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TLC Headcanons


Kai and Cinder

Kai sets a private, romantic dinner for just the two of them shortly after she returns to Earth permanently. Just before dessert is set out Kai gets down on one knee and proposes with a very romantic speech, or at least tries too. Cinder stops him mid-way through with a kiss that knocks him off balance and they end up laughing on the floor.

Thorne and Cress

Thorne takes Cress to a famous monument she’s been wanting to visit. He has the ring in his pocket, has for months. In fact he’s been taking her to monuments, historical places, and nature reserves for months trying to find the perfect moment. He decides this is the one, waits until Cress is completely enraptured in the monument and then kneels behind her and quietly says her name. He barely gets the question out before she’s screaming yes and throwing herself at him

Jacin and Winter

Jacin adopts a white puppy for Winter without telling her. Then he ties the ring around the puppy’s neck with a red ribbon and let’s it into the room Winter’s in a few paces ahead of him. She’s so excited about the adorable little thing she misses the ring for a few moments. When she finally notices it she looks up at Jacin very confused by the ring until he asks her to always be his Princess. 

Wolf and Scarlet

Wolf and Scarlet are in the kitchen of their farm house in France making dinner one night. They’re working together when Wolf asks her to pass him a tomato for the salad he’s making. As she does “Marry Me” kinda just slips out. He’s been thinking it for weeks but never said it aloud. Scarlet laughs it off as a bit of a joke and turns to go back to what she was cooking. But before she can get away he grabs her wrist and pulls her towards him. He says it again, louder this time, holding her against him. She starts to giggle but he’s looking at her so seriously it catches in her throat before it really begins. “Alright, yeah,” she answers and kisses him.


On June 7-8, 1964, a driving rain buckled dams and flooded vehicles on the Blackfeet Reservation, sweeping crying children from mothers’ arms, and ferrying homes and bodies across the prairie.

This documentary narrative tells the story of the worst natural disaster in Montana history: the 1964 flood on the Blackfeet Reservation

Do full-head hoods mask or amplify violence? Journalist Christian Parenti considers the hood on the Design and Violence blog. 

[Canvas hood allegedly worn by Confederate conspirator Lewis Powell (alias Paine) while incarcerated in the Old Capital Prison, Washington, D.C., after Lincoln’s assassination. 1865. Canvas, cotton padding, approx. 14 x 13 x 12″ (35.6 x 33 x 30.5). © 2015 Chicago Historical Society, all rights reserved (CHS 1920.1271)]