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Spanish TV shows masterpost

A list of Spanish TV shows. Some have ended, some are still on TV. The most famous ones, the ones that every Spaniard knows, are in bold.

  • Aquí no hay quien viva (sitcom)
  • Los misterios de Laura (comedy and crime drama)
  • Los Serrano (sitcom)
  • La que se avecina (sitcom)
  • Yo soy Bea (sitcom)
  • Siete vidas (sitcom)
  • Aída (sitcom)
  • El Ministerio del Tiempo (sci-fi, historical fiction)
  • La señora (historical fiction)
  • Cuéntame cómo pasó (historical fiction, comedy)
  • Hospital Central (medical drama)
  • Velvet (historical fiction)
  • Ana y los 7 (comedy drama)
  • Buscando el norte (comedy)
  • Sin tetas no hay paraíso (drama)
  • Amar en tiempos revueltos // Amar es para siempre (historical fiction, soap opera)
  • Las chicas del cable (historical fiction)
  • Luna, el misterio de Calenda (mystery)
  • El secreto de Puente Viejo (historical fiction, soap opera. don’t watch it if you aren’t an advanced learner)
  • Manolito Gafotas (comedy. the show, based on the books by Elvira Lindo, is not super famous, but the character, Manolito Gafotas, is part of Spanish culture)
  • Mar de plástico (crime drama)
  • Gavilanes (soap opera)
  • Museo Coconut (sitcom)
  • Lalola (drama)
  • First Dates (dating show. beware: accents and a lot of slang)
  • Olmo y Robles (comedy and crime drama)
  • Gran hermano (reality show)
  • 14 de abril. La República (historical fiction)
  • El príncipe (crime drama)
  • Vis a vis (crime, thriller)
  • Águila Roja (historical fiction)
  • Allí abajo (comedy)
  • Gran Hotel (historical fiction)
  • Física o química (teen drama)
  • El Internado (teen drama, thriller)
  • Los hombres de Paco (drama)
  • La Embajada (drama)
  • Isabel (historical fiction)
  • Verano azul (teen drama)
  • El barco (action, mystery, sci-fi)
  • Carlos, rey emperador (historical fiction)
  • Doctor Mateo (medical drama)
  • El caso: crónica de sucesos (historical fiction)
  • El tiempo entre costuras (historical fiction)
  • Los protegidos (fantasy, thriller, drama)
  • Seis hermanas (historical fiction)
  • Camera Café (sitcom)
  • Acacias 38 (historical fiction)

Since Spaniards love watching TV shows for free, you can probably find most of them online. TV channels also offer their TV shows on their official websites (you might need a VPN). Enjoy!

So, if any of you ever find yourself in Lewes, Delaware you HAVE to visit ST. Peter’s Episcopal Church. This is the first church, in the first town, in the first state. The church yard is…. beyond words.

Most of the graves here are from the 1700s to the 1900s. There are so many interesting people laid to rest here, and so many histories I want to learn. Every time I visit, I try to spend time in a different area of the grave yard.

This grave in particularly I am always drawn to. There is no family name, no dates, no inscriptions other than the carving of the rose and the inscription, “MY ANGEL BOY”. 


(Shows up to yugioh fandom 20 years late, with the series unfinished, excessive knowledge of ancient Egypt, and a cheese danish from starbucks) Howdy. Want to hear about homosexuality in ancient Egypt

(Alternative caption: historically accurate Atem, anyone?)


Google continues to expand the range of its Street View project. The company launched imagery from the ancient rock-cut city of Petra, in Jordan (and one of the seven wonders of the world, depending on which list you’re looking at), as well as imagery from 30 other historical sites in the country.

Go explore here. 

The perils of survey photography

“Packing - Cinching the Load, 20x24 camera on Old Mag - the Burro, Colorado”

Photographer: William Henry Jackson
Date: 1870s?
Negative Number 049808

William H. Holmes on left.


Viking: Laying in State por Richard Amor Allan
Por Flickr:
With thanks to the Friends Of Y Ddraig. Lit by two flash heads with softboxes, one camera left forward, one camera right and back

honestly the fact that the chronometer doesn’t transport objects (e.g. clothing) to the past, combined with its nearly-impossible-to-understand design, makes it the artifact i’d least want to use. like, you want to go back in time to visit your favorite historical figure? no camera for proof, no pen and paper for an autograph, and oh yeah, you’re completely naked in the presence of someone you idolize. want to kill hitler before the holocaust happens? can’t bring any modern weapons with you. want to visit early time periods in winter months? good luck surviving out in the open with no coat!  WHO EVEN DESIGNED THIS STUPID THING