Fun things to do when Donald is inaugurated
  • Never, EVER call him “president”, it strips the most powerful title in the world away from him and it will drive him insane, call him “Klansman” “Bozo” “Jackass” just anything BUT president
  • NEVER call him “Trump”, instead, do as John Oliver made popular, call him “Drumpf” it strips away the power of “Trump” (there’s Chrome and Firefox extensions to help change any “Trump” to “Drumpf”)
  • Vote in the 2018 mid-term elections. Fill it up with Democrats so his life will be made a living hell (and hopefully impeached)
  • Be proud of whatever the hell you are, whether it be Hispanic, Black, LGBT, poor, young a woman, just be proud in the fact that you are everything that Jackass Drumpf isn’t
  • Do everything you can to have the fucking Electoral College get rid of (it’s fucked us over too many times and is un-democratic)
  • Get your ass out to vote in the 2020 Democratic primaries and election, get his ass out of office with someone who actually represents America
  • Make fun of him and mock him to no end

Laurie Hernandez is making history at just 16 years old!! The New Jersey native is the 1st U.S.-born Hispanic athlete to make the U.S. women’s gymnastics Olympic team since 1984👏🏽 🇵🇷🏅

**not my gifs @mustafinesse**

*source: http://www.nbcolympics.com/news/who-laurie-hernandez

Just a reminder:

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote In the Heights to prove that Latinos aren’t knife wielding criminals.

Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t want to focus on the guy selling drugs on the corner, he wanted to focus on the guy who owns the corner store.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latinos in college.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latinos wishing to change the world.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latino business owners.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show even though Latino culture is different, we are still legitimate Americans.

Lin-Manuel Miranda set In the Heights happen during July 3rd to July 5th.

Lin-Manuel Miranda shows the barrio celebrating the 4th of July.

Lin-Manuel Miranda also shows the barrio being incredibly prideful of their country of origin.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is saying being proud of one country does not invalidate the love for another.

In the Heights is as much of an American Musical as Hamilton

I’m so happy that Bernie Sanders is speaking up about this. I’m happy he is on our side. And yes, there are a lot of us that voted against “Donald” and if we fight together we CAN become his worst nightmare.

Gay? Arm yourself.
Bi? Arm yourself.
Trans? Arm yourself.
Black? Arm yourself.
Hispanic or Latino? Arm yourself.
Asian? Arm yourself?
White? Arm yourself.
Native American? Arm yourself.
A woman? Arm yourself.
A man? Arm yourself.
Disabled? Arm yourself.
Discriminated at all? Arm yourself.

When you have a gun, you don’t get bashed. Protect yourself against hate.

Racist customers stiff Latina waitress, write 'We only tip citizens' on check

‘I was born here’

Elledge is of Honduran and Mexican descent, but she was born in the US.

“it doesn’t really matter if I’m Hispanic or American, whatever you want to call it, I’m still a person, you should still treat me with respect.”

To some Americans if you are not white, you are not American.That you are a born American citizen,makes no difference to them. Funny thing is that, the REAL Americans are the Native Americans and they are not white, nor is their original language “english”.

Being nasty to some 18 year old based on nothing more than her appearance…they deserve to be outed for exactly what they are, racists. 

Shout out to the mixed kids who never felt close to the cultures they come from. Shout out to the mixed kids who don’t know the native language(s) at all or fluently and get shamed for it. Shout out to the mixed kids who were never really immersed in their family culture(s) and their for don’t know anything or very little about where they come from. Shout out to the mixed kids who felt connected to one side of their culture than the other(s). Shout out to the mixed kids who get shamed for wearing or celebrating something unique to the culture(s) because they “don’t look like they’re from there/like that race”. Shout out to the mixed kids whose own family called them “fake”. Shout out to the mixed kids who never felt like they belonged.
—  To me and the “fake” mixed kids

No matter what Trump or his followers try and convince you of, remember that you are:

  • valid
  • loved
  • important
  • valued
  • heard
  • appreciated
  • supported
  • strong
  • alive

if you are a woman, person of color, lgbt+, muslim, hispanic, jewish, mexican, disabled, an immigrant, living in poverty, or any other minority—this is for you. stay strong, stick together and stay alive. a trump presidency is not worth your life. remember that this is only temporary, you are not alone, and that this is not the end.