historic red hook


Red Hook, New York

This weekend my friend and I visited The Historic Village Diner in Red Hook, a small town two hours north of New York City. For the past four months while I was abroad I dreamt of sinking my teeth into a nice juicy burger and sipping an extra large coca cola in big plastic glass, only found in classic diners such as this one.

Ready to chow down, we walked in only to realize it was cash only, and neither one of us had much cash on us. We knew that the only ATM nearby would charge us both a hefty fee so we sat down, feeling defeated, and ready to order just a small snack, despite being starving.

Our waitress came to take our order and told us that a “good samaritan overheard that we were low on cash and is paying for our dinner”. We were in complete and utter shock. I enjoyed my tuna melt with a side of pasta and extra smiles that night. But seriously, people in small town America can be oh so kind. It sure is good to be home.