SInce I just finished Mass Effect 1 and did l i t e r a l l y every single sidequest, I’ve compiled a list of all the BULLSHIT Cerberus pulled in the first game:

  1. Allowed a full platoon of soldiers to be eaten by thresher maws (potentially Shepard’s platoon)
  2. Then captured one of the survivors and giddily injected him with thresher maw poison just to see what would happen
  3. Turned an entire colony of people into husks
  4. Released hundreds of sick, violent rachni into the galaxy by transporting eggs incompetently
  5. Lured ANOTHER platoon of soldiers to a thresher maw nest to see how they get murdered
  6. Then injected their admiral with some kind of poison and threw him in a cage with husks

By the time I’d finished the game, I was dreading playing ME2 because the thought of working with that same organization made me ill.

Predictable binch that I am, my point here is that I really need y’all to stop blaming Kaidan and thinking he’s out of line for not fucking trusting Shepard in ME2 because literally imagine that your former commander and friend (and possibly the person you loved) died in a tragic accident and you probably feel responsible for it, but you’ve had to move on for the sake of the Alliance, and then one day out of nowhere, there they are, standing in front of you - working as a Cerberus operative. You either would NEVER believe it was the same person, or you’d believe they were possibly brainwashed, or maybe you’d just think they’d straight up betrayed you for an organization that has historically ruined and manipulated human lives.

Are you honestly gonna tell me you’d abandon your moral code, your honor, and your loyalty as a soldier to your military, just because “they’re Shepard” and that’s supposed to be enough, point blank?

Cause I sure fucking wouldn’t.


Tintern Abbey, Saltmills, Wexford by Rona Kelly

weird to see ppl up in ARMS about how the cast and crew of la la land were embarrassed on national television and not caring at all about how moonlight’s HISTORIC MOMENT was ruined in all the confusion 


Nestled in an old ruin, this new building at the creative campus at Snape Maltings in Suffolk, blends perfectly without trying to be something it isn’t.

In a push to repurpose ruins in Europe, Haworth Thomkins has done an exceptional job in ensuring the history of these ruins are retained.

The oxidised steel shell was prefabricated and craned into position to ensure the ruins weren’t disturbed during construction. The shape of the new shell reflects the Victorian era industrial buildings that form the campus. The interior was then lined in eco-ply with minimal internal walls to create a multi-purpose space for workshops, performances and exhibitions.

The original ruin had minimal structural work undertaken, to ensure loose brickwork was repaired, but essentially remains “untouched”.

This building forms part of the “Re-Cycle: Strategies for Architecture, City and Planet” exhibition at MAXXI in Rome until 29 April 2012.


Leave No Trace: Leave what you find

Today’s Leave No Trace tip: Leave what you find. When exploring public lands, you may come across cultural and historical artifacts, as well as interesting rocks, plants, or other natural resources. Please leave them where you find them!

Cultural resources on public lands give us a look into our past and are sometimes the only thing that remains from an area. Please respect the historic nature of these cultural resources and do your part to protect these artifacts so that the next generation can appreciate their historic value. Leave ruins the way you found them and don’t touch rock paintings.

Be careful of introducing and transporting non-native species, which can potentially cause a lot of damage on public lands. Clean off your boats and vehicles before leaving an area and make sure you didn’t pick up any seeds on your clothing.

We hope you continue to enjoy your public lands responsibly and safely!

  • Rose: Well, crap…I can’t do this much longer…
  • Edna: Do what much longer?
  • Rose: Babysit those two!
  • Edna: It IS hard to suffer through their kissy cuteness.
  • Rose: What? No! They keep blabbing on about historical ruins!
  • Edna: They ARE ruin nerds.
  • Rose: At least if they used their mouths for kissing, they’d be silent and I wouldn’t have such a constant headache!
  • Sorey: *long, low moan*
  • Edna: You sure about that?
  • Rose:
  • Mikleo: Sorey…!
  • Sorey: Mikleo. *moan* I think a pillar from the Age of the Gods fell on my leg!
  • Mikleo: Hm, I disagree. That pillar was clearly NOT made with Seraphic Artes.
  • Sorey: Mikleo! I think a beautiful water god from the Age of the Gods is tending my leg! *moan moan*
  • Mikleo: SERIOUSLY? This beautiful water god obviously dates back to the beginning of the Age of Chaos.
  • Rose: *silent scream*

Split - Croatia 

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest city in the Dalmatia region. The city was first built around retired emperor Diocletian’s Palace, in an area that now makes up half of the Old Town area. The city was one of the most important economic hubs along the Adriatic shoreline. 

After being occupied by the Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, Hungarians, Austrians, French and Germans, Split became a part of the Republic of Croatia. Since then, the city has somewhat re-branded itself as a vibrant tourist destination. The city boasts historical churches, Roman ruins, art galleries, museums and a beautiful harbour. The city centre is protected by a UNESCO world heritage listing. 

Toshiya’s creativity Vol 04 “Touch” 2/3

An approach to the private and personal side of Toshiya, Dir en grey’s bassist. The fourth theme of these series is “Touch”.  Focusing in things he touches every day, we asked him about them. We also took pictures of him with his personal effects, talked about memories and his current state. We explored touch and the feeling related to some things that  are in Toshiya’s heart.

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BTS Headcanon: Travelling


  • The type to travel to countries solely to hunt down ethnic dishes for his food blog
  • He’d ask the locals for the best places to eat
  • Every place he visits, he’d film to document his venture and blog about all the dishes he eats
  • Like the amateur version of Anthony Bourdain
  • Somehow he would manage to make friends with the restaurant owners and get invited into the kitchen to see them cook
  • He would pen down the ingredients so he can recreate the dish back home
  • Places he’d travel to: Italy, France, Vietnam, Greece, India (foodie paradise)


  • To Yoongi, travelling means stress relief
  • It wouldn’t be on the top of his list (too busy to think about it)  but when he sets his eyes on a destination, he’ll find time for a vacation
  • He’d bring a camera everywhere he goes to capture the people, the buildings and sceneries
  • He prefers to visit places where it’s more serene rather than noisy bustling cities
  • His Instagram page has thousands of followers for his aesthetically pleasing pictures 
  • Takes his sweet time during his travels, no scripted schedules
  • Places he’d travel to: Nepal, Norway, Scotland, Peru, Canada (scenic countries)

J Hope:

  • When it comes to travelling, he prefers to do it a group of friends, because it’s more fun that way
  • Party life 24/7, visiting bars everywhere in the world
  • Learning new dance moves from the different cultures to incorporate into his own dancing
  • Loves to go to music festivals and meet new people
  • Eager to try and experience things like natural hot springs, mud bath, naked beach
  • Always up for a road trips with his bros
  • Places he’d travel to: Rio De Janeiro, Berlin, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Bali (countries with a party vibe)


  • A culture lover so he travels to learn and understand about cultures all over the world
  • The type to schedule his travels around festivals that happens in the country he wants to visit
  • He’ll have a daily diary with him everywhere he goes to pen down everything he experiences
  • He would take part in the festivals and would fall in love with the traditions of the country; eg Mardi Gras, Day of the Dead, Holi festival, Amsterdam Gay Pride
  • Has a separate notebook with him where he pens down lyrics whenever gets inspired by the things around him
  • Would visit the ruins and historical places 
  • Places he’d travel to: Argentina, Venice, Thailand, Egypt, Spain (lots of historic cultures &  festivals)


  • Super enthusiastic when travelling 
  • Plans a vacation at least once a year and has a schedule of all the things he wants to do
  • The kind to sign up for as many tourist tours just so he doesn’t miss out on anything
  • Would visit all those novelty/themed restaurants like Gudetama Restaurant, The Robot Restaurant etc
  • Skyping his family members to show them every single thing 
  • He would buy a shit ton of souvenirs from every country he visits for his family members and friends
  • Places he’d travel to: Australia, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan (Touristy countries)


  • Gucci boy would travel to all the cities that exude fashion
  • He’d want to attend the runway shows during fashion week
  • Travelling is a shopping haven for him, buying clothes that are unique in that country
  • Just as much as he loves buying expensive goods, he would also hunt down small shops in hopes to discover a hidden gem
  • Would end up making friends with people, be it tourists or locals and become penpals with them
  • At the same time, loves to go on adventures and try out different activities and vlog about it
  • Places he’d travel to: Singapore, Dubai, Milan, Paris, New York (shoppers’ paradise)


  • Backpacker!Jungkook
  • Loves the gritty parts of travelling
  • Very impulsive so he’d decide to travel somewhere in the middle of the night, pack a bag, buy a plane ticket and go
  • Prefers countries with a lot of nature so he can hike and trek (forests, deserts, mountains)
  • Doesn’t care about luxury and comfort and would opt for cheap alternatives
  • Can stay travelling for months, backpacking to different countries in one go
  • Places he’d travel to: Croatia, Bolivia, Uganda, Indonesia, Bosnia (countries that are cheap to visit but also full of culture)