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SHOUT OUT to all them POC queer girls…..like y'all must have it real fucking rough. Cause you get shit for being female, you get shit for being POC, you get shit for being LGBT. So this is a shout out to all of you. You are real and you are valid. I love all of you cause I cannot possibly imagine the struggle you all go through.

Okay but can you guys do me a favor?? Can we all go watch Pixars new movie coco when it comes out?? It’s pretty rare for us to see Mexican Latino and/or Hispanic culture represented in media especially in children’s things such as cartoons or movies. And it seems to really encapture the spirit of dia de los muertos well and do it properly. So please for me and all the other Hispanic kids out there who grew up without representation in the media let’s support the hell out of this movie and make sure we eventually get to a point where kids of all kinds could see themselves in movies and cartoons.

I'm so tired - A Black Girls Ode

I’m tired of the stereotypes
Black girls are
“Too dark”
“Not desirable”

I’m tired of the hair hate
“Wannabe white”

I’m tired of the skin hate
Like we’re on opposing teams…

I’m tired of the hate for liking out of race
“Black guys”(Who sometimes don’t even want us)
“White guys”
“Asian guys”
“Hispanic guys”
And forever wondering if said guy will even like us back

I’m tired of being told I can’t be
“ A geek”
“A nerdy”
“A gamer”
“Good at school”
“A princess”
“Or a Queen”

Or can’t have
“A stable family”
“Good grades”
“Drama free love life”
“Normalcy of any sort”

Or I can’t like
“Comic books”
“Video games”
“Indie music”
“Pop music”
“Rock music”
Anything other than Rap/R&B

I’m tired of the names and things said
“White girl in a black girls body”
“I don’t date black girls”
“You’re pretty for a black girl”
“You talk/act white”
“You’re not like the rest”
“I like chocolate”
“You’re my Nubian princess” (Like we are food or a prize to be won)

I’m so tired
…. Of constantly trying to prove myself
….. Always explaining myself
….. Trying to keep my voice down
….. Being too dark
…… Or too light
…… Steering away from stereotypes
….. Being treated like less than
….. “No I don’t have kids” “Nit currently or planning to be pregnant”
….. “No you cannot touch my hair”
….. Yes I live with both my mom and dad
…… “Nubian princess”
….. Keeping my hands to myself in a store so I don’t get accused of stealing
…… Social media and News representation
…… Being a fetish
…… Being wary of cops when I’ve done nothing wrong
…… Knuckling under
…… Black on black hate

I’m so tired of fighting

My skin color and hair does not, has not, and will not ever represent me.
I am in touch with my black and Haitian roots but none of it defines me unless I say it does.
No matter I do or say people will still see me that way. I’m so tired of people not even seeing who I am but what they perceive me to be solely based on my skin.

I’m so very tired, BUT, too many people (men, women, and people of every race) have fought too long, prayed too hard, and died too often for us to GIVE UP because we’re TIRED! No, this is when we push even harder, because if we’re tired so are they, but now we have one foot in the door ^3^

Alright, as much of an ass as he is, being Canadian myself I couldn’t not draw Jean-Jacques. I mean, everything about him is making me laugh since the beginning, be it the fact that he has the name of a 65 year old man, or that since it’s french, the way his last name is pronounced literally means “the king”, or the fact that the sponsorship logo on is arm is just the Canadian Tire logo upside down… I don’t know about the other characters, but it seems the show put a lot of efforts to hide little easter eggs and it makes me really happy and for that reason I can only love JJ. I felt bad to see him crack under the pressure…

Yeah, some say I got the hood sanitized
They only scandalized, they ain’t never seen Hispanic guys
Without smackin’ their wives or packin’ knives,
Or havin’ real lives. I went online just to analyze

The rate of crime up in Washington Heights?
Yo the crime rate’s twice as high on the Upper East Side
[No!] Yeah! That shit was astoundin’ to me. I ain’t
Never seen no slangin’ or bangin’ in Woody Allen movies

Do me a favor, set the beef to the side
Is it alright for me to rep my people with pride?
Kids to see Latinos in a positive light?
For tourists to ride up to Washington Heights
Without lockin’ they car doors tight? Maybe buyin’

A piragua from the guy, you know, the man on the side of
Riverside Drive, and seein’ life through his eyes, he’s just
Like you and I, he’s just tryin’ to get by, he’s just
Tryin’ to move up and out and get in here

I want you to hear the music that I hear

whats funnier than people using rick sanchez as a mascot for their homophobic, ableist, racist bullshit?

like. y’all realise you idolise a show made by an autistic guy whose two main characters are heavily autistic coded and that rick’s a pansexual hispanic guy… right?

Tony Revolori deserves love and respect.

Y’all. I really don’t understand why death threats are/were being sent to Tony Revolori for playing Flash Thompson. 

From my understanding, Flash Thompson is a canonically white boy who’s Peter Parker’s bully. Tony, conversely, is Hispanic (he’s of Guatemalan descent), who plays Flash as Peter’s rival and he has been ‘re-imagined’ for modern audiences.

Tony Revolori, this amazingly talented man, has worked Wes Anderson (one of the most brilliantly amazing, auteur directors) on The Grand Budapest Hotel. This movie was nominated for Academy Awards and won 4 out of them. Furthermore, he’s worked on amazing films such as Umrika, Dope and Table 19 (I highly suggest you watch them, he’s amazing in them) and he’s such a phenomenal actor. He’s worked incredible hard on his films and I couldn’t be more proud of him. For instance in Umrika, he plays Lalu, the best friend of Suraj Sharma (from the Life of Pi). Tony had to learn Hindi, which isn’t even his native language, and he worked for like 8 hours a DAY to learn Hindi and in the end, it was all worth it, for this film was a masterpiece.

Some of you ungrateful sods can’t even study properly for 8 hours a day. 

Spider-Man Homecoming was widely praised because about how realistic it was. Tony Revolori portrayed Flash in such an amazing and realistic way, I was actually blown away. We’re talking about a guy who was in an OSCAR WINNING FILM. Now, what is more realistic? A skinny, tall, white, blonde guy who bullies Peter Parker? OR. A non-skinny, short, hispanic guy who thinks of Peter as his RIVAL? I was talking with a friend of mine and we came to similar conclusions:

1. The second one casts an Guatemalan guy as an iconic, well known character, people lose their shit. God forbid you have one less white guy in the Spider-man universe.
2. Y’all ain’t gonna die if a Hispanic portrays a more realistic bully than another other white male in the other Spider-man movies.
3. You guys (whoever sent Tony death threats and hate mail) literally shit on him because he. isn’t. WHITE. 

And when I try to defend Tony, or even show an ounce of love to him, you call me ‘obsessed’. Hon, we’re all obsessed. You guys can stan Tom Holland and write wild anon™ stuff about him, but when I stan Tony Revolori and talk about what a cutie he is, I’m obsessed? I have no taste in guys? 

The hypocrisy.

Conclusion: Tony Revolori deserves love and respect. He doesn’t deserve to be degraded from an being an Oscar winner, to being sent death threats over an accurate portrayal of a bully in modern times. You racist shitbags can go fuck yourselves. And it’s incredibly sickening to see the despicable way in which Tony is treated. I am personally disgusted on how disgustingly foul and revolting some of the ‘fans’ can be.

Tony, if you ever do read this, know that I love you and respect you for who you are. You are an amazingly phenomenal actor and I’m sorry you had to deal with such an awful experience. Keep being an amazingly magnificent person like you are. Feel free to hmu whenever and send me a DM

PS: for people who don’t believe me that he received death threats, read here (x)