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June 11, 1456 | Birth of Anne Neville, Queen Consort of England

Anne Neville’s life saw many titles; Lady, Princess of Wales, Dowager Princess of Wales, a kitchen-maid, Duchess of Gloucester and Queen Consort of England. Anne’s life was overshadowed by a bloody period of English history that became known as The Wars of the Roses. A struggle that started a few years before her birth and ended five months after her death with the death of her husband, King Richard III.  Her own life ending during a total eclipse of the sun when she was aged 28 from a wasting sickness. Anne’s legacy went on to give her such titles as “shadow” and even was painted as a “victim,” but though her historical record is sparse her legend still reverberated to this day… 


Loyaulté me lie | do you know the story of the bear and ragged staff and her white boar?



Richard Plantagenet + Cecily Neville Ribbons around Our Hearts by octoberinflorence

Cecily opens her eyes, the warm sunlight is tickling her skin, but she feels something…or someone is hovering above her. She opens her eyes and gasps. “Richard!”

He laughs one of his deep laughs. “Yes.” He murmurs, gently nudging her nose with his. Cecily cannot help but stare at him. He looks so young…not a single strand of his hair is grey, and not a single wrinkle is visible on his face. Cecily raises a hand to touch his face…and is surprised that it’s the hand of a young woman.

“Just how I would always remember you.” He whispers as he notices her astonishment. 


TURN: Washington’s Spies | S4E10 Washington’s Spies

“The revolution never ends. You always wanted to fight for your country just like your father, but I never told you everything I did during the war.  Perhaps, someday, somehow you’ll get this letter?  But if not, I’ll tell you myself when I see you. And you can share with me all you’ve learned from heaven.”