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Origin: Bonita Juarez was raised as a devout catholic in Buena Vista in New Mexico. From college she went into the career of social work, determined to make a difference as a social worker. Involved in many religious and youth orientated projects, Bonita helped fund, create and maintain many that helped out the communities she was working in. After a disagreement with members of her church concerning cutting some of the churches social programming, Bonita wished to clear her head by getting away from everything, and embracing the isolation of the desert. Bonita Juarez then gained superpowers when she was hit by a ball of cold fire that came out of the sky. The fireball contained extraterrestrial radiation that gave Bonita energy-wielding powers. Initially fearful that this was the devils work, Juarez eventually believed that the fireball was from the Firebird, a creature of Native American lore. After stopping some common criminals robbing a convenience store, she stopped them with her new found abilities, because of this Juarez decided to become a superhero and call herself Firebird. One day, Firebird received a call that was actually meant for the Avengers. Firebird got to the source of the call and, along with five other superheroes, fought the Corruptor. Together, the heroes defeated the corruptor and decided to band together as the Southern States local hero-team, the Rangers. Firebird was next seen when she fought Master Pandemonium alongside the West Coast Avengers. After the successful battle, Mockingbird was impressed by Firebird’s abilities and wanted her to join the West Coast Avengers. The rest of the West Coast Avengers agreed so they went to look for her in the Southwest. Firebird later returned to the Avengers West Coast’s mansion under a new alias: La Espirita, “the spirit" in Spanish.

Fun fact: She talked Hank Pym from committing suicide.

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Did you guys ever hear of Fray Tormenta? He was a priest in mexico that became a masked wrestler to raise money for children in need… He had to wrestle masked cause people wouldnt take him seriously if they knew he was a priest. 
(Jack Black’s Nacho Libre is loosely based on his life)

“…he supported an orphanage for 23 years as a lucha libre wrestler. While performing, he wore a red and yellow mask and used the ring name Fray Tormenta. He made only sporadic in-ring appearances in the 2000s before retiring completely from wrestling in July 2011, but still wears his mask even in his duties as a priest.” (X)

Fray Tormenta by badwhitney

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month - The Watcher 2015 - YouTube

Hey Marvel released a video celebrating all of the Hispanic characters appearing their new books. This is awesome! Time to read the comments and destroy my soul.

[Image: Question from claudyhoof1525. Text reads: At first, I only admired you for being the first Hispanic superhero I’ve ever come to know… I liked the representation. Poder Mexicano, ese! But after getting into your backstory and all, IM A HUGE FANGIRL!!!!!! WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING!!! 😭😍😳😝]


[Image: Jaime wearing a Mexican flag shirt, winking and with a fist up.]

JR: I’m glad you found representation in a superhero like me! Even if people don’t see my face that much as Blue Beetle…

JR: Jajaja, y besos por ser mi fanática!

[Translation from Spanish: Hahah, and kisses for being my fangirl!]


Ghost Rider (Alejandra Jones)    //  Marvel Comics

During the 2011 crossover story arc “Fear Itself” in several Marvel Comics titles, a Nicaraguan woman named Alejandra becomes Ghost Rider through a ritual performed by a man named Adam, in Ghost Rider vol. 7 #1

Though she demonstrated many previous unknown powers of the Ghost Rider entity, she was deprived of its full power when Johnny Blaze took back most of this power. (X)

1st Appearance Ghost Rider #1 - Give Up The Ghost (2011)


Isabella Ortiz, We Are Robin (2015)  //  DC Comics

Username: Robina

Age 17. Current student at Middletown South. GPA 3.2. Transferred to Gotham sophomore year. Excels at language. Bilingual, but also studying French and Latin. Attendance problems sophomore year. 

Hobbies include dancing, gymnastics, singing, Judo, and kick-boxing.

Parents are Umberto Ortiz and Maria Fernanda Santiago. Two siblings. Older brother, Hector, and younger sister, Mia. (X)

Art by Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez


Wendy Watson (Portrayed by Natalie Morales) //  The Middleman (2008) 

A struggling female artist is recruited by a secret agency to fight against evil forces. The Middleman is a freelance fixer of “exotic problems”, which include mad scientists bent on taking over the world, hostile aliens and various supernatural threats. 

Because of Wendy Watson’s coolness under pressure and photographic memory, Ida, a robot in the form of a grumpy schoolmarm, and the Middleman recruit her to become the next Middleman. (X)

Isabel Guerra  // Paranatural, by Zack Morrison

Isabel and her family are spectrals; humans with the ability to see and interact with ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural beings. She works with a secret organization in her school called the Paranatural Activity Club to fight and contain aggressive spirits, and is considered the best fighter among them. 

Confident and boastful, she works hard to keep the town safe from threats (perhaps a little too hard) and prove herself in her grandfather’s eyes.

Spectrals often fight with tools, which are items possessed by spirits that the user can channel their power through. Isabel’s is a book possessed by the spirit Eightfold that grants her the power to manipulate paper. 

She also studies the Spectral Fist, a fighting technique of her grandfather’s that allows her to make constructs from her own spectral energy, though this can only affect spirits and other spectrals.

Find the webcomic at  paranatural.net

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