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Glensheen Historic Estate is a large mansion located in Duluth, Minnesota. It was constructed to be the family home for Chester Adgate Congdon in 1908. In 1968, the mansion was given to the University of Minnesota Duluth. While the university owned the home, Elisabeth Congdon, Chester’s youngest daughter, was given a life estate while allowed her to occupy the mansion until her death. Without a doubt, the house is an absolute beauty, however, it’s more commonly known for its brutal 1977 murder.

On 26 June, 1977, somebody snuck into the Glensheen Mansion. Inside, they came across Elisabeth’s nurse, Velma Pietila, who they threw down the stairs before bludgeoning her with a candlestick. Following her murder, the intruder then crept into 83-year-old Elisabeth’s bedroom and suffocated her with her own pillow.

Roger Caldwell, the husband of Elisabeth’s adopted daughter, Marjorie, was eventually apprehended for the shocking murders. Initially, he denied the crime and was acquitted, but years later he eventually confessed that he killed them because Marjorie was to inherit the Congdon fortune when Elisabeth passed away. Following Roger’s confession, he committed suicide.


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Muncie IN 1895 + or -


Fancy a castle in the English countryside? 

Compton Castle, Somerset, for sale through knight Frank for £20,000,000

  • 1,270 acre estate
  • Grade II listed romantic castle, built in 1825 and extended in the 1910s
  • Coach house, 2 entrance lodges, 5 cottages
  • Gardens and lakes
  • Stables and tennis court
  • The castle is totally private, nestled in the centre of the estate
  • Excellent sporting potential
  • Arable, pasture and woodland
  • Beautiful interiors
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Genre: Fluff

Word count: 682

Prompt: You meet up with JB at a used bookstore for a special date.

A/N: Why do JB fluff pieces always have to be slightly sexy?? Thank you!  Let me know if you have any other prompts!

You walked up to the address that JB had texted you a few hours early and squinted your eyes towards the small sign in the window.  

Two Tales: Used Book Store

You felt yourself smile slightly.  It hadn’t exactly been what you were expecting when JB texted you early this morning to meet up but you couldn’t pretend that you were disappointed.  The boy was full of surprises and you never felt bored unraveling them.

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Syracuse New York ~ The Spa at 500 ~ Historic Victorian Mansion by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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The Spa at 500 is determined to keep the earth as healthy as they keep your body. The Victorian mansion that is home to the spa is 125 years old and a designated historical landmark, but its rich past is just the starting point. Owner Ed Griffin-Nolan has integrated green projects throughout the spa, 500 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse. Most recently, he’s installed bioswales and rain gardens in the parking lot, thanks to a $60,000 grant from Onondaga County’s Save the Rain program. Post Standard


Louisville Kentucky ~ Old Louisville Ky ~ Conrad-Caldwell House by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
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A striking entrance with handsome arches. The “Conrad’s Castle,” which it is often referred to - is a magnificent Richardsonian Mansion 


The Perry Hannah House

Year(s) built: 1891-1893
Architecture style: Queen Anne with elements of French Chateaux style
Architect: W. G. Robinson of Grand Rapids
Location: Traverse City, MI
Original owners: Perry Hannah & wife, Anna Amelia Flint

This home was built at a cost of $35,000 to $40,000 and is about 14,000 square feet with over 40 rooms. Hannah was a lumber baron (among many other things) and each room is trimmed in a different wood: cherry, oak, beech, birch, maple. Only the Brazilian Mahogany dining room is not done in a native Michigan wood.
The residence features real Tiffany glass, 10 fireplaces, 2 staircases, a massive skylight over the grand stair, a brick carriage house across the alley (see photos), and a third floor that was intended to be a ballroom. The Hannahs never finished off the third floor as this was their retirement home, and they ended up living there for only a few years (Mrs. Hannah died in 1898 and Mr. Hannah in 1904).
The home eventually was left to the Hannahs’ daughter-in-law, Elsie Hannah, who could not afford the upkeep, and almost tore the place down in the 1930s. Luckily, however, she decided to instead donate this gem to the American Legion. Classes were held there in the 1930s when the local high school burnt down, (tarps over the wood floors, gym classes in the basement) and soon after it was sold and became a funeral home (which it still is today in 2016).
The Perry Hannah House is regarded as one of the finest, most well- preserved and restored historic houses in Michigan. It sits across the brick street from a riverside park (Hannah Park) and is right in Traverse City’s downtown.

Sources: Perry Hannah’s Gifts by Peg Jonkhoff & Fred Hoisington, Traverse City Historic Houses by Lawrence & Lucille Wakefield


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Fall River Historical Society by Frank Grace
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Deck The Halls! Annual Holiday Open House With its dazzling Christmas trees and lavish decorations, Deck the Halls!, the Annual Open House at Fall River Historical Society (FRHS), is a cherished tradition for many in the Southcoast region. The Society’s grand mansion with period interiors is decked out in holiday finery in the Victorian manner, and the focal point is a series of themed trees adorned with thousands of lights and mouth-blown ornaments. The 2014 trees include The Colors of Christmas, A Salute to Santa, and Rhapsody in Silver and Snow. Open daily through December 30, from 9 to 4:30 on weekdays and 1 to 5:00 on weekends. Deck the Halls! was spotlighted on The Rhode Show on Channel 12 and the Channel 10 Evening News during the holidays last year and has also been featured in Victorian Homes magazine. Guaranteed to instill holiday spirit in one and all! Admission is free and includes Palette Pictures VI, an exhibit of artworks donated by local artists, and Echoes of Lizzie, the world’s largest exhibit of artifacts pertaining to the life and trial of Lizzie Borden. Closed on Christmas day and at noon on December 24. For more information, call (508) 679-1071, ext. 1 or 2.