hisses and curls protectively around james

Abused (Uberhaxornova Fluff¿)

-For the reader requesting James fluff where the reader is in an abusive relationship, and while the reader is playing video games with James and he starts getting mad then the reader starts panicking and crying and confesses about being abused and he gets really protective over her and comforts her. Hope you enjoy and sorry it took forever, and is short/not very good I tried, ;-; -Caitlin xx

“Fuck yeah, I win again!”, y/n shouts as she wins another round of super smash bros. I furrow my eyebrows looking rather upset i had lost another round.

“Another round.”, i challenge. y/n nods willing to play another round, and hopefully plenty more after that one.

After losing a few more rounds, I become frustrated after a while. Then grow angry as I continue to lose.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”, I yell as she wins again. I notice how she looks a bit nervous and fidgets.

“"I’m sorry, we can play again, I’ll let you win!.”, she says, her tone panicked, tears welling up in her eyes. Instantly I feel bad and wonder why she was like that.

“Y/n what’s wrong?”, I ask softly.

“Please just don’t hurt me.”, she stutters out, holding her arms up to shield her face. I raise an eyebrow and reach over lowering her arms, and frown a bit more as she flinches.

“I’m not going to, why are you acting like this?”, I inquire. Y/n hesitates a bit then takes a deep breath. Then she spills about how her boyfriend abuses her, not leaving out a single detail. I take a deep breath, letting everything she had said sink in before speaking.

“I’m going to kick his ass.”, I hiss. She looks afraid and I remember once again why she’s afraid and shake my head. Carefully I wrap my arms around her, scared to startle her anymore than she already was.

“It’s gonna be okay, he’s not hurting you ever again.”, I promise and she begins to curl up in my arms, less afraid.

“H-How?”, she stutters still not completely comfortable.

“I’m going to protect you. He’ll never hurt you again.”

Thank you James.“,she says softly.

"Don’t thank me. You’re my friend and I’m not letting him hurt a friend.”, I say, stroking her hair softly. Y/n closes her eyes, her breathing calmer as she nods, lips curled up in a slight smile.