historical car

AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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Steve Rogers’ NY Masterpost!

To celebrate the blog’s 50th post: A Masterpost!
I’ll be keeping this post updated.

Steve Rogers’ New York is a period historical blog centred around the ever-lovable and admirable Steven Grant Rogers, better known as Captain America! It looks at a range of elements from 1920s - Mid 1940s New York and American culture as they would relate to, would have shaped, Steve and his world view.







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