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Linlithgow Palace fountain.

The fountain, in the courtyard at the palace was commissioned by James V in 1537, possibly to welcome his new French queen.

In 1633 the fountain flowed for a visit by Charles I and it is said that it flowed with wine when Bonnie Prince Charlie visited the palace in 1745. When the palace burnt down in 1746, the fountain seemed to have suffered because it was a clear symbol of Stewart kingship.

In 2007 the fountain was restored by Historic Scotland, so that water can now flow through it again, although it is not kept running because of the risk of erosion. The whole 5m-high structure of the 16th century fountain was completely dismantled and put together again. Historic Scotland said the fountain looks as impressive as in the days of James V but it will only run with water on “special occasions” to avoid damage.

 I’ve visited three or four times in the last few years and have still to see it working.  

Historic storm pounds Southern California with damaging winds and record rain
Feb. 18, 2017

Residents all across Southern California are waking up this morning to an unfamiliar scene. Downed power lines, flooded interstates and car-sized sinkholes are what’s left in the wake of what is being called the strongest storm to hit the region since 1995. Historic rainfall and powerful hurricane-force winds caused widespread damage, resulting in at least two storm-related deaths.

What follows is a summary of the storm impacts.


The numbers are staggering. 9.89 inches of rain fell at Old Man Mountain in the elevated terrain north of Los Angeles. In the normally picturesque coastal town of Santa Barbara, a record 4.32 inches of rain fell at the airport, making it the wettest February day in 77 years of record keeping and causing the airport to close for the first time in 18 years.


Cool apartment in the trendy Mitte district in Berlin, refurbished by Architecture Studio Atheorem. The Studio restored the historical architectural features, such as doors, windows and parquet floors (except for the kitchen and bathroom that        have been re-designed and feature all modern elements) and decorated the apartment with vintage and contemporary furniture, with a minimalist look, creating a cool,refined and warm atmosphere.


I’ve read several that I really liked this week, so thought I’d share! {In order of length, from shortest to longest.}

When the World Screams by @thebloggerbloggerfun. ~31k. Teen. In this AU language can be communicated by skin contact. This allows deaf!Castiel to work effectively as an EMT who saves Dean Winchester in a terrible car accident. Because of his past Dean cannot bear communicating in that way but he begins an unlikely friendship with Castiel anyway. ***really interesting concept for the world***

Bearing Point bysquirrel_loves_wings on AO3. ~44k. Explicit. Dean is a contractor who’s resigned himself to being alone. After buying Singer construction, he meets Cas Novak, a moody man who used to work with Bobby on historical home restorations. Dean starts to believe that maybe he won’t be alone forever. But Cas is keeping something from Dean and it could be enough to destroy their chance at a life together. **** cute, interesting concept.***

Take the Lead by @jinxedambitions. ~59k. Explicit. dom!Dean and sub!Cas. Need I say anymore? Castiel is a famous rock star whose music features his sex life. He searches for a new experience and offers Mixed Martial Artist Dean the opportunity to help Cas experience something new in the bedroom. ***D/s AND musician!Cas? Yep- two of my my very favorite things! Great Read!***

Plus One by @ceeainthereforthat . ~91k. Explicit. Castiel has an important and busy work life with very little time to date, but his family is working overtime to try to match him up with someone. When Castiel has three weddings in a row to attend and can’t bear the idea of everyone trying to find him a husband, he has a great idea- he’ll hire someone to be his boyfriend. ***I love a good fake boyfriend AU and I especially like this one. It kept me up all night reading.***

***So many more to read and so little time! If you have DCBB Recs I’d love to see them!***


Hey guys, me and few other people are working on a project for an organization that restores old historic sites that are in danger of being destroyed. The organization is called preservation va. We’re in process of coming up a campaign for them for one of my classes.

If you you’re interested in helping us, it would be greatly appreciated if you took the time out to record a short video of yourself saying what freedom means to you. It doesn’t have to be long! If you do want to help, please record the video with your phone horizontal, not vertical and email the video to brownks5@vcu.edu with the subject “FREEDOM”. It would mean so so much! Thank you for those that do want to help!


Today on #mypubliclandsroadtrip, we’re checking out wild Idaho places managed by the BLM – to include a ghost town you can visit. 

Silver City Ghost Town – located an hour southwest of Boise, Idaho - is one of several mining towns that sprang up in the Owyhee Mountains after gold was discovered nearby in 1863. At its height in the 1880’s, Silver City grew into a prominent Idaho settlement, with a population of around 2,500 and approximately 75 businesses.   The town even established the first daily Idaho newspaper and telegraph office. As mines became depleted around 1890, residents slowly moved away from Silver City.  The last mining operation closed around World War II, although the town was never completely abandoned.  

In 1972, the Idaho Hotel in Silver City was restored and re-opened. Now, visitors can enjoy partially-restored historical buildings and old mine sites. Home and building owners have title to the land directly beneath the structures, but the rest of this National Historic District is public land, managed by the BLM.  


An empty old gas station in Los Angeles has been given new life. The curvilinear art deco structure was built in 1935 during the early days of California’s automobile age and the Golden Era of filmmaking in Hollywood. The new Highland and Willoughby store is one of Starbucks newest historic restorations of historic buildings.

More on the design and history of this store here.


Complete exterior restoration job. This is a beautiful historic home located on the corner of front and meeting street in historic down town Georgetown, SC. The crew at Clean Image washed, scraped, sanded, and sealed the building before applying a drop of paint. Prep is key in any quality painting project. We are proud to be a part of this project. @cleanimagepw


The dining area of Buffalo Central Terminal, in its heyday and in its present state. Today’s classic car event was postponed until September 19 due to bad weather, but the kind folks working there today let us come in for an informal tour of the concourse in view of our 250+ journey. The vintage photo is on display at the terminal; the current photo was taken this morning. I have to stress that tremendous work has been done to restore the terminal to its present condition although so much more needs to be done. Much credit goes to the restoration people for what they’ve done so far, as well as for their kindness to us today.