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4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No 20:

Highclere Castle, Hampshire, England. 

Rebuilt 1839-42 by Sir Charles Barry, with a park by Capability Brown. 

Was the home of Lord Carnarvon, friend and sponsor of Howard Carter, and is the main filming location of Downton Abbey. 


6/100 Days of Productivity // wednesday 1st March 2017

Spending today doing some reading for my politics essay on Marx. The books I needed were only available in the Historical Seeley Library, so that is where I went!

I’m not feeling great today, after a few months that appeared to be relatively depression-less, the last week has been a bit of a struggle, since my workload has been more intense than usual, and thus I’ve been neglecting spending time with friends and looking after myself. Getting myself dressed and out of college was more of a struggle than usual, but I am pleased that I did it! Now that I have picked up on this however, I’m going to try and work on this, even if the workload doesn’t really let up for another few weeks.

Historically Yours Podcast from the University of Iowa
Episode 8: A Tale of Woe from Miss Rosa Poe
Historically Yours Podcast from the University of Iowa

For this episode of Historically Yours, Curator of Science Fiction and Popular Culture, Peter Balestrieri takes us back into the publishing industry reading a handwritten letter from 1868 written on behalf of Miss Rosa Poe, sister of Edgar Allan Poe. 

 Letter text:

17 Lafayette Place:New York City, 28 Jan. 1868

Dear Sir,I am again compelled to remind you that you have returned no answer in the matter of the Juvenile Verses of Edgar Poe, which I submitted to you some time ago for “Southern Society” and to ask either that you will return me the Ms. or else authorize us to write to Miss Rosa Poe that she may draw upon you for $15 – the sum I named as compensation for them. I explained to you when I sent the Ms. that Miss Poe was in a very destitute situation, and that I had undertaken, purely as a work of charity, to find a purchaser for the verses. If you want them, write me to that effect at once, if you do not want them, send them back to me, for delay in a case of destitution is really really unreasonable.I desire to get two copies of your paper containing my poem of “Music in Camp,” and one copy of the number which published Simms’ Sketch of [Timrod?]. If you will be good enough to send us these, and will let me know what I am to pay for them, I will send you the amount in postage stamps.Very truly yours,R. ThompsonEugene Didier Esq.

Letter information:

MsL T473d

Thompson, John Reuben to Eugene Didier

28 January 1868

“She was an island, bound to no land, doomed to float in obscurity”

Set in the 1920’s, Laura Stratford, the British aristocrat trapped by family obligation, and Laura Elliott, the strong, beautiful girl, begging for freedom, duel for control. Laura Elliott-Stratford whisked off to Britain after her father’s death, struggles to fit in and to be herself. With the help of Graham, Sarah, and Jeremy, her recently acquainted friends, she just might do that.

I loved this book, and will definitely read it again and again. Claire’s complex and imperfect characters draw you in and the world she builds around them makes you stay. I went in thinking this was an average romance novel and I got to meet this sophisticated yet relatable heroine, who I will miss dearly. I would recommend this book to anyone. With a mixture of historical fiction, romance, and finding oneself, I believe anyone who picks it up will fall in love with it as I have.

Beó an dòchas
Ever hopeful Casey💕

Across the formidable sea
by Claire Laminen

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me, about a historical event:</b> uhhh... I think it happened in that century... It was pretty important I guess<p/><b>Me, about a historical event which took place on my birthday:</b> ah yes, the Battle of Cannae took place on the 2nd of August, 216 BC and was one of the greatest military defeats for the Romans, if not one of the greatest defeats of all time. The figures for the number of casualties varies, with Polybius estimating 70,000 deaths on the Roman side while Livy and Appian give a more likely figure of 50,000 as Polybius may have been influenced by Punic propaganda when writing his histories. The Carthaginians, led by Hannibal, had a far superior cavalry partly made up of their Numidian allies...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
The stranger had worn her beauty so comfortably, like it was a mere fact of life. Only one part of her, and not the whole. But did she, too, resent the fact that her beauty spoke for her? And once it did, would nothing else matter because people already knew what they wanted to know?
—  Julie C. Dao, Forest of a Thousand Lanterns
Bacon Bookmarks

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The Eugene Guard, Oregon, April 8, 1961

soooo I finished Lord of the Flies last night which meant I could pick this up, I can’t wait to get into it📚