”

“ Aaah yes… King of the four corners of the world is it? ”

“ King of the four corners of the world indeed ” The ruler repeated, a deadly grin showing on his face.

They stood there a moment, looking at each other. Benny was a tough man, hardheaded and rational. Dean knew though, that he would actually follow his king’s madness to the end of the world. As to assent this thought the general let out an amused scoff and looked away. Without another word Dean turned is back to him and started walking towards the upholstered opening which led to his sleeping quarters.

From behind him Benny raised his voice.

“ Will you be sleeping alone tonight my king? ”

Dean turned back slowly, considering the inquiry. He was tired, yes, but he’d already slept by himself the last few nights in preparation for the battle, he would obviously need to relieve some stress soon. It had to have started showing too if Benny’s amused air was to be believed. He smiled inwardly at the slyness of the man. All of this banter to come to this question. The guy sure knew how put him in the mood though, for this talk of greatness had succeeded in lifting his spirits.

He smirked back: “ right. Have someone sent to my tent. ”

“ Glad to hear this Brother. I picked up a lil’ special something for you on my way back from the raids today. ” Benny flashed a knowing grin. “ I passed trough the temple and you wouldn’t believe who were just waiting there. You’re gonna love them.

Dean raised a brow unbelievingly.

“ Them? ”

“They’re twins.”

“ Oh. ” The Great King suddenly felt lightheaded. He held back a laugh. “ Well… that will do. ”

Artist: iouii

Tags/Warnings: historical!au, ancient persia, king!dean, concubine!cas, concubine!jimmy

juminhansome  asked:

your elf and vampire oc for the fic ask meme please 👀👀👀

colorfire - with you

slow us down right down now

It occurs to her, watching the fire’s embers flicker from life, that she is curious about the texture of Emilalina’s hand. She’s never touched an elf—where would she have the opportunity to?—but Vinaya has always assumed the would have soft skin. 

Could elves even get callouses? She’s not sure. Using a bow for centuries would probably do the trick, Vinaya figures, but she can imagine that, like so many other simple things, outright asking Emilalina would be unseemly. So she says nothing, lets herself think about the way the fire casts stark, beautiful patterns across Emilalina’s face, warmer than fire.

the one that got away

pairing: Blaise Zabini / Theodore Nott

setting: Three Kingdoms AU. (aka, my favorite era in Chinese history lol)

warning: major character death. v historically inaccurate and self-indulgent. angst.

word count: ~1.6K

alt: ffn, ao3

After Grindelwald had fallen, everything seemed to have become a bloody mess. Wars and battles raged on everywhere, and different people were all fighting for the rightful rulership.  One of the powers that had risen was Tom Riddle, who claimed to be supporting Igor Karkaroff, descendant of Grindelwald’s second cousin, for throne. Of course, the smarter half of the people all realized that Karkaroff was really just Riddle’s puppet. Not that they could do much about this, though.

Meanwhile, the Malfoys were also another rising power from the Southeastern parts. Draco Malfoy, the heir to the ancient Malfoy house and also Blaise’s childhood best friend he’d grown up with, had gained considerable popularity from the nearby areas and was quickly growing to be one of the major concerns of Tom Riddle.

And then there was Harry Potter. Who had, in Blaise’s opinion, literally just appeared out of nowhere, claiming something about the Peverell heritage, which somehow supposedly made him a more rightful ruler or whatever.  It made Blaise want to roll his eyes. Heritage didn’t really matter that much unless you got the power and the support to fight for the throne. And all Potter got was some loyalty from a merry band of miscreants, most famously Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger who claimed to be siblings in anything but blood with him or whatever.  Frankly, not exactly an opponent worthy of worrying about – unless you count the latest advisor Potter acquired last year, Theodore Nott.

Which, for some reason, Blaise didn’t want to.  At all.

Blaise had always been a good strategist, and also excelled in dueling and war-planning, and he knew it himself. There was a reason why Draco trusted his plans so much, after all. He’d played an important role to Draco’s uprising as well. Maybe, in time, he could help Draco defeat Riddle, too.

Blaise had always taken pride in his intelligence and cleverness. And it might sound more than a little arrogant, but he truly thought that he was probably one of the smartest in this era.

Perhaps he wasn’t wrong.

He just wasn’t the only one.

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Title: Searching the West

Author: Angel170 (ao3) MrsGabrielTrickster (tumblr)

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 11,555

Summary: Castiel was a preacher in a small town, living a quiet life with his twin and secret lover Jimmy. Until one day the Winchester Gang rode into town to rob the bank Jimmy worked in and kidnapped him. Now Castiel must search for his brother and find him before the band of thugs harm him, or worse before Jimmy falls in love with their handsome and charming leader.

Tags/Warnings: Castiel/Jimmy, Jimmy/Dean, Jimmy/Castiel/Dean, incest, twincest, cowboy!au, some historical liberties taken, Castiel centric, mention of teenage forced prostitution not main characters and not graphic.

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Title: Speak Easy

Author: VampAmber

Rating: Teen and up

Word Count: 3879

Summary: It’s the roaring twenties, and Prohibition is in full swing. But for those that frequent speakeasies and those who run the alcohol to keep those speakeasies open, the spirits still flow freely. Castiel and his twin brother Jimmy, who live in sin with each other according to their family (and most other people as well), frequent just such an establishment as customers, and Dean just so happens to supply it. While Castiel feels inadequate because of his brother’s affections for the green eyed rumrunner, Dean only seems to encourage them. Though there may be more affections than anyone expected, and this might possibly be the start of something new.

Tags/Warnings: 1920s, Prohibition, incest/twincest, rumrunner!Dean, established Jimmy/Cas, mutual pining

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