historic beads


Some details of the new renaissance dress design I’ve been working on in the past weeks. I’ve decided to name this The Renaissance Scarlet Dress, so that it doesn’t get confused with the burgundy one. I can’t wait to finish this! Once done I will put it in my Etsy shop

I had to make all those dots by hand yes, I think they are at least 500. I made a video of the whole process which you will be able to see when the dress is done.

- Maria Heller



1 white Battenburg lace w/ black trim, 1 garnet velvet & black silk w/ cut steel bead trim, 1 black lace over burgundy silk, short fluted sleeves, white embroidery & colorful jewels, 1 black satin brocade w/ yellow stripes & tiny lilac flowers, includes extra fabric, label “Mme. Mantel, Paris”