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4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No 20:

Highclere Castle, Hampshire, England. 

Rebuilt 1839-42 by Sir Charles Barry, with a park by Capability Brown. 

Was the home of Lord Carnarvon, friend and sponsor of Howard Carter, and is the main filming location of Downton Abbey. 


The Southernmost House by PelicanPete
Via Flickr:
in the continental United States ~ Key West, Florida U.S.A. 

Annabella Gotchling:

I hold tight, and I do my work.

I make posters for good causes.

Even if they get torn up, I make them,

even though we live in a country

where theory falls silent in the face of fact,

where progress can be reversed overnight,

where the enemy has stolen everything, our own words from us,

I hold tight, and not to my painting…not only to that.

Pick any era in history, Agnes.

What is really beautiful about that era?

The way the rich lived?


The way the poor lived?

No. The dreams of the Left

are always beautiful.

The imagining of a better world

the damnation of the present one.

This faith,

this luminescent anger,

these alone

are worthy of being called human.

These are the Beautiful

that an age produces.

-Tony Kushner, A Bright Room Called Day, 1985

Bolling Hall Housebody
Here is an hdr photograph taken from the Housebody room inside Bolling Hall. Located in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK.

Bolling Hall Housebody, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK.

  • Bethesda: Wow, Skyrim is doing really well! What can we do next to step up our games? What do the fans want?
  • Fans: TES 6!
  • Bethesda: I know! Let's completely rewrite our own historical canon to make room for a MMORPG! They'll love that!
  • Bethesda: Wow, um, ESO has gotten some really mixed reviews from critics & fans....I don't think this is exactly what they wanted....What should we try next??
  • Fans: ELDER SCROLLS 6!
  • Bethesda: I KNOW! An Elder Scrolls video game card game video game! To play the card game on your video game player!
  • Fans: The fuck is this.
  • Bethesda: Just in case our cardvideo game isn't as successful as we know it has to be, we should also try to develop one more thing....but what?
  • Bethesda: .....
  • Fans: ......
  • Bethesda: ......
  • Bethesda: Skyrim did really well...... LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!