“We’ll find her.” Derek Hale

Warning: Trigger Warning

1.7K word count


“We have to find her.” Derek grabs his coat and heads for the door. “Woah, wait a minute.” Scott rushes for him and places a hand on his shoulder preventing him from leaving just yet. “We don’t even know where to look yet. Are you sure she’s even missing?” He questions him. “Yes, I’m sure. She would never take off somewhere and not tell me.” Derek exclaims, forehead bruiting. He looks past Scott to the other members of the pack. He thought to himself how lucky he is to have such a great group of people to have his back, and Y/N’s. “I mean, who would even want to take her?” Stiles chimes in. “I don’t know.” Derek shakes his head, eyes downcast towards the floor. “Whoever has her, we can take them.” Lydia speaks, Kira nodding in agreement. “When was the last time you saw her?” Scott asks. The pack looks to Derek. “I dropped her off to a friends for the night. This morning when I went to pick her up her friend said that she took off last night. Said she was coming home to me.” Lydia sighs. “Y/N’s not one to run away. Something’s happened.” Derek’s hands clench into fists. “Well, let’s just split up. Search everywhere we can.”

Derek and Stiles go in Derek’s Camaro to the old Hale house in the woods. “Haven’t been here in a while.” Stiles says as they pull up. “Neither have I.” Derek steps out of the vehicle with Stiles close behind. Just before they enter the house Derek stops, Stiles almost running into the back of him. Stiles hesitates asking Derek what he hears, knowing it’s probably not good considering the circumstances.Derek goes inside without a word and goes into the living room to be greeted by a familiar face. Kate sits on a dusty old chair swimming a sharp knife in her hand. She smirks when her and Derek lock eyes, standing to her feet. “Hey, gorgeous.” She smiles menacingly. Derek’s jaw locks trying to will away the overpowering urge to kill her instantly. “Why so mad?” She tilts her head to the side like a confused puppy, but she knows exactly whats going on. “Where is she.” He demands. “Who are we talking about, sweetie?” Kate asks. Derek takes in a slow deep breath through his nose, and Stiles knows he’s about to blow. “Where. Is. She.” Kate puts her hands up in defense. “Easy, killer, she’s fine. For now.” She smirks. “There is one way you can see her alive again if you’d like.” She offers. Derek stays silent and as still as a rock, eyes trained on Kate. “I’ll let her go… Under one condition. You leave her.” Stiles stays behind Derek near the door, ready for a quick get-away. “What?” Derek’s eyebrows furrow. “You leave her. For me.” Kate smiles. “I don’t like the fact that you’ve moved on, Derek, and I want you all,” she places the tip of the knife against his throat. “to,” she lowers the blade down his chest. “myself.” The blade continues down his torso until Derek reaches out and smacks it out of her hand with so much speed Kate doesn’t have a chance to attack back. He encloses his hand around her throat and raises her up until her feet don’t touch the ground then slams her against the nearest wall. “WHERE IS SHE?!” He roars, his eyes glowing and fangs protruding. Kate struggles to breathe under his incredibly tight hold. Stiles rushes over. “Derek, stop! If you kill her, we’ll never find Y/N.” Derek realizes Stiles is right. He lets go of her and she slides down the wall grasping her throat trying to breathe again. “I’ll give you one more chance to tell me where she is.” Derek commands of her. “I don’t know.” Kate sputters. “She got away a few hours ago, she could be anywhere by now.” She tells. That’s all Derek needs to hear as he makes his way back outside to his car. Stiles chases him down and just barely gets into the passenger side seat before Derek speeds off.

“Do you think she was telling the truth?” Stiles asks. Derek shakes his head, “I don’t know, but we’ve got nothing else.” They drive around back alleys and city streets for hours, searching. But still nothing. “Ok, lets think. Where would Kate be keeping Y/N thats not in town.” Stiles thinks. “I know a few spots, and their all in the woods.” The tires on the Camaro screech as they do a u-turn in the middle of the road and change direction. “There’s some old underground cellars my family used to use on full moons in the woods out of town, but I haven’t been there in years.” Derek says. He increases his speed, sliding around corners that were recently made wet from the rain. About another ten minutes of driving and they come along dirt paths around old abandoned historical homes in Beacon Hills. “Here? You sure were not going to get killed out here?” Stiles looks at his surroundings through the car window. These homes are old and crumbling apart, bricks falling and vines growing up the sides. “If anything does kill you, it’ll be me. Shut up.” Derek barks at him. He parks in a small clearing of trees, his windshield washers working overtime against this downpour. He and Stiles try to see through the rain for any sign that people were here. Then, a burst of hope shoots into Derek’s chest when he sees something moving in the distance. “Stay here.” He tells Stiles as he climbs out of the car, his skin and clothes becoming soaked within the first ten seconds. He squints his eyes to see, seeing a figure standing about fifteen feet away from him. “Y/N…” He mumbles. He knows it’s her, he just knows. He runs towards her, seeing her recognizable facial features through the rain. He envelopes her in his arms and she collapses in them, utterly exhausted from the events these past twenty-four hours. He helps her walk back to the car and slides her into the backseat before getting in next to her. “You’re driving us home.” He tells Stiles. He complies immediately and runs around to the drivers side. During the ride back to the loft, Stiles calls the rest of the pack telling them that Y/N’s been found whilst Derek comforts her in the backseat. Once they get home, Stiles helps them both inside before leaving them be by themselves.

-Y/N’s POV-
Derek lays me on his bed, gingerly looking me over for injuries. “What happened?” He asks softly. I try to remember, but nothing comes into my mind. It’s like my mind is trying to block out all the scary parts, which happens to be all of it. “I can’t remember. I cant remember any of it.” Obviously I got hurt, there’s blood along my arms and chest. How I got hurt, that’s what I don’t know. Derek gently takes off my jacket and shoes, looking at the bruises and scratches along my arms. He doesn’t speak a word as he cleans them out and applies medicine to them, eyes focused like a laser. “You should take a shower. Here, I’ll help you.” He helps me stand and get my footing back. “It’s ok, Der, I can shower on my own.” He looks at me wearily. “Really,” I place my clean hand on his cheek. “I’ll be ok.” I murmur. He nods, watching me make my way into the bathroom and close the door behind myself. I peel my wet clothes off my body, and toss them into the corner. The shower water is hot, making my skin feel prickly from the contrast in temperature. I stand under the faucet for a while, just letting the water cascade over my cold skin. The past twenty-four hours have been a blur, and I only have bits and pieces of memories I’m trying to fit together. Its like an insanely hard jigsaw puzzle and it makes my head hurt. One of the few handfuls of memories I have are of someone wearing a mask telling me lies. Feeding me false information about the people I love, telling me lies about them and making me believe it. Hurting me and making me believe these insane stories, mostly about Derek. How he never loved me, how he is just using me to make himself feel good. I look down at the water by my feet and it’s completely bloody, making me gasp. My breathing becomes erratic with new memories flooding my mind about what they did to me. I thrash thrash against them as they tie me to a chair and laugh at me. Before I know it, my vision becomes foggy and I’m loosing my balance. Then, a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around my wait, keeping me up and holding me close. Derek’s voice is soothing and slowly calming me down as he rests his scruffy chin against my shoulder from behind. He glides his lips along my wet skin and makes me melt in his arms. My breathing is back to normal and I feel exhausted from everything. But in Derek’s arms I feel… Whole. He turns me around so we’re face to face. His eyes are gentle kind as they stare into mine. I feel my bottom lip tremble, Derek’s eyes falling when he notices. “It’s ok.“ He gathers me into his arms and I lean my head against his chest, letting the warm water and his hands relax me into bliss. He threads his hands through my hair and glides his hands along my back and wherever he can reach, not in a sexually or lustful way, but in a loving way. He loves me to his very core and I the same, which is shown through his gentle actions with me. “I’m so sorry.” He whispers in my ear, kissing the outer shell. “I love you.” I remind him, something that will never not be true. “Like you have no idea.” He agrees. We’ll get through this. Together.