I’m so happy that Bernie Sanders is speaking up about this. I’m happy he is on our side. And yes, there are a lot of us that voted against “Donald” and if we fight together we CAN become his worst nightmare.

Just a reminder:

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote In the Heights to prove that Latinos aren’t knife wielding criminals.

Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t want to focus on the guy selling drugs on the corner, he wanted to focus on the guy who owns the corner store.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latinos in college.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latinos wishing to change the world.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show Latino business owners.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted to show even though Latino culture is different, we are still legitimate Americans.

Lin-Manuel Miranda set In the Heights happen during July 3rd to July 5th.

Lin-Manuel Miranda shows the barrio celebrating the 4th of July.

Lin-Manuel Miranda also shows the barrio being incredibly prideful of their country of origin.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is saying being proud of one country does not invalidate the love for another.

In the Heights is as much of an American Musical as Hamilton

No matter what Trump or his followers try and convince you of, remember that you are:

  • valid
  • loved
  • important
  • valued
  • heard
  • appreciated
  • supported
  • strong
  • alive

if you are a woman, person of color, lgbt+, muslim, hispanic, jewish, mexican, disabled, an immigrant, living in poverty, or any other minority—this is for you. stay strong, stick together and stay alive. a trump presidency is not worth your life. remember that this is only temporary, you are not alone, and that this is not the end.


When you rush a hispanic girls during her makeup routine by lejuanjames

You may not have noticed, but there were almost no Latino films in 2016.

The top 10 highest-grossing movies of 2016 share a few defining characteristics: talking animals, superheroes and almost no Latinos.

  • Of those films, only one Latino actor played a Latino character: Jay Hernandez as stoic “El Diablo” Santana in Suicide Squad
  • Hernandez’s character is one of several memorable supporting performances from Latino actors in 2016, along with Diego Luna in Star Wars: Rogue One and Gina Rodriguez in Deep Water Horizon.
  • But silver screen diversity has a long way to go when it comes to Latino actors and actresses, who rarely get a shot to lead a major studio film.
  • The lack of movies starring Latinos, about Latino subjects, is particularly problematic considering that Latinos make up 17% of the U.S. population — and counting.
  • What’s more, Latinos accounted for 32% of frequent moviegoers in 2014 — meaning they are an even more important segment of Hollywood’s market than their numbers alone suggest.

Felix Sanchez, the chairman of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, told Mic: “Until we demand more from the industry, they will continue to profit off of our viewership and provide very little reflection of who we are today.” Read more.

I have recieved a few worried messages about Trump’s presidency from people who are part of the LGBT community. I am from the UK, so I cannot even begin to understand how scared you must all be feeling, espciecally after Mike Pence’s statement. I cannot promise that everything will be okay, and I think you all know that the future is definitely looking uncertain in terms of LGBT rights.

We all need to come together now, no matter where you are in the world. We need to unite and stand together even more than we have before. We need to link up with other opressed groups; blacks, latinas, hispanics, muslims, disabled and all the others, to tackle this together. Together we are stronger.

As Chad Griffin (Human Rights Campaigner) has said; “To every LGBTQ person across this nation feeling stunned and disheartened, and questioning if they have a place in our country today, I say this: You do. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. Be bold, be strong, and continue to stand up for the principles that have always made America great.”



oh don’t mind me just taking some time to appreciate some of my favorite Latino actors because I can and representation matters and these people make me smile.
There are so many more actors and actresses who inspire me, it would take one hundred posts to cover them all.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do based on the color of your skin, where your family is from, where you are from or what accent you have.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIN!!!!! Ahhh idk if he’ll see this but I still want to write something for him, because ya know, Lin and Hammie and writing. Anyway, Lin, if you do see this, I want to thank you for everything. The amount of hard work and effort that you put into things is insane. You’re never scared to speak out and represent so many groups of people (ex. immigrants, the LGBT community). You inspire me and so many other young (and older) people to work hard, and that our background or race doesn’t matter because we can still be successful. Thanks to Hamilton and In The Heights (also 21 Chump Street), I’ve built so many new friendships, both in real life and on here. You’ve also helped me strengthen my passion for theatre and music and the arts in general, and you’ve made me feel proud to be Hispanic.

I know that was long, but Lin has done so much and he deserves it and I hope he has a greatttttt birthday (don’t eat too much cake)


Talklessblogmore aka Dani ❤❤