This is a photograph of a fine needle aspirate taken from a round, red, hairless mass on the paw of a dog. The round cells with stippled purple nuclei are histiocytes. There are also two neutrophils with segemented nuclei present in the mix. A histiocytoma is a benign mass that usually goes away on its own but can be surgically removed if it bothers the dog (or the owner).

Army of me

Gawd writing an essay is harder than i thought. Been trying to write one for a whole week. Its the research thats killing me! I thought i did enough, then when i went to write it I realised I hadn’t. Ah well. I still got 2 weeks.

Life is going good at the moment. A few little kinks in the road, but all in all things are working out! Bout time ey!

So writing an essay, learning teeline, learning italian, money is better, bout to pick the witchcraft back up; i miss it, learning alot in this unit. Yay!

Down side, chev has a tumour. Histiocytoma…or something like that. Been to vets. Will keep u updated.

This is a photomicrograph  of cells taken from a red, raised nodule on the top of a dog’s head. There is a basophilic background and several greyish looking cells that are red blood cells. A single neutrophil is located in the  left hand side. Just to the right of the neutrophil is the nuclear remnants of a cell that popped, probably from too much pressure when I made the slide.  The round purple cells are histiocytes which are a type of dendritic cell, that makes this mass a histiocytoma which is a benign type of tumor that usually goes away on its own.