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Solo Summer Road Trip | Babes Ride Out East Coast
5 Places to Stop from New Jersey to Catskills 

Rule # 1 for planning a solo road trip? Know all your stops… and if you plan on roaming around the green fields of New England or anywhere on the East Coast, you’re in for a real treat! 

From eerie roads with a paranormal past to delicious hole-in-the-wall diners, the route from New Jersey to Catskills is full of hidden gems. Jersey native and Babes Ride Out East Coast manager, Kelly McCaughey is one of the raddest girls we’ve met from the event, and for good reason. This dog loving, Sk8-Hi wearing, dirt bike ripper can name off any and all the best secret excursions to stop and enjoy while you’re making the trek down to Catskills. While Kelly was working her magic at BRO EC 2, we were able to pull away this busy-bee to fill us in on the best stops to make for anyone looking to plan a solo road trip on the East Coast.

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Social Justice Classes, 5E Edition

Social Justice Barbarian: prone to fits of rage, gains immunity to any and all arguments during these tiffs. Permanent activist fatigue between these states. Totem Warriors are out because spirit animals are only for First Nation people.

Social Justice Bard: so many autotuned song parodies. Quantity over quality. Suffers from dad humour. Actually makes a living with this schtick, and will get attacked by people jealous of his Patreon money. 

Social Justice Cleric: preachy, worships a particular scholar, will see everything through the lens of his/her work. Entirely incomprehensible to those outside his academic domain. Will appear on @realpeerreview someday.

Social Justice Druid: vegan, prone to compare historical atrocities to factory farming. Extremely ableist, will badger depressed people with New Age woo. Whisker filter in place of Wildshape. 

Social Justice Fighter: in it for the war, not the revolution. Always able to get in that extra personal attack. Often very privileged himself, lack of skin in the game allows him to easily recover from a lost argument while minorities take the heat.

Social Justice Monk: shirtless avatar, very vain. Will play Gay Chicken to mock men for supposed insecure heterosexuality, in practice indistinguishable from sexual harassment. Believes nail polish equals a smashed patriarchy.

Social Justice Paladin: swears oath to a particular cause, gaining prominence as an activist. Turn The Unwoke chiefly targets minorities with internalized prejudice. Will lose all his powers once his problematic traits get exposed (one hopes). 

Social Justice Ranger: expert at tracking down targets, prone to dox your employer if you become his Favored Enemy. Will treat minorities as Animal Companions by tagging them into arguments without consent. 

Social Justice Rogue: all chill until you find out he Backstabbed you with a whisper campaign. Very good at using private info in a critical attack against you, will out your sexuality, disability and the like without regard for personal safety.

Social Justice Sorceror: powers derive entirely from Origin, since you cannot argue with lived experience. Sorcery points used to change personal info and life story on the fly. Never verifies identity in any way. Likely 1/16 Cherokee.

Social Justice Warlock: forms a pact with a minority activist, gaining ally cookies in exchange for being an attack dog while said activist can claim clean hands. Will get dropped like a stone the moment he fucks up himself. 

Social Justice Wizard: not an -ism he isn’t an expert on, replaces all arguments with different ones the next day. Social Justice Savant allows him to copy a minority person’s idea without giving credit in half the time it normally takes. 

anonymous asked:

Is it true that North and South have cook differently from each other? I was doing some research and found out that North cooks with butter while South cooks with extra virgin olive oil. I just want to know if that's true or not. (Double checking my facts.)

It is true! Culturally speaking, this is obviously a result of the country being divided for more than 300 years. 

The fact that the North most uses butter and the South most uses extra virgin olive oil, is true as well! This also has historical connotations: when the farming culture was strong in Northern Italy, there was a lot (and I really mean a lot) of cattle, obviously used for dairy products such as cheese, ricotta and butter! We still have lots of them, which explains why we have so many different types of cheese, for example.

Mezzogiorno, on the other hand, was always (and without any doubt, still is) affected by the Mediterranean climate. In the summer the said areas can get very dry, but farmers use irrigation systems that take advantage of both surface waters and aquifers, making them perfect plots of land to cultivate vine, citrus, cereal and olive trees!

Of course, by now everyone knows Mediterranean diet is very healthy, so, even in Northern Italy, it is not unlikely to be served pasta with extra virgin olive oil in restaurants!

Hope that clears up any doubts you had!