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Here are the photos from the Bungou (Bungo) Stray Dogs shoot that I did with KittyBear Cosplay & her group. This group of three was so much fun to shoot and there was quite a few giggles during shooting. Thank you all for being so patient with me and my slow camera. Please show respect for any and all cosplayers shown in the photos. If you see yourself or someone you know then feel free to tag yourself, or them. If you wish to use any of these photos for your own social media accounts feel free, but please do not remove my watermark and please give credit to me, Con-chan Photography. If you use a photo on Instagram this page’s Instagram is @conchanphotography .

Hello Everyone!

I am calling all writers, poets, visual artists, and any other artist to help me in creating an online newsletter. The theme of the newsletter will be capturing the experience of the lgbtq+ community, and other minority groups such as African Americans, Muslims, and Hispanics.
I am really hoping to capture these lives in an artistic way and present them to the world. If anyone is interested, please message me and I would love to see your voice.

Please, only love and peace. I want this to be a safe space.


TÅW // drinkupwitchess


We’ve had a great response to the #nprcensus assignment! Here are a couple of our favorites so far. 

There’s still time to participate in this #newboom project. Calling all millennials (ages 18-34) – we want your selfies! Write on a mirror or hold up a sign with your Census categories on one side and your preferred categories on the other. Tag it #nprcensus and you might see your submission on NPR.org or NPR social media channels.

Photo credits: @ecila_z@nadijams, @sscottie@reveles@msphillockwood