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Wait why doesnt kankri like the signless? sorry about adding to your pile of asks but i am unable to play openbound

“I’m afraid I pers9nally have tr9u6le c9nd9ning his meth9ds. I d9n’t like t9 use the term “pr96lematic” lightly, 6ut, well, his tactics were n9thing if n9t massively pr96lematic, t9 say the least, empl9ying vi9lent uprising t9 effect change, and em6laz9ning his mark up9n hist9ry and his faithful f9ll9wers with the salty fl9urish 9f a single rude, sh9uted swear w9rd, it’s n9t t9 my taste even th9ugh he is wh9 I w9uld have gr9wn up t9 6e in an9ther life.”