He has filled me with such an ungodly love,
how strange, for it is a love only meant for a God.

A devastating king of the haunted dawn, with His
piercing arrows carried on by the jealous howls of the wind,
a raven sits on a nearby tree, her eyes looking towards a road
she knows what is to come, a tragedy that He had
foretold in her waiting ear.

A boy with a love of flowers and Gods, holds his words
in his hands, clasped together, smothered in ink and
blood that makes him ache.
Prayers escape his lips, a name he whispers over and over as it clutches his heart and pulls it out.
The boy reaches for his beads made of thorns, wrapping them
around his bruised, yet pale wrist.

A devotion takes hold of him, choking him,
He does not scream, only a mere tear leaves a trail on his cheek.
The raven soars through the sky, landing on the ledge of a broken window,
as the boy whispers the God’s name one last time, a crow echoes through
his ears, a smile falls on his lips,
“What a beautiful pleasure,” he thought, “it has been to worship you,”
The boy looked to the window, his eyes falling beyond the raven,
“You must know-” he choked up, gasping for another breath,
“You must know, that I am yours, heart and soul.” 

- O, What Devotion? // r.s. | poemsandmyths