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A recently discovered photograph that some believe shows Amelia Earhart alive and well on an atoll in the Marshall Islands has exhumed the never really buried mystery about the pioneering aviator’s disappearance after her Lockheed Electra vanished in the South Pacific on July 2, 1937.

But while feverish speculation about how she died has long dominated her story, breeding ghoulish theories including that her body was eaten by giant coconut crabs, it might be more enlightening to look at what she liked to eat on those long 15-hour solo flights across the oceans.

It was a topic of keen interest to American women at the time.

“A question I’m asked frequently concerns what a pilot eats on long flights,” Earhart said in a radio interview she gave sometime between 1935 and 1937 . “This aspect of ‘aeronautical housekeeping’ particularly interests women.”

Her answer was simple and surprising. “Tomato juice is my favorite 'working’ beverage, and food too,” said Earhart. “In colder weather, it may be heated and kept hot in a thermos.”

Amelia Earhart’s Travel Menu Relied On Three Rules And People’s Generosity

Photo: Louis Van Oeyen/Western Reserve Historical Society/Getty Images

TLC Headcanons


Kai and Cinder

Kai sets a private, romantic dinner for just the two of them shortly after she returns to Earth permanently. Just before dessert is set out Kai gets down on one knee and proposes with a very romantic speech, or at least tries too. Cinder stops him mid-way through with a kiss that knocks him off balance and they end up laughing on the floor.

Thorne and Cress

Thorne takes Cress to a famous monument she’s been wanting to visit. He has the ring in his pocket, has for months. In fact he’s been taking her to monuments, historical places, and nature reserves for months trying to find the perfect moment. He decides this is the one, waits until Cress is completely enraptured in the monument and then kneels behind her and quietly says her name. He barely gets the question out before she’s screaming yes and throwing herself at him

Jacin and Winter

Jacin adopts a white puppy for Winter without telling her. Then he ties the ring around the puppy’s neck with a red ribbon and let’s it into the room Winter’s in a few paces ahead of him. She’s so excited about the adorable little thing she misses the ring for a few moments. When she finally notices it she looks up at Jacin very confused by the ring until he asks her to always be his Princess. 

Wolf and Scarlet

Wolf and Scarlet are in the kitchen of their farm house in France making dinner one night. They’re working together when Wolf asks her to pass him a tomato for the salad he’s making. As she does “Marry Me” kinda just slips out. He’s been thinking it for weeks but never said it aloud. Scarlet laughs it off as a bit of a joke and turns to go back to what she was cooking. But before she can get away he grabs her wrist and pulls her towards him. He says it again, louder this time, holding her against him. She starts to giggle but he’s looking at her so seriously it catches in her throat before it really begins. “Alright, yeah,” she answers and kisses him.


On June 7-8, 1964, a driving rain buckled dams and flooded vehicles on the Blackfeet Reservation, sweeping crying children from mothers’ arms, and ferrying homes and bodies across the prairie.

This documentary narrative tells the story of the worst natural disaster in Montana history: the 1964 flood on the Blackfeet Reservation

@valyork replied to your post I try to give Danielle Panabaker the benefit of…        

Duda, I’m sorry to barge in, but you should shut the fuck up! I mean, do you even know Fandom??? I’m sorry to break it to you, but people would ship WA even LESS if Iris were white. Or you’re saying Arrow’s Laurel is black and I’m colorblind? Danielle ships SB like Lindsey Morgan ships Princess Mechanic and Bobby ships murphamy, it’s not because she’s trying to “erase” the other actress’ protagonism! I know racism is a huge issue, but it’s not ok to point fingers at people who aren’t!  

I know Fandom, in all its racism and bias, which you epitomize so perfectly. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re really fucking stupid and clearly don’t “know that racism is a huge issue.”

Danielle has something called white privilege which means she will never face hatred for simply being cast in a role the way that Candice does. It means her character gets to legitimately be discussed by media and fandom as a potential romantic interest with the protagonist over his comic canon girlfriend/wife because it has been embedded in people’s consciousness that white characters are entitled to love and romance over characters of color, and are allowed more humanity and depth over anyone who isn’t white. It means that Danielle shipping SB as a white woman actively contributes to the erasure of Iris’s importance to the narrative and therefore contributes to diminishing the importance of Candice’s portrayal of Iris as a black woman in a role and genre that historically and systemically excludes people of color.

In an ideal world where people of color are seen as human beings and afforded the same opportunities as white people, DP could bait her character with Barry and all that, but guess what? She can’t do that in this world, when actors and actresses of color are out here CHANGING THEIR NAMES and effectively HIDING THEIR ETHNIC/RACIAL IDENTITIES to land roles, or are being denied jobs because they look “too ethnic” or “not ethnic enough”, or when they are limited to portraying shallow or stereotypical characters or tropes, or when they are reduced to roles that exist to simply prop up white characters before they are diminished more and more from the story until they are inevitably killed off like they usually are.

Danielle should be aware of that and should be using her privilege to support her fellow costar Candice who was told to AVOID THE INTERNET when her casting was announced because the producers knew racists were going to attack her and talk shit, because she’s a black actress who landed a prominent role as the hero’s love and the as the female lead, a title historically reserved for white actresses only, and they knew she was going to face hatred because of it.

The fact that DP instead chose to throw her costar who is already at a disadvantage under the bus MULTIPLE TIMES to pettily shine the spotlight on herself and her character is shameful and she deserves to be called out on it.

P.S. I don’t know what the fuck princess mechanic and whatever the fuck the other thing is, but the Laurel versus Felicity comparison has no place here because both characters are white and there is no contextual systemic and historical racism that comes into play if Katie talks about shipping Laurel/Oliver or if Emily discusses Oliver/Felicity. Not to mention, both those relationships are actually canon on Arrow. The fact that SB is put on the same level as WA when the former is a crackship and the latter has years of comic book history to back it up and is canon in every Flash adaptation there has ever been, animated or otherwise, and even in the upcoming DCCU Flash film tells you everything you need to know about how far simply being white can take you.

P.P.S. Your statement, “people would ship WA even LESS if Iris were white,” is flat out racist as fuck.

P.P.P.S. I made that post back in February and haven’t talked about Danielle since because I acknowledge that it seems like she learned her lesson and I sure hope she did.


Green painted lady by Bruce S

Do full-head hoods mask or amplify violence? Journalist Christian Parenti considers the hood on the Design and Violence blog. 

[Canvas hood allegedly worn by Confederate conspirator Lewis Powell (alias Paine) while incarcerated in the Old Capital Prison, Washington, D.C., after Lincoln’s assassination. 1865. Canvas, cotton padding, approx. 14 x 13 x 12″ (35.6 x 33 x 30.5). © 2015 Chicago Historical Society, all rights reserved (CHS 1920.1271)]

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Orrrrr arranged marriage trope (idk where that came from)

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Alright, this came to me based on a few tags regarding that ball scene from 5x02 and possibles AU scenarios, here.

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Ever since she could remember, Princess Emma Swan from Misthaven had been told she’d marry Prince Liam of Camelot. She was raised with that knowledge and every story about a brave prince coming to the princess’ rescue would be filled by Liam and she on her mind.

She’d only met him once, when she was eleven and he was sixteen. He had blue eyes and curly brown hair and a nice smile. And he treated her with the utmost respect, not like a child, but like an important princess. He listened carefully to her ideas about what should be done in a kingdom (she had ideas but no one was willing to listen). His little brother used to interrupt them, a dark haired boy of thirteen that wanted nothing more than his brother to teach him swordplay instead of being with that princess. Emma scoffed at the little boy who clearly didn’t understand how crown princes and princesses should behave.

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