Week 6 of College:

-i walked past a dorm room and a black guy throws open the doors, takes a deep breath of fresh air, and opens his mouth and just screams “N****!!!”
-after i was (very noticably) startled, he proceeds to walk very close to me, puts his face very close to mine and whispers “n****.”
- im white
- a guy in my psych class was crossing the street and a car literally almost hits him. he does not move, stares at the car and just says “just run me over. please.”
- my best friend of three years was in an argument with her boyfriend outside my dorm. i go to leave and  the only thing i hear her yell is “STICK. YOUR DICK.
- the aforementioned couple made up, and then the same night were sitting in the library, she goes to put her feet on his lap and he knocks them off, points to his shorts and yells “THESE BITCHES (his shorts) ARE WHITE.” they resumed fighting and have not since made up.
- a friend of mine walks into our 8 am lecture literally 30 seconds before class starts, holds up his water bottle, looks me in the eye, and chugs the whole thing.
-his friend next to him just looks at him and goes “vodka?”
-he just nods and says “yep”

more to follow