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SNK Characters reaction to getting a jump scare.

Reiner ft Bertholdt 

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Eren ft. Armin

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This year is proving to be a nightmare and a blessing for kpop

BTS winning an award at the bbmas

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Awesome comebacks!

Twice Signal

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VIXX Shangri-la

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Seventeen Don’t Wanna Cry

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GOT7 Never Ever

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HIGHLIGHT Plz Don’t Be Sad

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DAY6 Dance Dance

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And heartbreaking disbandements


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I Just want to say that I am so very proud of BTS and I hope they do end up on the Hot 100!

To all the groups that are splitting up, I just wish them the very best. I will always follow my favorite groups and their members. Thank you for so many great years and amazing songs! I love you, HISTORY and Sistar! May you have all the best in the years to come!

And though these groups are not disbanding, I would like to add HIGH4′s Sunggu, U-KISS’s Kevin, Royal Pirates’ James, and Teen Top’s L.Joe who made the decision to leave their groups. I love you!!

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Please add any group or comeback that I may have missed and you feel needs recognition!

SNK/AOT: Dating Armin Headcanon

- You end up being the one that asks him out since he’s so shy and busy.

- He’s not very affectionate, part of it being as he’s so awkward. He blushes at any sort of PDA and when you two are alone he’s never a touchy-feely guy.

- You’re the one that calms him down when he has anxiety. Erwin and Hanji tend to use Armin to create plans and use his strategies and that puts a lot of stress on him, so you’re like his stress reliever. Just by shooting him a quick smile or a squeeze to the hand, it calms him down and helps him focus on the task.

- During your free time, you both read books together or go on walks and talk about life outside of the walls.

- Armin is very insecure and tends to compare himself to others, so you have to constantly remind him of how amazing he is and how you love him so much.

- When you two sleep together, Armin likes when you rest your head on his chest and lay one leg across him. His hand slowly moves up and down your side, eventually resting on your thigh or waist. He also likes playing with your hair while having a deep conversation about whatever.

- Armin enjoys when you play with his fingers. On rare occasions when you’re holding hands underneath the table or his hand is on your thigh, he likes when you play with his fingers and compare the size. He is small compared to Eren, but at least bigger than Captain Levi. So, he takes pride in being slightly bigger than you… well if he is anyways.

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a night a the lake | various x reader

A/N: BEFORE SOME OF YOU HAVE A FIT, THIS IS POSTED ON. MY DEVIANTART. BAD BITCHES DON’T PLAGIARIZE. STAY IN SCHOOL. This had been an idea in my head for a while and it was so fun writing it.

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If any of you got caught, Captain Levi would kick your assses with no questions asked then wouldn’t hesitate to give you stable duty for a month. You don’t remember whose idea it was to sneak out for a late night swim but you were pretty sure it was you. Actually, it was you. But it was for a good cause!

Its so fucking hot.” Jean groaned as he ran his fingers through his damp hair.
“Tell us something we don’t know, Jean.” Eren said rolling his eyes. Jean glared at Eren lazily not in the mood to fight with him. It was far too hot.

It would be you guys’ luck to have a heatwave on the day you have an ODM assessment, hand to hand combat training and extra chores. Due the the scorching temperature, it made everyone really lazy and in a ‘meh’ kind of mood.

Looking around you saw Sasha sprawled out on the floor muttering something about food. Ymir and Krista were on the couch to your right. Ymir had her head laying on Krista’s lap. Jean and Connie were sitting in an open window looking for any kind of breeze. Armin, Mikasa and Eren were sitting on the couch in front of you. Eren had his legs on the coffee table with his hands behind his head. Mikasa didn’t seem to be bothered about the heat and Armin had flushed cheeks and his hair was in the cutest fucking man-bun. Reiner and Bertholdt were trying to fan themselves from the heat sitting at the couch on your left. And you?

You were sprawled upside down on the couch dying from the heat. You felt like you were melting under Satan’s ballsack. Water is what you needed right now. That’s right! Water! You flipped yourself up on the couch making everyone look at you with curious eyes from you sudden gain of energy.

“What’s up, (Name)?” Armin asked curiously.“
"I have an idea..”

You snuck through the halls with your towel tight in hand being careful to not wake anyone or cause a commotion. You were excited for three main reasons:
1.) You all got some well deserved off time.
2.) You got a chance to cool down from earlier.
3.) Hot shirtless guys. I mean come on.

The deal was that everyone met up at the stables so you all could ride out to the lake. The lake was about fifteen minutes away from HQ. It was probably the most relaxing thing you’ve ever encountered. The water was crystal blue and it had a mini waterfall. One the other side of the falling water was a cave that was nice to float in. There were crystal like rocks that made the walls twinkle. The water always seemed to be just the right temperature to cool anyone down.

When you finally got to the stables you found everyone there and you heard excited whispers filled the atmosphere as you walked closer to the group.

“Took you long enough.” Jean said with a playful smile as he elbowed your arm. You punched his chest lightly.
“Shush. I didn’t want to wake anyone.” You said with a smile.
“Alright. Let’s go before Captain shows up and kills us.” Eren said as he got on his horse.
“He’s right.” Connie said while getting up on his horse.

“Hey, (Name). Wanna ride with me?” You turned around and saw Reiner with a smirk on his face.
“You ride like a girl, I wanna go fast.” You said poking his chest. Everyone snickered at your comment making Reiner roll his eyes.

“How about you ride me instead?”
“Not interested, Braun~” You sang and got up on your horse.


You all had arrived at the lake and it was beautiful. The moonlight shined bright illuminating the beautiful blue water. The water seemed to be twinkling. Everyone got off their horses and tied them to a post nearby before racing back to the water.

This was the fun part: Stripping.

The guys spent little time discarding their shirts and shorts leaving them in their trunks and jumping into the lake. They looked pretty fucking hot if we’re being honest here. They all had nice toned bodies but one guy shocked you in particular: Eren. You expected him to be fit but not this fit. He had a full 6 pack and muscled biceps and the V line. He had the fucking V line.

Your cheeks flamed to a hot red when you realized you were staring and saw Eren, Reiner and Jean smirking at you. Jean something that was inaudible then they started to engage in a conversation. They looked hella suspicious.

You shook your head and unbuttoned your shorts sliding them down and stepping out of them, revealing your (favorite color) swim suit bottoms. Then you quickly discarded your shirt, showing your matching top.

“Hey, (Name).” Jean walked up to you with a grin.
“Hi, Jean.” You greeted him but something felt off.
You suddenly felt a hard slap on your ass. You whipped around to see Eren looking terrified but very accomplished at the same time.
“Eren, what the fuck-” You soon felt yourself being picked up bridal style and headed towards the lake. You looked up and saw that your captor was Reiner.

Those sneaky little shits.

“Reiner, you better not!” You yelled as you both got closer and closer to the water.
“Hold on tight.” You heard him say and before you knew it you felt the water consume your body. You swam to the surface and popped your head out of the water and saw everyone laughing at what just happened.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Reiner, Jean and Eren high five each other.

Jerks. They better be happy that they’re attractive.


“Okay, everyone get into teams!” Sasha said.

You all were having a “nice and fair” game of chicken fight. The teams were: Sasha and Connie, Reiner and Krista, Ymir and Bertholdt, Eren and Mikasa and Jean and yourself. Armin was the scorekeeper.

You soon felt yourself being lifted out of the water and on Jean’s shoulders. He rested his hands on your thighs to keep you balanced.
“Hey, I’m finally in between your legs.” Jean said. You could practically hear the grin in his voice.
“You’re so crude.” You said and rested your hands on his head.
“So you know we’re going to have to fight dirty, right?” Jean said and looked up at you.
“Of course.” You smirked.

You all went in rounds and the winner of each round continued on to the final round. The first round was team Mikasa vs. team Krista. Reiner had a big fucking mouth until Mikasa pushed poor Krista off his shoulders in one swift movement. Round two consisted of team Ymir vs. team Sasha. Because Bertholdt was so fucking tall, they had a clear advantage and quickly knocked Sasha off Connie’s shoulders.

The last round was a triple threat. You and Jean, vs. Team Mikasa vs. Team Ymir.

“You ready to get your asses kicked?” Jean asked confidently making Eren roll his eyes at him. Bertholdt kept quiet but Ymir was throwing him a glare.
“Ready? Go!” Armin yelled starting the match.
You all stared at each other waiting for someone to make the first move. Ymir and Mikasa locked hands and started to knock each other off. You and Jean sat back and watched them go at it until surprisingly, Mikasa fell off of Eren’s shoulders. Ymir raised her arms up in victory.

It was time to play dirty.

“Hey, Bert?” You called for him and he looked at you a bit confused. “You look extremely sexy when you’re all wet like that.” You said in your most seductive voice. Bertholdt froze and his face turned a bright shade of red. Ymir looked down at Bert trying to get him to get him to get focused.

This was your chance. Jean charged at Ymir and Bert and you quickly pushed Ymir off his shoulders. You smirked as she hit the water.
“Wooo!” You yelled in happily. A few seconds later she popped her head out the water.
“No fair, (Name)! You can’t use your hotness to win!” She yelled and you just shrugged. “And I think you broke Bertholdt.” She added on with an amused look. He was still in the same spot with wide eyes and a heavy blush.
“Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Jean said.


It was getting late so you all decided to head back to HQ. You guys put back your horses and headed into HQ quietly.

It was quite. Too quiet.

“Hey guys, something feels…off.” Eren said looking around.
“Yeah, I can’t explain it-” Armin was cut off by a strict deep voice.
“Can someone care to tell me why the fuck are you all coming into HQ at this time of night?” Captain Levi stood in front of you all with his arms crossed and a very pissed off look.

“We- um-” You started and looked around uncomfortably.

“He can’t beat all of our asses, run!” You all scattered throughout the hallway and ran your separate ways.

Let’s just say training the next day was a bitch.

AOT Characters As Imagine Dragons Songs

Eren ~ Dream

Armin ~ Smoke and Mirrors

Mikasa ~ Bleeding Out

Annie ~ Lost Cause

Connie ~ Fallen

Sasha ~ Thief

Historia ~ Tiptoe

Ymir ~ I Bet My Life

Jean ~ Summer

Marco ~ Second Chances

Reiner ~ Warriors

Berthtolt ~ My Fault

Levi ~ Battle Cry

Hanji ~ Round and Round

Erwin ~ Who We Are

SNK/AOT: NSFW With Erwin

- He’s very dominant in bed and has a slight daddy and commander kink. It makes him feel even more in charge when you call him either of those and it turns him on.

- He loves fingering you and he does it really well. He has you hold your legs open while one hand is quickly rubbing your clit and the other has two fingers inside of you, pushing deep into you to hit your g-spot. Because of how hard and fast he’s fingering you, it gets hard to hold onto your orgasm and he tends to overstimulate you, but not too much. I guarantee he would be able to make you squirt by fingering you.

- Dry humping is also something that happens pretty often. You come visit him in his office and you two make out, it’ll most likely end up in a dry humping session.

- He’ll fuck you on his desk, it’s something that happens pretty often.

- Two of his big kinks are spanking and hair pulling.

- Erwin’s favorite position is doggy-style.

- He also doesn’t mind when you bite on him, thats something he discovered he enjoys. The small pinch of you biting onto his skin doesn’t bother him much.

- He would much rather receive oral than give it. There have been times that you’ll suck his dick underneath his desk while he has a conversation with someone.

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Now that you're doing gif imagines, do you think you could some of the 104th cadets cuddling their s/o?


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- He’s not very experienced so he likes to explore with things a lot.

- One thing he really enjoys doing is fingering you. Two, sometimes three, fingers will be pushed deep inside of you, curling quickly and harshly. Hearing the noises you make and the slight sounds coming from your entrance, turns him on very quickly. He likes leaning down and sucking on your clit to pleasure you more.

- Eren prefers receiving over giving oral, but when he goes down on you one of his favorite things that you do is pull on his hair. He loves when you pull on it.

- His favorite position is missionary.

- Eren is also quite vocal. Hearing you moan makes him moan.

- If he gets a boner, he’ll pull you into a supply closet and fuck you there if he really needs to. When he’s horny, he doesn’t give a fuck about if anyone hears you. Plus, he always says, “its normal to have sex, its not a crazy thing,” if you ever complain about being heard.

- He gets super embarrassed when you leave hickeys in places that they’re visible to anyone, like on his neck or collarbone. But when he leaves them on you, he’s really smug and slightly cocky about it.

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Do you have headcanons for the 104ths ethnicities? Tbh, I never really liked using first names as a reliable way of ethnicities. If anything, appearance+surnames may be more accurate imo.

I do have some headcanons but not for all the 104ths ^^::

let’s see…

Eren: Turkish and German

Armin: English 

Jean: French and German

Bertholdt: English and German

Connie: American or English

Sasha: Spanish and German

Ymir: Brazilian

Christa/Historia: Swedish 

What music the AOT characters are into...

Eren- Hard Rock

Mikasa-Big Band/Rockabilly(yes 40s&50s music)

Armin-Pop Rock

Jean-Rock(fuckin Linkin Park bro)

Connie-Old School Rap

Shasha-Teen Pop

Bertholdt-Soft Rock

Reiner-East Coast Rap

Annie-A Capella(You cannot tell me no)

Krista/Historia-Bubblegum Pop

Ymir-Alternative Indie

Erwin-Classic Rock


Hanji-Indie Pop

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104th members get turned into little kids thanks to Hanji, Erwin puts Levi and his s/o have to take care of them. Cue hectic day. :)

hi!! i’m going to be doing headcanons since i can’t really figure out a scenario to put along with this.

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