Republican GOP front runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are campaigning around Florida this week hoping to gain popularity among Hispanic voters in the state. Ads shown this week show both Romney and Gingrich speaking Spanish hoping to connect with the Hispanic population in order to gain valuable votes for the upcoming primary. The real question here I propose to Hispanics and people of the Latino community is, do you feel that either candidate really has genuine interest in your rights? Furthermore if you do, which one would you vote for, in order to ensure the rights of your community will be upheld? Food for thought. (Liv24)

This is the illest planned follow forever. Only because I’m the illest.


thiccmom - Char, you’re the apple of my eye. Talking to you has to be one of the best decisions I’ve made because you are a lovely, humorous person. You’re like, literal sunshine. I swear. I can’t wait until we actually get to meet up :’)

vansau - Kaelyn, wet-cereal, Doug, I love you. We’ve been talking for around a month but you’ve already become a close friend. I can’t believe you got me into Lilo again. I blame it all on you. You’re definitely one of my most gorgeous friends and I definitely hope we stay friends. (You just sent me a fic link btw)

lcuigi - Samia…bye…ily. We discuss fics so much and I swear we’re the shadiest people I know. I love fucking around with you and even though we drag each other most of the time, ily and you have a special place in my heart. Ugh

niallthedinglehopper - Gabby!!!!! I love you! Ohmy god half the time we talk, we’re just shouting shit about Niall and I love it so much. You’re definitely one of the chillest people I know and I hope we stay friends for like, forever.

hurricaneniall - bb!????!!!! Jade! You’re so refreshing to talk to and we haven’t been talking long but I hope we keep talking!!

geminizayn - Gina you’re so cool and beautiful. Too cool for me tbh. We don’t talk much but when we do, it’s pretty ducking awesome and ily!

haramzain - we we’ve been talking for like, two days and you’re already my best friend I love you

(Basically people I interact with alot)

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(I’m not bolding anyone because I wanna talk to you all I’m just really antisocial .)


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If I didn’t add you to this ff its mostly because I started making this in the beginning of January!

i never really make follow forever’s and i think this might be the second one i’ve ever done in the whole 2-3 years ive been on this site so i thought it was about time to make another one, so yeah i just wanted to let you guys know that i love y’all and you’re all amazing, i’m so so sorry if i forgot some people which i probably did i still love y’all though<3

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I decided to do a end-of-the-year follow forever! (this is my first ever ff) Thank you all for making my dash worth scrolling through and thank you to everyone that follows and puts up with me, you rock!! 


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i don’t think i properly thanked you all for 4.5k !!! so thank you !!! ♡ ♡ ♡

especially thank you to the people below (basically a mini follow forever)

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also thanks to my wonderful networks !!! and everyone in them !!! &
sorry if i missed anyone (which i obviously did bc its so tiny) i am trash
i tried to do this off the top of my head and i can't remember urls ok !!