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My First Sims 4 Upload!

2124 Desolation Blvd.

Small, renovated, family Victorian with a spacious backyard and garden. This gorgeous home is perfect as a starter, or for a medium sized family. This house comes fully furnished with no CC.

It’s totally CC free and I’m SOOO proud of it. It’s gorgeous and I did it in one sitting in about 5 hours. I haven’t figured out how to copy my tray files to download it straight, so for now it’s only on my origin account.

OriginID: ThortisThunpuur 

Name:  2124 Desolation Blvd.

Native American school, Nanaimo, March 3, 1942

I’m not sure what’s up with the writing on the chalk board, the teacher’s depressing poetry? I tried googling it, but nothing came up, so I’m guessing it’s just disjointed sentences but anyways, it reads:

and the sun is nearly set

but the bell has rung for tea

oh, suppose while I’m away

the waves come up to play

they often do -

how dreadful it would be

and I’m nearly starved to death

but I must fill the hole before I go


This 1915 praire-style inspired four-square had sat for decades under a veil of vinyl siding. Like all vinyl siding projects, all expressive protrusions are removed during construction. Details, such as the subtle shingle flair and soffit brackets, where recreated based on the little remaining evidence and other local examples.
When the details were restored the rather cubic building suddenly had very tight, expressive horizontal details that broke down its massing into a well-proportioned composition. 

anonymous asked:

hey there! do you happen to know of any studios or architects who work nowadays with neoclassical, traditional or revival styles? thank you!

You will find studios that focus on traditional architecture with firms that mainly work on higher education campuses that expect to build new buildings that fit within their existing context, residential or historic preservation.

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