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Waiter asked Latina women for “proof of residency” before taking their order

  • A waiter at a Southern California restaurant has been fired after asking a group of Latina women to provide “proof of residency” before taking their drink order, the Washington Post reported Sunday. 
  • On March 11, Diana Carrillo visited Saint Marc restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, with her sister and two friends. 
  • In a subsequent Facebook post, she recalled that the waiter had explained, “Yeah, I need to make sure you’re from here before I serve you.” Read more. (3/19/2017 12:14 PM)

Uber’s first diversity report is getting roasted for its nicknames for minority employees

  • After a period marred by reports of abuse and other PR disasters, Uber released its first diversity report on Tuesday. The numbers of nonwhite, nonmale employees are on par with its peers — that is, equally abysmal.
  • The predominantly white and male company also included in its report a breakdown of its employee resource groups, or ERGs. “These groups are working on exciting new ways to improve our culture,” the report read — a culture currently under fire (and in the midst of an investigation) for allegations of workplace harassment.
  • The diversity report is making waves, but not because of its data. On Twitter, people were quick to point out some of the tone-deaf language and names used to identify minority groups in the ERGs — like UberHUE, the group for black employees, and Shalom, a group for Jews. Read more. (3/28/17, 3:29 PM)
Hate Has No Home Here

For those of you sending hate, for those of you thinking of sending hate, and for those of you passing over my blog who have in the past sent hate:

hate has no home here.

to my muslim followers

my jewish followers

my black followers

my latino followers

my asian followers

my lgbtqa+ followers

and to those who don’t follow me, but need a safe space

hate has no home here.

i am honored to know and talk to so many of you on this site who are constantly fighting with and for causes, be they individual, personal, or broad, and i applaud you all on your bravery, your pursuit, and your compassion.

but since i have recently been made aware of hate mail being spread to some of my followers, and to those who don’t follow me, i want it to be made very clear. this blog will not tolerate that. and this blog will report any sort of violation to anyone’s safety and wellbeing, should it be threatened by bigoted views and actions.

hate has no home here  

Selena Appreciation post!

It’s that time of year again where the Hispanic/Latino dies a little more inside. March 31st will always be a painful day for us. it’s been 22 years since the passing of Selena and I’m still not ok. she will forever be in our heart’s and her music will forever play on. regardless of who you are… take a second and reblog.

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I’m so happy that Bernie Sanders is speaking up about this. I’m happy he is on our side. And yes, there are a lot of us that voted against “Donald” and if we fight together we CAN become his worst nightmare.