historic fashion

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Could fight but why would you want to, much more fun to hang out and drink gin and discuss star wars memes and extreme historical fashion

difficult subjects to fight about, but in college i threw away my costume history grade with a final exam essay, with medical and historical sources, about how no one in the victorian age ever got ribs removed to wear a corset like the teacher kept saying in class because anesthesia wasn’t a thing, sterilization wasn’t a thing, the survival rate for even medically necessary operations was abysmal, the typical victorian shape is completely achievable with the full complement of ribs, and even if they’re a primary source from eighteen dickety something, fetish magazines aren’t a credible source for the everyday fashion of everyday people

he didn’t even fight me
he gave me a B+

no one ever wants to fight me ;_;

The Evening Statesman, Walla Walla, Washington, January 21, 1910

“Sir, you’re a woman” hisses detective; “Sir, I am; what of it?”