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Sorority Life

Alpha Kappa Alpha

(Howard University, 1908)

Delta Sigma Theta

(Howard University, 1913)

Zeta Phi Beta

(Howard University, 1920)

Sigma Gamma Rho

(Butler University, 1922).


Every College Accepted Her: ‘Black-ish’ Star Yara Shahidi Is Hollywood‘s Most Stylish History Nerd

“Fame and success, it goes without saying, have many sweet perks.

For Yara Shahidi, the breakout star of the ABC hit Black-ish, it meant getting to know former first lady Michelle Obama. And having her write those burdensome but necessary college recommendation letters, which got her accepted into all seven schools she applied to: two Ivy Leagues, four state institutions, and one historically black college.”

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In Russia, early African American migrants found the good life
Growing up in the Soviet Union, Emilia Tynes-Mensah did the same things other children did. She read the classics of literary master Alexander Pushkin, listened to the symphonies of Peter Tchaikovsky and heard the propaganda that life here was better than anywhere else.
By Ann M. Simmons

But in her home, there was American jazz, Thanksgiving celebrations and stories of the struggles facing blacks in the United States. An improvised version of soul food sometimes replaced borscht. That’s because her father, George Tynes, was an African American agronomist from Virginia who moved to Russia in the 1930s. Tynes was among hundreds of blacks who traveled to the Soviet Union in the two decades after the 1917 Russian Revolution. Some were hard-core Communists. Others were curious adventurers.

Most of the African Americans who came to Russia were seeking a better life, desperate to flee the social inequality and Depression-era hardships that racked America at the time, said Allison Blakely, professor emeritus of history at Boston University who has written a book on the African American immigrants. “They were looking for a society where they could escape color prejudice and racism,” Blakely said.

Officials actively recruited skilled foreign laborers and professionals, Blakely said. About 18,000 Americans answered the call to work in the 1930s, he said. Among them were several hundred African Americans who traveled to the Soviet Union, including dozens who lived there for “the good part of a decade,” Blakely said.

Their ranks included graduates of historically black colleges such as Tuskegee University in Alabama and Virginia’s Hampton Agricultural and Industrial School, later called the Hampton Institute. They were engineers, educators, entertainers, journalists, lawyers. The actor-activist Paul Robeson and poet Langston Hughes were among those travelers captivated by communism. The Soviets gave the African Americans red-carpet treatment, including fat paychecks, subsidized housing and free vacations. “My father felt the U.S.S.R. treated him better than America,” said Tynes-Mensah, a former university chemistry instructor who was born in the Russian town of Krasnodar and now lives mainly in the United States, spending summers in Russia. “He was happy here.”

Today, fewer than 50 descendants of these African Americans are believed to still live in Russia. In all, their numbers in the former Soviet republics could be between 100 and 200, according to researchers. They have become footnotes to African American and Russian history, said Yelena Demikovsky, a New York-based Russian film director and researcher who is making a movie, “Black Russians — The Red Experience,” about the immigrants to the Soviet Union and their descendants.

White antis really grind my goddamn gears with their bullshit. The audacity to attack black shippers, the people you claim to care about, over fiction. I️ can tolerate a discussion (not fights or harassment) between black shippers and black antis. But white antis have no place in my asks or my messages talking about how I’m a negative influence on my community.

I️ am a black, female chemical engineering major at a historical black university. I️ am a part of an organization on my campus, who’s main goal is to encourage people to support my HBCU. I️ recently hosted a panel of all black students who’ve had internships, where they gave advice to freshmen looking for those same opportunities. I help host a day on my campus where minority children can visit a historically black college campus and hopefully be motivated to come back when they graduate high school. My parents, my cousins, my extended family are always telling me how proud they are of me. My grandmother has sat me down and told me that my sisters and I️ serve as proof that her struggle was damn worth it. I️’m not listing all of this to brag, I️’m listing this because you saying I️ am a negative influence on my community is offensive. I️ work hard to give back, because the opportunities I️ have today are only possible because of those who came before me.

Me shipping Reylo doesn’t make my culture, my contributions to the black community, or my love for myself as a black woman magically disappear. Just like you being an anti doesn’t magically make you an ally to black people. Especially if you are attacking black people OVER FICTION.

I️’m actually trying to make a difference in my people’s lives, and you are just shooting shit on a goddamn keyboard. You can pretend you’re actually making the world a better place all you want, but you cannot erase me, or my positive influence in my community.


Howard University, one of the nation’s top historically black colleges, has seen the neighborhood around it change drastically over the years.

The area, located just a couple of miles north of Capitol Hill, was once working-class and black. But as hundreds of new residents move to D.C. each month, more nonblack residents move into Howard’s neighborhood. And as property values rise, the university is trying to capitalize on the hot real estate market.

For years, there was little interaction between the residents of the neighborhood and the middle-class students and faculty of the university. At times, the relationship wasn’t always harmonious, despite a shared cultural experience.

When A Historically Black University’s Neighborhood Turns White

Photos: Tyrone Turner/WAMU

Today in Politics: February 28, 2017
  • President Trump questioned if Anti Semites are actually committing hate crimes, suggesting Jewish people are committing these acts to make others “look bad” (WP)(NYTIMES)
  • Trump signed an executive order expressing the intent to begin dismantling clean water regulations put in place under Obama.(USA)(TODAY)(HILL)
  • Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos called HBCUs ‘pioneers’ of ‘school choice.’ After backlash she tweeted, HBCUs were brought out of ‘necessity’ for equal education. (Original Statement)(BI)(NYTIMES)
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out today and reaffirmed a crackdown on violent crime in the United States. He also tied an increase in violent crime to less respect for law enforcement. He also spoke of his disapproval for legal marijuana. (CNN)(WP)(FORBES)
  • President Trump signed an executive order that moves a federal initiative supporting historically black colleges and universities directly into the White House. Trump claims this will make them a priority. (WP)(WT)(IBT)
  • Trump made claims today that Barack Obama and Obama loyalists are behind anti-Trump protests and leaks from the White House. (FOX)(CNN)(NYP)
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg is skipping Trump’s first joint session address to Congress. (HILL)(DN)
  • President Trump will be making his first address to a joint session of Congress today at 9:00 PM EST. A summary will be posted asking for your opinions.

there are some poc who aren’t used to being in predominately white spaces, like I kinda got that feeling from josh, I could tell that the other hg were rubbed the wrong way by him (some still don’t seem to like the way he converses with them) because he’s loud and he jokes around and he talks over others in a conversation, but he’s probably used to coming home to his family and doing that, he’s used to seeing his friends and doing that, so why should he come into this house and have to change when you have a white person like Raven who can’t even change her foundation shade


In the era of “alternative facts” education is more important than ever. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tried to use the success of historic black colleges and universities (HBCU) to justify her twisted views of “school choice” and the voucher system. President Donald Trump has scaled back protections of transgender youth in public schools. Children of immigrants are being threatened and bullied at school. Activists gathered at Central Park West and marched to the offices of Governor Andrew Cuomo to demand adequate funding of New York’s public schools and protections for immigrant and transgender students.