The Swan and The Dove - Ch. 12

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She’d thought she’d heard Danielle speaking to her.

“The Allies have landed,” the voice came, swimming through the waters of the brook near her childhood country house, now clogged with metal and bone.  Delphine pushed against the current that had been dragging her down, the taste of blood in her mouth.  “I’ll take you to the forest.  You won’t believe how big the sequoias are.”

It wasn’t Danielle’s voice, at least entirely, it was Cosima’s.  The warmth of it cleared her eyes and lungs, and she was blinking in the sunlight, golden, as it glowed upon enourmous, red-brown trunks that rose up forever.  Her voice reminds me of yours… her mind said, and there was a laugh.

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The Book Is Always Better Than The Movie

Excuse the quality of my books, I’m a secondhand book owner. Cheaper and more loved.

The Man In The Iron Mask Alexander Dumas
The Princess Bride William Goldman
The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Douglas Adams
A Wrinkle In Time L’Engle
*The Other Boleyn Girl Philippa Gregoy
*Peter Pan Barrie
*Howl’s Moving Castle Jones
The Thief Lord Funke
Holes Sachar
*Fight Club Palahniuk

Whether or not you knew these films were books when you saw them, if you saw them, now you know. Go forth and read.

Obsidian and Blood (Series)

GENRE(S): Suspense, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery
YEAR: n/a

content warning: murder, violence, gore, blood, graphic descriptions of illness, drowning, self harm (for religious reasons), animal harm (for religious reasons), general spoilers

The year is One-Knife, and in the heart of the Mexica Empire, a priestess disappears from a blood-drenched room. The High Priest of Mictlantecuhtli, God of the Dead, is charged with finding her, and clearing his brother of her attempted murder. But, as he is soon to find out, the plot runs much deeper than anyone could anticipate, and there are stranger powers at work than that of even the High Priest himself.

I’ve seen this described multiple times as a cross-genre novel, and I don’t want to be repetitive or boring, but it really, really, really is. The Obsidian and Blood books take place in the 1480s, in a Tenochtitlan where the Mexica (better known to Western readers perhaps as the Aztec) gods are real, and where they exert very real influence over the lives of the people. It’s also a mystery, as our main character, Acatl, is in charge of the investigation for the abduction of the priestess Eleuia, an ambitious woman who is as divisive as she is alluring. 

I’m torn between giving the novels two stars or four (but, like an electron jumping from one energy level to the next, it cannot stop in the middle at three) – because on one hand, the writing was average – De Bodard is prone to using repetitive language and vague, flowery similes that tell us nothing about what is being described, and some of the plot points are re-iterated over and over until I wanted to thrash the protagonist, only I couldn’t, because I was reading it via the Kindle on my phone, and my phone is kind of important to me. But on the other hand, her world was well-realised and her protagonist had a unique outlook onto the world in which he lived. I went with two, though, because I think the aspects of the novel that pushed it up to a four were more attributable to personal taste.

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I lay for a long time in silence, staring at the ceiling. Was my life always to be like this? I wondered. Was it going to go, forever, in an instant, from sunshine to shadow? From pandemonium to loneliness? From fierce anger to a fiercer kind of love?
—  Alan Bradley, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows
Doyle Regrets Everything

acd: you know what’d be fun?  A detective who can deduce like my cute professor.

acd: …

acd: I’m going to jail.

acd: No, it’s fine. Nobody in Victorian England has gaydar.  Just this once…

acd:  ….

acd: you want more????

acd: fine. I’ll switch to short stories. I’ll edit them down….


acd:  Fucking what?  Mountains of fan mail?  Addressed to Sherlock????



acd:  Fuck this.

acd:  ”Sherlock Holmes falls off a cliff.”

fandom: *mourns*

fandom: *whines*

fandom: *invents fanfiction*

acd:  Fine!  You want Sherlock Holmes??  He’s gay.  He and Watson are in love and married and live happily ever after.  Is this what you want???

fandom:  #bromance

acd:  I hate you all.