hispanic singers

today in fighting with gringos in facebook
  • article: *justin bieber forgot desapacito's lyrics*
  • fan: omg do you know how hard is to speak in another language??? not all singers would sing another language than their own
  • me: most hispanic speaking singers have songs in english and know the language, also korean starts sing in english too.
  • fan: shut up they're not as famous as justin so it doesn't count, you don't understand.
  • me: uhh shakira, enrique iglesias, selena, should i go on?
  • fan: fuck your at least he sings in more languages than you
  • me: i sing in Spanish, English, a bit of korean and german.
  • *ill consider the silence as a win*

anonymous asked:

18? 35?

18. Have you ever told someone you loved them?

i feel like this question should be “who havent you said i love u to” (i say ily a lot and i mean it every single time but when i say I love you then thats like ,,, the real deal ya feel me)

35. Did you have a dream last night?

yeah it was really weird. my parents got a divorce and my mom went on that tinder app thing and started dating this hispanic pop singer and he had a big mustache that he called guacamole 

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