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Confession: I’m a middle school teacher in an “urban” school. I’m 26 and due to my age I’m usually able to relate to the kids. I have two 8th grade Black male students around 13 years old. Both of them are interested in dating Hispanic or Asian girls. The school is majority Hispanic/Latino. There are some Black girls there but these boys tend to make fun of the Black girls that ask them out.

I asked them if they liked Black girls since one of them has a Hispanic girlfriend. They both said no. I was surprised and then asked them why not. They said Black girls are ghetto and mean. I then told them Hispanic girls can also be ghetto and mean. They said “but you can train Hispanic girls and you can work with them – you can’t do nothing with Black girls.” The Hispanic girls in the room (there were no Black girls) giggled at their response. They’re always trying to play with the long hair of the Hispanic girls and they chase them. They even told me that they tore up a love letter a Black girl sent to them and laughed and said they would never go out with her.

As a Black woman, I just thought about what our Black boys who later become Black men are learning from each other. They internalize these stereotypes and then blame all of us. I couldn’t convince them to like Black girls but I knew if I was a little Black girl at the school, I wouldn’t have a boyfriend. I would be stereotyped and made to feel ugly. I’m a millennial and I’m very concerned about the mentality of children born after the year 2000.

Disobedient Puppies Get Punished
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  • Pairings: Ryan Haywood/Ray Narvaez Jr., (IMPLIED) Michael Jones/Geoff Ramsey, (IMPLIED) Gavin Free/Dan Gruchy
  • WARNINGS: smutsmutsmutsmut Pet AU, Pet/Master, Blow Jobs, Rimming, Cock Rings, the whole nine yards.
  • SUMMARY: Ray is legally deemed to be the pet of Ryan Haywood, although he isn’t fond of the whole “being owned” idea. Ryan then shows him what it is like whenever pets are rude and disrespectful to their master.
  • WORD COUNT: 5185

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