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Tens of thousands of women, men and children of all ages marched on june the 3rd in a historic rally to say ENOUGH to femicides and domestic violence in Argentina. This is the first time a feminist cause gets such an overwhelming attendance - there was rallies all over the country and in 80 cities around the globe where groups of argentine citizens gathered together support the cause. I can proudly say i was there too to say NI UNA MENOS “not one less”

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I'm not a writer so it's not like I'm gonna write a fic or anything but I really wanted to talk about Everyone Lives AU headcanons and I thought that hey! Stacho is always cool about asks! You see, I really hate the idea of Joseph cheating on Suzi Q and Caesar and they would kick Joseph ass for that (I headcanon all three of them getting married and fuck historical realism, it doesn't rally exist in JoJoBA world), but at the same time I love Tomoko and Josuke so I kinda changed things up and

instead of having an affair Tomoko befriended Joseph and Caesar while they were doing a job for SPW and asked Joseph to get her pregnant because she wanted a baby but she didn’t want to to get married and she also wanted the baby’s father to be someone she trusted and cared about. All of them had a serious conversation about it and in the end both Caesar and Suzi Q agreed to that. And then a few years later Dio started stirring shit up, a bunch of people of the Joestar bloodline started getting

Stands and while Joseph and squad went to Egypt, Caesar went to Tomoko to check if little Josuke got affected too. And when everything was said and done, Kakyoin, Avdol and Iggy were all on life support (Avdol re-appeared after Vanilla Ice was defeated, don’t ask me how, it’s just a Stand thing I suppose) and even all the medical advancements SPW had, the doctors said they won’t make it. And they have almost given up when suddenly Caesar barges in with a little kid who he says is Jotaro’s uncle

and tells them that the kid’s Stand can heal everyone. And it does. Josuke saves Kakyoin, Avdol and Iggy, Tomoko learns about the supernatural bullshit going on and is better equipped to handle her son’s exploits eleven years later and when shit hits the fan in Morioh, Jotaro goes there with Kakyoin at his side (they leave their daughter, which they had through a surrogate, with Holy) and Kakyoin is immediately adopted by the Cool Hair Squad. Everything is good and no-one has to cry ever again.