Scientists found cosmic dust on city rooftops for the first time. 500 grains of 4.6 billion-year-old cosmic dust were identified after filtering nearly 700 lbs of sludge from gutters in Oslo, Paris, and Berlin. We’ve known since the 1940s that cosmic dust constantly falls through the atmosphere, but no one has actually been able to locate it until now. Source

The roofs of Paris are cosmic dust collectors:


Yuri, how you have forget this?? xDD

- Ending scc (clean… 100% at least 2, 90% (…my fault~) 4):

1. Victor recognize Yuri.

2. Victor takes pictures of Yuri -distance-

3. He has fun, and want to dance too.

4. Victor takes pictures -more closer-. They see the each other ♥

5. Victor wants to dance with Yuri.

6 and 7. They are already dancing together. ajsdladjsa ♥♥♥ They look the each other with love ;A; It’s so beautiful.

(PD: Victor only have Yuri’s pictures in the GPF’s album~)

These 3,000-year-old Egyptian hieroglyphics may resemble planes, helicopters, and UFOs, but experts agree it’s just an effect caused by erosion. The stone was once filled with plaster and re-carved during the reign of a new pharaoh. Over time, erosion partly revealed both inscriptions, and the overlapping hieroglyphs created new shapes. Source Source 2 Source 3