historic arcadia

Trollhunters OC - Wyrdrulm the Wanderer AKA “Wyr” or “Wyra”

Only survivor of her village after the fire nation Gunmar’s army attacked it and razed it to the ground. A toddler at the time, the only reason she survived at all is because her older sister hid her. She was found after the battle of Killahead Bridge, when it was safe to look for survivors of the raiding. As such she was raised outside of her village’s culture. But she wasn’t formally adopted by anyone and sort of passed around to anyone who could spare the time to look after her until she was old enough to take care of herself.

Wyr likes to explore and as such will disappear from Heartstone for long periods of time, only to return with human junk she has found and occasionally books for Blinky’s library (they are friends because books are great). She loves human comic books but believes that they are non-fictional depictions of things that have happened, and is forever looking for evidence that her favorites exist (she spent five months in New York trying to find the ninja turtles). 

She does not live directly in Heartstone, but has made a cozy little apartment in an old disused cistern under the Arcadia Oaks Historic District. It’s been paved over three times and has a handy connection to the older sewer networks leading out of town, which makes it convenient for her expeditions. 

Wyr has met a number of other non-human entities in her travels, some nice and some not-so-nice. She keeps very detailed journals documenting each of her trips.