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Lotor flirting with Allura "Let's make peace between Alteans and the Galra ;))" and Shiro just not having any of it.

patience yields focus; jealous shiro yields excessive violence

The fact that we can say ‘Captain Swan is getting married’ and it’s not just speculation or rumor. IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. THIS IS REAL. THEY ARE GOING TO BE HUSBAND AND WIFE. QUITE THE PAIR, UNITED IN LOVE AND MARRIAGE. OFFICIALLY.

  • Steve: How could you mess up so much in one day
  • Peter: It didn't take me a day

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Um holy crap how have I never seen this blog??? Like what this content is amazing and I love it so much and how dare no one tell me of its existence??? Anyway could there be a possibility of maybe some galra keef and klance? Ishipitsohard... 💜💜

yooo i’m all about that galra keef klance, my dude :) thanks so much for the lovely message and i’m so happy you like this blog! 💜