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few things that come to mind when going through any supergirl tags

1. i have seen qualities in mon el that are the same qualities other characters in other tv shows have but are loved and adored by their fans

2. i’m pretty sure a lot of popular ships are categorized in the hate/love ships, where two people can’t stand each other but end up in love with each other

3. maggie sawyer in the show is hispanic but the actress isn’t but not many people talk about that

4. i would love if kara was with lena or mon el because to me she has chemistry with both actors (i mean katie has chemistry with every person she acts with but that’s another topic) but i’ve never really felt the chemistry between kara and james

5. i actually love winn and mon el and think they provide comedic relief for the show

6. to me mon el relates to damon salvatore because their both kind of assholes in the beginning but then fall in love with a girl that changes him for the better

7. women can be in relationships and be independent and strong, it’s insulting to say that women who love love and are in relationships make them seem weak and dependent, i don’t see people saying alex dating maggie messes up her independence and badass qualities but if kara dates a man than she’s weak which is the bad message to send

and there’s a lot more that comes to mind but these are a just a few, but the bottom line to me is the supergirl fandom seems really toxic and hateful and i honestly have trouble going through tags without seeing hate

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do you personally think mare could be played by any actress or would you only accept her if she was a woc? (cause from what i've seen many people want latino actress to play her but in the book it was never mentioned that she's dark like exotic. just that her skin is not as white as silvers'.)

Note: Hello, anon! I am so so so glad you asked me this. Let me start out by saying, I am white, gray eyes, brown hair. I recognize myself how privileged I am to fit into just about any YA book and movie out there, and I absolutely recognize the lack of POC where it should be demanded.  *sorry for a late reply, but I’ve been collecting links*

I personally think Mare needs to be played by a POC/mixed actress. You’re correct in saying that many people want a Hispanic/Latino actress to play Mare, even @vaveyard herself said she sees Mare as someone like Lindsey Morgan or Victoria Justice. She also said casting someone white could be strange, but they don’t need to specifically be half/fully Hispanic/Latino (Zoe Kravitz or Malese Jow were used as examples before too)

This kind of goes with the way I personally think as well. Mare should not be whitewashed, but she doesn’t need to be strictly Hispanic/Latino either. Norta is very far into the future, and they would not have the exact same races as we do now, they would be very mixed versions of what exists today. 

Mare’s own family is interracial, where her mom has brown skin like her, but her dad and sister do not. She not exactly dark skinned, she’s described as having “olive” and “brown” skin in the books, a few times actually. It is very easy for readers to read over the way a character looks because we like to shape them into what we see ourselves. Personally, I always imagined Mare as myself while reading, and didn’t think of race until I thought about a movie casting, and even then I always thought of Lindsey Morgan who is actually the first “fancast” @vaveyard ever gave us

While @vaveyard was writing Red Queen, she didn’t really picture her characters enough to think of their skin tone, so the reason the debate happened before we get the “brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin” quote in Glass Sword (so no, she’s not white) was because she had to go back in and add appearances to the characters. 

So, super basically, Mare is not “super dark” or exotic like you say (although I highly suggest not referring to anyone as exotic), but she’s certainly not white. There’s no shortage of mixed race girls who can play Mare I’m sure, and I really want to see Hollywood, not f*** up the races of characters any more than they already have. So ya, I’d be a bit upset if Mare was cast as a white actress, but not as upset as the young girls who have no one to represent them because of whitewashed entertainment (another huge reason why she needs to be a WOC).

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Thats cuz directors and producers still think whiteness ia beautiful and cant possibly see that dark skinned, dark hair women are beautiful and are fucking kick ass actresses like hellooooo!!! Viola davis! I think we need more hispanic actresses too, and not fucking jlo. Im tired of seeing the same mediocre actresses over and over. I mean why is scarjo in everything? And it's not just actresses why are superheroes always white het males? Thank God for black panther.

Black panther is gonna single handedly cure my depression and fuel my lesbianism


Big Hero Five, Because Baymax Didn’t Fit. 

Couldn’t decide if I wanted it to be a day scene or a night scene, so I tried both ways. The day version is definitely less eye-seering.

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about changing the ethnicity of these five (originally asian), but as far as I see it, they changed the group to be even more diverse. Asian, black, white, Hispanic (if the voice actress is anything to go on), and mixed race? Yes please.    

April Lee Hernandez (born January 31, 1980) is an American film and television actress. She has also been credited as April L. Hernandez and April Hernandez Castillo. She is a born-again Christian.

Hernandez grew up near the Grand Concourse in The Bronx. She is of Puerto Rican descent and has described herself as a “strong Latina”. Went to Aquinas High School in the Bronx, New York then Hernandez studied nutrition in Hunter College, but dropped out to pursue a comedy career after being inspired by John Leguizamo’s off-Broadway production Mambo Mouth. Hernandez is married to Jose Castillo. The couple welcomed a daughter, Summer Rose, on September 30, 2012.

Aside from performing stand-up comedy, she has also appeared in several commercials, as well as on the television series ERLaw & Order, and 30 Rock. In June 2010 she was cast for the American cult series Dexter. She appeared in the television series Person of Interest episode Legacy, which aired on January 18, 2012, in which she played an attorney who had turned her life around after a checkered childhood.

She is known for her role in the 2007 drama Freedom Writers, in which she played Eva, based on real-life high school student Maria Reyes. Hernandez has said that she was “determined” to be cast in Freedom Writers. She admires Jennifer Lopez, and has stated that Lopez “opened the door for me so that I don’t have to take certain roles” as a Hispanic-American actress.

C: I would like to see a black girl in a relationship with other people of color on a TV show. It’s always white dudes and I be super confused. There are hot Asian, Hispanic, Arab, actors/actresses out there. Don’t get me wrong, I like black love and all that but the fact is black women are the least likely to step out our race and I’m kind of sick of seeing white men being the only “progressive” relationship TV shows can think of.

after making a post about with statistics about black oscar nominees/winners, i was asked to do it for other PoC so here you go, a compilation post  

since the academy awards began in 1929:  

a black man has been nominated for best leading actor 20 times 

  • out of these 20 nominations, there are only 13 different black men who have been nominated  
  • only twice were more than one black actor nominated in the same year 
  • out of these 20 nominations, only four won (not including Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is nominated this year and will hopefully win) 
  • out of these 20 nominations, 16 were for roles that had to be played by black men (i.e. they were based on real people or the storyline called for it) 
  • Out of the mere 4 roles in which the actor being black was not specifically required, only 2 roles could really have realistically been played by an actor of another racewithout it being awkward/unrealistic/changing the story (Denzel Washington in Flight, and Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption) 

a black woman has been nominated for the academy award for best leading actress 10 times 

  • only once was more than one black actress nominated in the same year 
  • out of these 10 nominations, only one won 
  • every single role required a black actress 

an asian man has been nominated for best leading actor 3 times 

  • out of those three nominations, two won 
  • only two different asian men have been nominated
  • out of those three nominations, all three had to be played by asian men 
  • there have never been more than one asian man nominated in the same year 
  • the last time an asian man was nominated for best leading actor was 11 years ago 

an asian woman has been nominated for best leading actress 

1 time 

  •  no asian woman has ever won the oscar for best leading actress 
  • the role did not require an asian actress 
  • the last time an asian woman was nominated for best leading actress was 79 years ago

a latino or hispanic man (including those born in and outside the US) has been nominated for best leading actor 10 times 

  • of those 10 nominations, only 1 won 
  • of those 10 nominations, only 6 different men were nominated 
  • of those 10 nominations, 4 had to be played by hispanic/latino men
  • at least half of the men nominated have been white-passing (this is not just an opinion: they played specifically white characters such as italians and greeks) 

a latina or hispanic woman (including those born in and outside the US) has been nominated for best leading actress 

4 times 

  • no hispanic or latina actress has ever won the oscar for best actress 
  • every role nominated required a hispanic or latina actress 

do you see the problems here?

  1. ridiculously low number of PoC nominees, and even lower number of PoC winners  
  2. lack of opportunities presented to PoC actors: the roles that do not specify a race are overwhelmingly given to white actors, leaving only the PoC-specific roles for PoC actors 
  3. the number of movies starring PoC people or with the cast being a majority PoC, but not about their race, is stunningly low 
I went on a Twitter rampage

But I’d like to just voice my thoughts a little more coherently here.

It is true that I care very little about the TMI TV show right now. I was wildly pessimistic before, though casting has opened my mind a little more, solely because I feel like the characters are being done justice, at least visually/demeanor-wise. I don’t want to get too attached to the idea since we saw how that worked out with the movie. I’m kind of just keeping all the news at arms length and trying not to get excited or into it so I won’t hate my life if the show, in fact, sucks.

That said, I’ve seen a lot of fandom friction on Twitter because people are not happy with the Simon and Isabelle casting. Which I don’t entirely understand. Isabelle was cast as a Hispanic actress named Emeraude Toubia and Simon as a Hispanic actor named Alberto (I don’t know his surname, but his Twitter handle is @arosende). 

So for those of you who don’t know, I come from a Colombian father and Italian mother (who spent the first ten or so years of her life in Venezuela). Additionally, I live in Miami where Hispanics are the dominant group while all other races/ethnicities are very scarce. I’m SURROUNDED by Hispanic culture everywhere I go. All my teachers have been Hispanic, my doctors, my dentists, my waiters and waitresses, cashiers, friends, bosses, coworkers, etc. And it’s actually really jarring to leave Miami because things change DRASTICALLY when the dominant group becomes white. I like to say “From West Palm and down, you’re in a sea of brown,” because it’s true. Central and Northern Florida is completely white. Miami and parts of South Florida is where you’ll find a dense Hispanic presence. 

That to say, Hispanic culture isn’t just a thing I get from my dad. Even though I have an Italian mother, my world is Hispanic. And it’s still very hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that the entire US is not like this. That I can go to the Midwest and not see any brown people. Or that if I leave Florida, someone will look at my skin and eyes and assume I’m a Mexican. 

I want you guys to think about how Hispanics are represented in fiction, which is a thing we were actually discussing in my sociology class a few weeks ago (Cuban professor, by the way. And predominantly Hispanic students). If it’s a comedy, you get the silly me-no-speaky dude with a sombrero. If it’s a drama, you get the spicy/seductive Latina. Or you get the gangster.There is no in between. You never see a Hispanic girl leading a rebellion in a dystopian novel. You never see a Hispanic kid sitting in a boring slice of life story without his entire storyline revolving around the fact that he’s Hispanic. Why doesn’t that happen with white people? Probably because there is a hell of a lot of internalized racism that we as a society cannot seem to rid ourselves of. It clings like a leech and you don’t notice it until you really think about it.

I’m a Hispanic girl and I have a Tumblr, and make youtube videos, and go to Starbucks, like old rock bands, and read John Green novels like every *stereotypical* white girl. So why can’t a girl like me be represented in a regular story? Why do people assume you need to jump through hoops just to write a Hispanic (or any PoC) hero or heroine? Write us the way you’d write a normal character. We’re normal people. We do normal people things. It’s so not difficult to cast a PoC in a leading role, or write one in your novel. All it takes is describing a darker toned skin.

Yes, I’m very in tune with my culture. I speak Spanish with my family and celebrate holidays the way we would in Colombia or Italy depending on which parent I’m with (child of divorce perks: I get Colombian and Italian versions of every holiday AND IT IS AWESOME). But that’s not a difficult thing to incorporate. My persona does not revolve around the fact that I’m Hispanic. When people ask me to describe myself, I’d never say, “Latina,” right away. I’d say, “I’m a nerd. I like books. I let animes take over my life. Writing brings me peace.” That’s who I am. Yes, I am Hispanic. Yes, I am Italian. But I am not defined by my ethnicity. I’m defined by who I am as a person. 

It is SO EASY to write PoC characters. Why doesn’t anyone do it? Let me tell you something. When I was little, I was extremely brown. I was so brown, my mother could not get me a passport unless my father accompanied her because they didn’t believe she was really my mother. And when I’d watch TV or read books or watch movies, I never saw any girls like me. The pretty girls were white. The Barbie dolls were white. The heroes in the books were white. Do you know how disheartening that is for a kid? I’d get so angry that I didn’t inherit my mom’s light skin or blue eyes. I felt really ugly, even though so many kids my age looked the same. Because even though we were surrounded by each other, we didn’t see ourselves in the people we admired. And that felt like crap.

When I got older, I stopped caring because I realized that we lived in that kind of world. I stopped looking for girls who looked like me in the media because I knew I wouldn’t find her, unless in a stereotype. And stereotypes make for abysmal representation because you don’t see yourself in them anymore than you do a white person. I can’t identify with the spicy Latina. I never could. She was a caricature, only there to entertain. She did nothing for me or any of my friends.

So when I see girls like me actually represented now, my heart flutters a bit. It just reminds me of all those times I felt like I couldn’t be a hero because of the color of my skin. And how that was bullshit. How it was fed to me by a racist media. 

Isabelle Lightwood is one of my favorite characters of all time. I love how strong she is, and how she fights for the people she loves. How underneath her rough exterior, she’s vulnerable too. How she can kill a demon, fight in a war, get down and dirty, and still feel beautiful, stomping away from her kills on six inch heels as her long hair billows out behind her. I love how she is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her family. How even though she’s flamboyant and goofy and imprudent, she loves with all her heart. Isabelle is important to me. I love her dearly. 

In as much as I love Jemima West and think she played a fierce Izzy in the movie, it felt incredible to see a Hispanic woman cast as her in this new adaptation. One of my favorite heroines ever written shares something in common with me. That’s something that transcends a feeling words can describe. 

And whether I like this show or not, there are going to be young girls who will look up to her and see that girls like them ARE heroes. They’re not defined by the things they can’t control. They are warriors. They are beautiful. They’re just as incredible as the white heroines. 

So, please, I beg of you. If you have a problem with this casting, reevaluate why. This is going to be so important to a lot of people. It means so much to see PoC represented in a fantasy story where they are so rarely represented already.

Representation is really important. This is why white-washing is toxic and why casting white characters as PoC is something to celebrate. There are SO MANY white heroes out there. They are not marginalized, believe me. This isn’t going to hurt them at all.

Consider that, and let’s look at this casting with an open mind. I’m thrilled. I hope you guys are too.

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Hi! I'm hispanic, and it's really important to me, personally, that Mimi is played by a hispanic actress. There are plenty of roles in shows that don't need specific casting, and, just because Mimi's plot doesn't revolve around her being hispanic, doesn't mean we should try to take away from the fact that she is? Especially when representation for the hispanic community is so limited.

I mean she references many times that she is hispanic. “Feels just like home when the Spanish babies cry.”

I agree, theres hardly any representation. I can’t name another hispanic female role….