Historical Story Prompts
  • Saw you needed help getting out of your carriage
  • You accidentally flung your dancing shoe across the ballroom and hit me in the back…or was it an accident?
  • Let me help you get your bonnet unstuck out of that tree
  • Scandalous ankles and/or unbound hair
  • You were signaling someone else with your fan to meet in the gardens and I thought you were looking at me…well this is awkward
  • Don’t mind me dumping water on you milord but your wig had caught fire, I think you got too close to the candles
  • really why does this party need 5-hour candles, can I hang out with you all my friends are already drunk and there are four more hours left
  • You caught me without gloves! I’m practically naked!
  • Sorry wrong sedan chair

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“Merciful Lord, hear my prayer. I miss him. Dear God, I miss him. Heavenly Father, I pray that you keep him safe and bring him home to me. The halls are quiet without his laughter, I miss his touch…I ache for his return. Gracious Father, you know I can carry the great sorrows with which you have tested me with but I cannot lose him. I cannot bear to lose him. Bring him home to me, bring him home. I want him here. I want him safe, with me.”

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Its.OK if not but if you want would you write about George asking Martha to marry him?

He was pacing a little in the anteroom, trying to remember the story he had concocted on the way over. He had been passing by, and had been giving mind to when they last spoke at the Assembly, and she had never been far from his mind, and -

“Mr. Washington, what a pleasant surprise to see you here!”

“Mrs. Custis!” Oh, how fine she looked in all her flounces and petticoats! His brother had often joked that a dark-haired woman would be the death of him, and Lawrence had been right - he had taken one look at tiny Mrs. Martha Custis and been lost. She was everything a woman ought to be - kind, polite, clever, a good hand at cards and an even better one at a dance, and with a smile that would brighten the coldest of days. That she was also quite rich had been mentioned by one or two malefactors, but he would have loved her if she were the village barmaid with nothing to her name but the clothes on her back.

He took a moment to compose himself in the presence of such loveliness, and, stumbing for a moment, blurted out the very first thing that came to mind. “I have been giving some thought, recently, to the matter of Jacky’s schooling.”

“His … schooling?” Even so practiced a woman as she could not hide the slightest bit of disappointment in her voice.

Oh, hell, that was not how he had meant to start.“Yes, you mentioned he had been intractible of late. Of course he is too young yet for school, and that would spoil a boy like him, to be sent away too early, and of course a tutor would not do, either. He must have a… It occured to me that it…might be better if…” He was floundering, and loosing his nerve by the second. Oh, give him Indians, give him floods, fires, and the twelve plagues of Egypt, impassible rivers, razor-sharp rocks - give him anything but a woman and a message to give her!

“…he had a model to follow?” Martha asked kindly.

“Precisely,” George said, feeling bolder, wetting his lips again. “And I…would…would…”

“…Would like it to be you?” she asked, watching him very intently with one of her dear smiles.

Oh, if she would but stop looking at him so! It would undo him! “Forgive me, Martha, I have not words sufficient for this, I am not a poet, I cannot -”

“Are you asking if I would like to marry you, George Washington?”

“If you will have me, yes,” George said with a feeling of tremendous fear. “I have little land of my own, at present, and only White House, you know, which is scarcely fit for a woman of your -”

But he had not time to finish - there was a racket at the door and Master Jacky, the scamp of whom they had just been speaking, as well as Miss Patsy, sallied into the room at full gallop.

“To Mama, Patsy! Before the dragon gets us!” The two made a desperate bee-line for their mother’s lap, crashing into her without any regard for the close quarters in which she found herself. George pulled back, feeling sheepish, as Martha attempted to sort out what sort of game was going on. Of course the children would be about - it would have been silly to pretend otherwise. She was a mother, first and foremost, and her time was never really her own.

“We’re being chased by a dragon, Mama!” Jacky said quickly. “He doesn’t like grown-ups, so we’re safe now.”

“Oh, I see that,” Martha said with a smile, arranging Jacky on her lap and making room for Patsy as well, her arms tucked around both of her children. “Have you time to help me with an important question, do you think?” Both children nodded, immediately solemn. “How should you like a new papa?” Martha asked, looking first at Patsy and then at Jacky, who, at five, probably had a better idea of what having a papa meant.

“Do we need one?”

“Well, I am not sure you need one, John Parke, but Mama would like you to have one; they can be awfully nice sometimes. And– ” her eyes met George’s for a moment, full of sparkle, “-it would make your Mama very happy.”

“You should be happy, Mama!” Jacky opined. “But only if he’s nice,” he added, very serious. “Not Mr. Carter - he frowns all the time and he’s old.” He suddenly seemed to remember that George was in the room, and his eyes suddenly lit up. “Can we have Mr. Washington for our Papa? He’s got a uniform and he lets me ride his horse!”

Martha could not help but smile at those excellent commendations, obviously a great deal more important than her own. “Well, we shall just have to ask him, won’t we?” she suggested. “Politely, now, remember your manners.”

“Will you be our papa, Mr. Washington? And make Mama happy all the time? Please?” Jacky asked, and Patsy echoed “Please” just as she’d been taught. From behind them on her lap, Martha was beaming, her eyes bright with tears as she asked, silently, her own “Please.”

“I should be honored,” George said with a smile, and Jacky gave a wild whoop of joy and threw himself into George’s lap, and Patsy clambered down to wrap herself around his knee (the nearest part of George she could reach) and for a moment it was all tiny arms and fierce, sticky little hands, until there was another set of arms, longer and softer, and another set of lips, too, pressing a grateful, happy kiss to his cheek.

He had never felt a victory more secure and complete than this.

Artaxerxes II & Tiridates
“Eunuch Tiridates had been the most handsome and attractive man in Asia. The King was said to be greatly in love with him. When Tiridates died young, his death caused Artaxerxes enormous grief.”

Darius III & Bagoas
“Persian king’s lover Bagoas, a eunuch of remarkable beauty and in the very flower of boyhood, who had been loved by Darius and was afterward to be loved by Alexander the Great.”

Al-amin & Kauthar
“Al-amin, Caliph of the Baghdad and black eunuch Kauthar, his favorite. The king died in battle with his faithful lover, Kauthar.”

Alauddin & Malik Kafur
“Sultan Alauddin Khilji fell madly in love with the effeminate beauty of Malik Kafur who was very intelligent; the boy became his consort and the general of his army.”

Mehmed II & Radu III
“Radu Dracula was the source of Sultan’s burning love and passion, he became his male concubine, and they spent long days and nights together.”

Ivan IV & Fyodor
“Fyodor Basmanov, a favorite of Ivan the Terrible. The Russian nobleman was almost certainly a lover of the tsar. Feodor Basmanov was described as beautiful and in some accounts, effeminate youth.

Eastern lovers from 350′s BC till 1500′s


Selah X Anna Strong 

From this moment
Forget what we were scared of
Say we’re never giving up
You say you’ll always

Try to be my

Helping hand
Try to be the one who understands
When things don’t go as you’ve planned
We’re still worth it all 

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You (a year ago today): "pfffft the SHITE princess kill me now this is gonna be so so bad urggh!!!!" You (today): "play episodes 6 at my funeral plllllllllllzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|


requested by anon: Napoléon Bonaparte & Joséphine de Beauharnais

“My waking thoughts are all of thee. Your portrait and the remembrance of last night’s delirium have robbed my senses of repose. Sweet and incomparable Josephine, what an extraordinary influence you have over my heart. Are you vexed? Do I see you sad? Are you ill at ease? My soul is broken with grief, and there is no rest for your lover.”

–Letter to Joséphine de Beauharnais (February 1796)